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  1. Anyone using 4K displays for 3d?

    Hey guys, I need some advice about 4k display and houdini. At the moment I'm using 2x 24" (1920x1200) on a GTX 980ti with 6GB on linux. Seen that the monitors have quiet a few hours on their back, I'm thinking to replace them with one 32" 4k display. Will my GPU handle it fine or should I rather get 2 27" displays with 2560x1440? Sidefx recommends at least 4GB so my GPU only has 2GB more than the recommendation. Thanks in advance.
  2. Which Linux For Houdini?

    Linux Arch here with Houdini running fine
  3. Geforce vs Quadro Viewport performance

    Well, usually when a driver is working fine, I'm sticking to it. Now that you guys support Geforce cards, is there any particular driver you tested or test to certify them? If so, any chance for us mortals to find out what version you tested the hardware with?
  4. Geforce vs Quadro Viewport performance

    Thanks, sounds really good! I'm using a Firepro v7900 with 2GB so I'm hoping in a big jump. And my Eizo's are only Flexscan ones, so I won't be using the 10 bit anyway. The OpenGL is the only thing that is worrying me a bit - Nvidia cripples the software/driver performance to push the Quadros for professional use. But I hope that you guys know how to trick them and give us the best performance also with Geforce cards.
  5. What is the Viewport performance with a Geforce (something like a GTX 980 Ti or a Titan X) compared to a Quadro/Firepro? I saw that Houdini is officially supporting certain Geforce cards now - does that mean that a Titan X is going to perform like a Quadro m6000 and a m5000 like a GTX 980 Ti even with high res models or animation? Or would something like a m4000 still outperform a Titan X/980 Ti.
  6. Flip mesh and Infinite ocean

    just right click the link and "save link as"
  7. Hi guys, after using Maya professinoally for a few years now, thought to look over the border and see what's out there. So I installed Houdini 13 Apprentice to test it first and then if I like it, invest some money in it. While Houdini 13 is impressing me more and more (and therefore you will start to see me more and more on here), I'm having a problem with the UI. The strange thing is, those artifacts just appear from one second to the other. And it is not just the "Save as" Window, but it affects the menu and the Viewport HUD. All the icons, tab names, menu sections and fields are fine. If I restart Houdini, everything is back to normal. I'm using Windows 8.1 64bit with all updates installed, 32GB ECC Ram, Dual Xeon, Firepro v7900 with driver version 12.104.2. I know that there is a newer driver version but had to uninstall it because it gave me a fog-like effect in the viewport and couldn't rotate so that I would look from negative y to positve y Anybody seen this before? Thanks
  8. hello guys, this is my first post/thread in this forum. I read this is the best place for houdini and so here I am. I'm having a problem while playing a naiad particle system in houdini and get the following error: a memory allocation error occurred probably due to insufficient memory Fatal error: segmentation fault my question is, is this error related to my system memory (16gb and houdini only uses 8gb when I get the error message) or to my gpu memory (1gb geforce). I read somewhere else that segmentation errors are due to gpu memory but I want to be 100% sure before I get a new gpu or system memory. thanks a lot for your help and tips dan