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  1. Showreel - Winter 2012

    Awesome as always Christian!
  2. Yeah that does thanks, just realised that I have a lot to learn to be a better artist rather than prodding at buttons on the software as for example wanted to do a pirate ship on fire and I would of tried to make it look like an oil fire when it's a wood fire for example, just want a better understanding of why the smoke/fire would behave as it would in certain situations many thanks again!
  3. Hi, Wasn't sure where to post this but I'm looking for some advice in regards to learning how to understand effects work in general as opposed to software knowledge, I try and use video reference a lot but was wondering how some of you in the industry analyze the reference to gain a better understanding and if they'res any book or documentation I could maybe read in order to better understand and improve my approach to handling an effects shot. I'm reading the art of special effects animation atm which is more based around classic animation drawing from joseph Gilland of disney and i'm also trying to improve my understanding of physics and math but thought I might as well post here and see what sort of approach some of you much more experienced artists take. Just would love to not sit and prod around with buttons and settings but actually have a clear direction of what i'm trying to achieve and to better understand the look i'm going for and why. Thanks!
  4. Mixing Different viscosity's

    Yeah I'm going to stick to realflow and then when I finish learn as much as I can on Houdini. Yeah I'm from the UK but I do like the idea of learning to matchmove and going for that type of role as I feel I will progress quicker in that role than being a runner as I imagine it's hard to show how quickly you learn and adapt to problems when just cleaning so I will definitely try and make some projects for myself over the summer to try and get a bit of matchmoving in my reel. Thanks for all the help! do you have a reel yourself?
  5. Mixing Different viscosity's

    Thanks for the advice guys, I did think the learning curve looked steep but i'm from a more technical background as I do a course called Multimedia Computing which is basic 3d and video but then we have software development also so the node way of doing things and procedural way of working really does seem like a good fit in the future when I have time after my degree to learn Houdini. With the runner plan it was because I'm not doing a fully fledged 3d Course that I felt I might struggle but i've saved money for extra rent so I can spend the summer here working on different things for my reel and matchmoving is on my list to learn as I've heard that's a great way to get your foot in the door. Thanks for all the help guys will most welcome any advice literally any advice you guys can give ! Cheers Jon
  6. Mixing Different viscosity's

    Forgot to add with how little time I have to learn the software am aiming to have as little to none scripting as possible
  7. Mixing Different viscosity's

    Hi all Sorry I'm extremely new to this and have not touched Houdini but after watching a webinar by Escape-Studios I am debating switching my project from realflow/maya based to Houdini as basically I am doing my final year project at university and want to explore fluids and want to explore how fluids with different viscosity's react to freely moving surfaces so my plan is to create an smashing egg animation so yolk/white reacting with the egg shell. However for my project I don't want to use any compositing tricks I want to simply have an egg fractured with the fluid inside and mixing with each other as well as interacting with the egg shell. Which leads me to these questions; Can Houdini mix two fluids with different viscosity's in the way realflow can and also when having a fractured object is it obvious that the object when textured is fractured or is the texture still seamless if that makes sense. Sorry if I have not done this appropriately but i'm new and even if I do decide to use realflow for my animation as I know the software a little better already, I will most certainly be hoping to join this community over the summer to prepare for making a reel to look for a runner role Thanks Jon