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  1. Really good stuff on rotation http://www.essentialmath.com/GDC2012/GDC2012_JMV_Rotations.pdf
  2. Thanks Edward, This link give me clear understanding. But Its weird that I got wrong result when I try to implement same logic in VEX, I might be doing something wrong. I have attached my scene file. find_rotation_v001.hipnc
  3. Hey Dedeks, I am actually looking for the opposite way, finding rotation matrix from two vectors. But found the solution using align VOP. I want to know the maths behind it. Thanks
  4. Many thanks Edward that helps. I would like to know the maths behind it, if you have idea could you share it?
  5. Hi, How to find rotation angles between two vectors? Lets say Vector A = {0, 1, 0} and B = {1, 0, 0}, the angle between these vectors is 45. We can find this angle by using combination of dot product and inverse cosine. But I would like to know the rotation vector like {45, 0, 0} Thanks for your time
  6. sop attrs in dops

    I checked it now, you values are matching for sop level "up", dopnet "up". dop import "up" values are updating every frame because "up" is added in "vector attribute to transform" as anim suggested. If you check values in all levels at first frame all are same. dop import "up" is updating after the simulation based on the geometry transformation ( correct me if I am wrong), its not related to dopnet. If you want to update these values in dops, you have to modify existing up value using modify data DOP.
  7. sop attrs in dops

    I can see up vector inside dop in your file. Go to details view -> dopnet->rbdpackedobject1->Geometry Here you can your up vector details..
  8. sop attrs in dops

    Can you provide a hip file?
  9. controling rbd objects

    Follow this thread http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18002-rebuilding-a-fractured-object/
  10. Creating a plane between the two curves

    merge two lines and add SKIN SOP below merge node.
  11. Delete DOP object with python

    node = hou.node("your_node_path") node.destroy() This snippet will delete your dop objects and any other network objects
  12. Flip Fluids and RBD Glue

    Use Active value dop to activate your rbd pieces based on velocity from flip fluids.
  13. Use group sop, connect plane for left side and connect isooffset to right side. Enable Bounding tab in group sop and select Bounding volume. Use delete sop to delete group points.
  14. reverse rigid dynamics effect

    Thanks Rayman. This is what exactly I am looking for. Its helpful.