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  1. transparency problem

    Here are some screenshots and one png file. There is a grid on the ground and when the grid ends volume becomes transparent. I have checked those links and did the same but doesn't help
  2. transparency problem

    I have also tried OpenEXR but it was same. All the file formats had the same problem when i imported it in After effects, except JPG, but JPG doesn't have alpha
  3. When i render volume with png file format or tiff with alpha, something wrong is going in volume transparency, it doesn't show correct as in Mplay. Any suggestions?
  4. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Get Blur P node doesn't work in shop, but when i load MotionVector otl scene it works. It worked when i copied old mantra node. I have tried many ways and i think something is wrong in new Mantra node. Any suggestion?
  5. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Also new scatter sop is cool but can't find where is attribute bias control Oh and what about object size meters in viewport? everything seems much bigger on the grid than in H13
  6. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Nice Updates. But When rendering points, N attribute doesn't effect points appearance
  7. http://workshops.cgsociety.org/courseinfo.php?id=505 I'm sure it will be very interesting course
  8. Very interesting. waiting for your post and thank you in advance
  9. That's cool but if you bypass the exploded view node, pieces are intersecting. I don't know how but this guy made edge displacement at render time. here is the video 1:00 - 1:10 from which i captured those photos:
  10. Is there any way to make edge displacements on the pieces like in this picture? Any suggestion would be appreciated
  11. Hi folks. I'm rendering two object, one is animated and another one is packed object which is driven by DOP-s. I'm adding displacement at render time using "rest" position but the object is sliding through displacement. Any advice? I'll attach hip file here: rest_position.hip
  12. Hello guys, I'm having trouble when i'm sourcing particles from SOP. I'm using new houdini 13 pops in dops. Source Geo is animated and when i drag that in DOPs it doesn't match, like starting at good and than slowing down. I have tried changing "Jitter Birth Time", "Interpolate Source" and "Interpolation Method" but still doesn't work correctly. Any advice would be appreciated. Here is a link of video for better explanation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh0m7PWLm2c
  13. Rendering Problem

    how to use them on the sequence?