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  1. Bullet or RBD for fracturing/crumbling effects?

    Hey Scratch! very interesting topic! How's your project going? any updates? I am kind of curious to see your final result ! Peter, thanks a lot for the very detailed explanations! you make an excellent teacher! And Menoz thanks for the example file, I was playing a bit with it and its really cool! Playing around with this stuff I began to wonder if it was possible to apply the same look up technique with dynamically fractured objects? For example have everything like on the examples, but make some of the lo-res chunks re-fracture dynamically and have the hi-res chunks (purposefully pre-broken into smaller pieces) divide among the new lo res chunks I understand that would defeat the purpose of the initial lookup, since we would be incrementing the point count of the lo-res sim inside DOPs and also messing with the point order and names of the lores sim, but still can't stop thinking that there might be a way. We do know from the name of the newly created pieces which was their "parent-piece" so i was thinking there may be some way to discern in SOPs after bringing back the lo-res point cloud if a piece was broken and apply a new lookup point to the pieces of said broken piece. any ideas?
  2. Creating simple tornado motion using pointcloud

    Amazing learning resources! thank you very much guys!! bunker's volume sim looks pretty cool. I was trying to achieve the same thing but with flames instead of just the smoke but being quite noob to pyro (and fluid sims for that matter) i’m having trouble. basically i tried to replicate efx’s setup shown in his R&D video: and the tornado video: but without good results. basically what i do is create the temperature and fuel fields, source them to pyro and then source a pump with the velocity field generated from the particle tornado. but the flames don't go up as expected.. also tried sourcing fuel from the vortex volume itself and of course that was a mess if anyone could enlight me on the way to swoop the flames in the tornado i would really appreciate it maybe efx would be so kind to share some insights (or even an example file cause the shading on the video is pretty cool too)