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  1. Bake process

    just if someone looks for a black and white uv mask founded a solution with gamedevmaps baker. foreach prim + a switch by attribute ( 1= the white uv , 0= all black) then you plug in the 1rst and 2nd input. about blurry maps, i'm still looking for help, i guess i'm not in the good process.
  2. Bake process

    Hi everybody, when i'm using Rop/ bake texture or GameDev Sop_simple_baker I'm getting blurry maps , for exemple this one is a white sphere on a black tube: Click to choose files this is really annoying And a bonus question : does anybody knows how to get a B&W bake of the UVS with Gamedev tools baker, Sop_maps_baker or sop_simple_baker? thanks for your help , Greetings, Fred