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  1. Crowds in H15

    Hey, finally my H15 Crowd tutorial was released on Digital Tutors/Pluralsight. It covers the preparation of animated characters for the crowd system, several behaviours/states/transitions and ragdoll effects! In the end you will have a complete crowd scenario with hundreds of agents and more than 8 different animation clips + ragdoll.. Here you can take a look and feel free to get in contact with me for any further questions and/or feedback Crowds in H15 Just a quick side note...as SideFX is improving the crowd system a lot (even with every daily build) there is now the possibility to import animations directly from the FBX file, which makes the preparation process easier, but nevertheless I think its good to understand whats going on under the hood and you can also start with a later lesson, where all agents are already cached out... Cheers
  2. RISE FX is looking for FX-Artists/TDs

    Hey Baciu, yes we are still looking for Houdini people...FX and lighting/shading as well! I will ask HR about your email! You can also send me your demoreel in a personal message, then I can already take a look. Cheers
  3. RISE FX is looking for FX-Artists/TDs

    Hey Nuts, I think it depends if you can get a work visa for the EU, otherwise it will be difficult... But it won't hurt to send an application Best wishes, Andreas
  4. RISE FX is looking for FX-Artists/TDs

    Hey Manuel, in the past there were already FX interns (mostly students) at Rise, so feel free to get in contact with us. Some Houdini knowledge is appreciated! Cheers Andreas
  5. RISE FX is looking for FX-Artists/TDs

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that RISE FX in Berlin is currently looking for Houdini FX artists/TDs, Junior to Senior, to start as soon as possible. Currently Captain America: Civil War and some more interesting feature projects are in the making at Rise. Also we are using Houdini as our primary tool for lighting/shading/rendering and FX since a few years. So if you are interested in working with a nice FX team, a sophisticated Houdini pipeline and you have some (or even better some more) Houdini experience get in contact with us: jobs@risefx.com Cheers, Andreas
  6. FX Showreel Andreas Giesen

    Hey, I finished my new FX reel last week, please have a look: All shots, exept one, were done in Houdini and also rendered with Mantra. A more detailed breakdown you can find on my website. Most of the work is from this or the last year, everything done at Rise fx, based in Berlin. A big thanks to Team Houdini and all other people there For severall shots we also used the bulletSOP by Milan. Thank you for this awesome tool!! If you have any questions to a specific shot, feel free to ask Cheers, Andreas
  7. BulletSOP 2.5 preview(with GPU Support)

    Thanks Milan, really nice and a happy new year But is it possible that you compile it for H12.5? Would be amazing! Cheers, Andreas
  8. BulletSOP 2.0.7

    The new version is performing really well! But sometimes it does not stop cooking. The scene is not frozen, but when I hit the play button it steps only one frame forward and then it stops again. The only solution is to restart houdini, then it works again. Would be nice if you could take a look at it For our new project we have to use many constraints and while we have been testing (speed is really awesome btw) we thought it would be cool if you could say I want constraints based on the distance like its already implemented but only between the objects of two groups (e.g. group A and B ) but not inbetween the objects inside one group. So all objects of group A with the objects in the specified distance to group B, but not piece 1 to piece 2 if they are both in group A. I hope my explanation is understandable. Thanks for your help and cheers
  9. BulletSOP 2.0.7

    Thanks Milan! This is really awesome
  10. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v6

    Sounds awesome And if the GPU solving is so fast perhaps it makes sense to split larger simulations in different smaller ones. Besides your solver is very memory friendly. In your testscene with 4000 pieces it needs 600MB of RAM only. So with a graphicscard with 3GB of RAM should not work so bad Other solvers?? That sounds even more interesting...when is your video ready?
  11. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v6

    Thanks for the new version Milan! I read something about GPU accelerated rigid bodys in the new Bullet 3.0 version. Is it possible to implement this as well and do you have plans to do it?
  12. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v5

    Thanks Milan, your plugin is totally awesome But I have two questions about things I discovered while working with it.. First, are you planning to add other forces like drag for example? Cause Iam working on an explosion and adjustable drag could be really useful I think... Second is it somehow possbile to limit a force to a specific object group?? To a single object it seems to be possbile with the BT_INDEX, but how to a group of pieces for example? At the moment Iam using a workaround to archieve this effect. Iam copy stamping the BT_INDEX on my force points with all the indexes of the objects I want to affect, but perhaps there is an easier solution.. Thanks again and greetings One more question...can you say when you will release a version without the 5000 objects limit?
  13. Hey guys, is it possible to use an influence object or transfer Attributes to exclude points from a SpringConstraint on a cloth object over time? For example a long precut metal bar, which is held together by SpringConstraints. Then an object moving aside the bar is deleting the points near itself from the constraint group. Thanks for your help! Greetings Orange