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  1. Naeem Chudawala - FX TD

    Houdini FX TD with experience working on films such at The Expendables 3, Automata, Survivor and The Legend of Hercules looking for new opportunities. CV available here.
  2. Naeem Chudawala - FX TD

    Thanks guys!
  3. Hi Christian, What did you do for this? I would like to manually create the point cloud for the volume light as well. Thanks.
  4. I am doing with RnD with displacement on the pyro shader. The displacement for the most part is working as expected but I am getting some issue on the edges that I can't quite figure out. Please see attached image. I tried going lower on the displacement scale but the problem still exists. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Compressing Explosion

    I am trying to create an explosion like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmRASCHJe2Q (see 32 seconds onwards). It's a very fast and violent explosion and then after a second it compresses a little and just swirls around on the spot. I have pretty much worked out the expansion but I can't work out the part where the explosion gets pulled in. I tried using some negative divergence but couldn't make it work. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Compressing Explosion

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a shot. Since the compression is happening from the gas returning to a steady state, I believe it would be possible to key the gas released to a negative value for a few frames and then make it positive again.
  7. Bullet Hits Asset

    Hi everyone, I am working on a bullet hit asset for a project and am facing a problem. I've looked at the other bullet hit asset examples and they all seem to have a gun and an aim which generates the impact point. However, I want to have say a wall geo and the user should be able to select the impact points and the frames on which they should become active i.e the frame on which the wall should be displaced in the region around the impact point. Any ideas if this is possible?
  8. Hey everyone, I have a weird problem with my fire render. I have some artifacts (the area around the rock inside the fire) and I have no idea what is causing them. Please see attached image. I am using a distant light with PBR and raytrace shadows with Blackman volume filter and filter width set to 1.25. I tried Micropolygon as well and it was the same. Any ideas?
  9. Artifacts in fire render

    So I ran some tests and I believe I have found the cause of the problem. See attached images. When I simulate with Burn Rate set to 0.9 or 0.99 I do not get any artifacts. However, the same sim at Burn Rate set to 1 is creating artifacts. No idea why this is the case, really. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Push Smoke

    Hi, I am working on a shot where the camera is going through some smoke. I am trying to create an effect such that when the camera is going through the smoke, it is pushed aside and it swirls around the camera. I tried parenting an object to the camera animation which is used as a collision but it is not really giving me the result I am looking for. I think I might need some custom velocity or force but can't seem to work it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit : Used a Magnet Force with an animated metaball and that seems to get me close. Would like to know if there are other, better approaches.
  11. Push Smoke

    Ok I managed to figure it out using some custom velocity. For reference see attached file. Thanks. SmokeThrou.hip
  12. Add particles at rendertime

    You could reduce the size of your IFDs by writing out your points to disk after the point replicate SOP and then using Delayed Load Procedural at render time.
  13. Foam Particles on top of Ocean Surface

    If you are using the Ocean Deformer to create your ocean, you could use the cusp as the source to generate foam particles. If you are using FLIP then the whitewater tool should give you what you need.
  14. Large Scale River Simulation

    Hi, I am using the Ocean deformer + lots of noise to create a very large scale river (about 1.5 kms long) and I am happy with the general look of the waves etc. However, the river bends sharply in a couple of places and I'd like to be able to have the waves follow the curve of the bend. Right now, the river is moving entirely in one direction. Is there a way to make the waves follow the bend by just using the deformer (without any sim)? I can't use any sim here because of the scale of the river and I don't have a lot of time to complete the shot. I tried using the lattice deformer after deforming the surface but that didn't work. Would appreciate some ideas here. Thanks, Naeem.
  15. Flip fluid spray, please help

    The effect in the reference is more down to motion blur than anything else. Since FLIP fluids are just particles same as POPs, you can use the same technique to emit from a source. Increase the particle separation to control how many particles you want in your sim and instead of meshing, render the import_pyro_fluid object as points with a lot of motion blur.
  16. Smoke Details

    Hi all, I am working on a shot where the camera has to go through a huge wall of smoke. I was looking for some tips on how to get a good amount of detail in the smoke while keeping the cache size and render times reasonable. My smoke container is 30x20x15 and with a division size of 0.05 I am not really getting enough detail - I tried going as low as 0.03 but then the cache size is getting out of hand. I have disabled all the unnecessary fields on the DOP Import to keep my cache size to a minimum. See attached screenshots to see how the smoke looks just as the camera is about to go through it. For the render I am using PBR with Blackman volume filter with filter width set to 1.25 and Shading Quality Multiplier set to 2, Pixel Samples set to 8x8, Volume Quality at 0.25, Volume Shadow Quality at 0.5 and Transparent Samples at 16. Anything else I can do to improve the render?
  17. Smoke Details

    Here is a new render with much higher details - compared to the old one. Things I did - increased the disturbance to add smaller details, lowered the division size a bit more (0.05 v 0.03), used VDB to keep the cache size in check (about 20 - 30% lower file size). I might try adding some noise to this to see if it helps but I am pretty satisfied with how it is now.
  18. Smoke Details

    @ikarus I did try the noise on the shader and it didn't help much - maybe I should give it another go. @JaydenDP - Thanks. I am using VDB as well to optimize the size cache and I am saving about 30%.
  19. Smoke Details

    Sorry I meant to cache the sim - I believe there is way to use the camera frustrum to optimize the caching process. I am running some render tests to optimize my render times right now and I think they are pretty OK - now as long as the level of detail in the smoke is proper I should be fine.
  20. Smoke Details

    Yes I could, but I guess that takes a lot longer to load the files.
  21. Smoke Details

    Not sure since I've not used something like that before - I could use the frustrum to optimize the render and I am trying to find a right balance for the value of Volume Quality on the Mantra ROP as well since I think that will help quite a bit. But the important thing I am trying to figure out is improving the level of detail in the sim while keeping the cache size to around 1-1.5gb per frame.
  22. Smoke Details

    Here you go. od_Smoke_Details.hip
  23. Smoke Details

    Hey Billy - not using noise in the shader but I do have a turb field. Marty, the cache size is approx 1-2gb per frame and render times when the camera is close is about 25-40 mins per frame.
  24. Hi, I finished a smoke sim and now I am looking to render it. I am using a Pyro shader and I transferred attributes from my pyro object in DOPs to my shader. However, I am getting very different results in the render - its not looking anything like the visualization. I am using micropolygon with depth map shadows on the light. Any ideas on how to fix it? Please see attached screenshots and file. Thanks. od_Smoke_Render.hip
  25. Smoke rendering using Pyro shader

    Thanks Martin. That has fixed the problem.