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  1. obj selection through phyton shell

    resolved through COP SHop and VOP
  2. obj selection through phyton shell

    this command shows me the texture im using on my material for the geometry: print hou.node(“./mat/clay”).parm(“basecolor_texture”).eval() i can change to a new texture: hou.node(“./mat/clay”).parm(“basecolor_texture”).set(“path_to_the_new_texture”) I would like to create a dynamic texture in the shell by giving a color and write letters and numbers on it, all inside houdini so i can feed this to a neural network that has to learn. any ideas?
  3. obj selection through phyton shell

    children right thank you Atom
  4. export point P data

    sounds great i will check it out danke Dominik
  5. export point P data

    OK I found a way to export through CHOP
  6. export point P data

    yes text file is ok i have 45k frames
  7. viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() objsel = viewer.selectObjects("Select objects and press Enter", use_existing_selection=False, allow_multisel = True, quick_select=True, allowed_types = ('cam','hlight','null','geo','subnet')) I can select my geo container node but how do i reach what I have inside the container through the phyton shell?
  8. export point P data

    Ok Dominik that seems to work but im not sure how to export..
  9. export point P data

    i will see if i try that, thank you Wanqi
  10. Hi family i have a geometry that went through a simulation, now in sops i have point position data, how is it possible to export an array of the position data across all frames of a desired point?
  11. Birth particles on a shadow

    Ciao Marco sembra un ottima idea, i will try it grazie mille!
  12. Birth particles on a shadow

    Hi im having trouble to determine a way to birth particles (constant, 1 frame alive) only in the shadow of an illuminated object, the light moves in every frame.. any ideas?
  13. Rendering slow

    If i render with OpenGL im getting 114 frames rendered in .pic during 60 seconds, but my GPU usage is only 48% im expecting to get 1000 frames in 60 seconds..
  14. Rendering slow

    I have a geometry that has a clay material with a texture and it is animated during 45 thousand frames. My computer is 2 x XEON 2,4GHz E560 and i have 8 GTX1080ti and 16 x 8GB Ram Mantra is not using GPU for rendering of course but the % usage in CPU is low while rendering why? what can i do to accelerate rendering? How can i use GPU rendering ? thanks Martin