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  1. 3d-sport

    It is our pleasure to welcome you after months of work on the first Betaversion of 3D-Sport.com. This Site will feature all kind of Sport/ Extremesport Games. Every game is full 3D and playable in the browser without any ".exe" installation. All games and Animations are made with Houdini and Virtools Hope you like it! 3D-SPORT

    Happy New Year !
  3. Houdini and other CG cartoons....

    very nice, thanks!
  4. Autodesk Buys Softimage XSI

    if you look here:Reuters company info you see that sidefx is privat, not on stock market.
  5. Autodesk Buys Side Effects Houdini

    that means, we get now 100 and more plug-ins to make life easier :bag:
  6. Autodesk Buys Softimage XSI

    my simple comment:
  7. Grinch and CHOPs

    look at that CGW: Article Grinch
  8. VEX Sun

    very good idea with the sun flares !!
  9. Invasion Project

    looks very nice! maybe you should add some more detail to the landscape.
  10. Preferences -> Animation -> "Set Keys on Pending Channels" and "Add Keyframes on Parameter Change"
  11. Hudach - Houdini User Group

    nice; about 10 years ago we are organized also some usermeetings. at this time there are about 30 licences in germany and austria. ( it was the end of prisms and the start of houdini). but most of the companies from that time are no longer exists or switched to MayaMax.... maybe that's a new start.
  12. Lipsync ?!

    the audio is file is perfect, recorded in a studio and there is absolutly nothing when there is no talk (also no noise). as I said before, the "silence-channel" works very well.
  13. Lipsync ?!

    hi, I have a problem working with a combination of "voicesplit" and "voicesync" input of the voicesplit is an audiofile with about 4 min of text. the only chanel wich is correct is the "silence" all other channels are very close the same, no matter what values I'm using to tweak the split and the sync CHOP. I'm not shure what kind of channel I have to use for the 3'rd input (Non-Voiced-Phonemes), currently I have a "null-channel. at the end I get "silence" ok, "A" and "O" close but no "E" , "U" or "M" .... has anyone an example for fixing that problem? thankx mike.
  14. Where Are You Now?

    I miss Austria ! I'm from Salzburg
  15. Sel-systems

    very nive stuff, really helpfull ! thanks