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  1. Dd Spot..

    Far too busy too chat on forums, by the look of things. That particle work is incredible!
  2. Dd Spot..

    Nice! When I saw the phone underwater I immediately thought of the rolling cube challenge that was here on odforce.
  3. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    and the Lion rig on exchange please
  4. Houdini 9 Wish List

    Like most people I'd like to see improvements to Mantra GI. It would be nice to make it a prman beater! DOPs fluid and hair would be fantastic too! BTW: Jason, you missed a bit!
  5. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    Sorry, Deecue you are right. As soon as I read "Lion" and "New York Zoo" I jumped to conclusions. Of course I was not implying plagarism that would be impossible as both productions surely overlapped. talking of Nemo, Sharks Tale, eh? (JOKE! please don't hurt me!)
  6. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    hmmm.. sounds a little like madagascar.
  7. ...you try to write in your note book with your Wacom pen. I've done that twice today! Also: I've got the houdini-list emailed directly to my mobile phone so I can read it on the train. Is that sad?
  8. Shreks Beautiful Skin

    Do you think women will buy skin products that improve SSS properties?
  9. Synergy

    There was a software package bundled with Irix that enabled you to do this between Irix and NT. Can't remember what it was called....
  10. b&w to color

    When I studied photography, I had a go at doing this sort of thing manualy. (ie. on real emulsion) The results were okay, but the lack of any depth to the color gave it an overall false look. The same issues are apparent in these examples. I can kind of see how this software is doing what it's doing. Any marked area has its surrounding levels range evaluated. Steep level changes denote an edge of the area. Imagine edge detecting an image, bucket filling in the different areas produced, then multiplying the fill layer with the original image. The stuff these guys are doing is surely a little more complex than that, but I'm confident that it's not voodoo!
  11. Moo.

    yes cows are great indeed. (?) welcome!
  12. Morpning

    Is there a way to do stuff like RE:Vision morph/warp in Halo? (I should ask HOW, as you can do anything in Houdini, right? ) eidt: I cnaN't splel morpning!
  13. Edit SOP | trouble with selections

    Thakyou for your sugestions, but, I fear it may be more sinister I append an edit, start selecting prims. Whilst selecting prims I pick one i don't want. - I go to unselect it (Ihaven't right-clicked yet) nothing happens. Toggle selection (+/- button) is selected. I've tried remove selection etc. none work until I restart, sometimes, several times. This is nothing to do with secure selection. I have been using Houdini for a couple of years(v5) and have never come across this until 7.0.231 I think this is some kind of bug as is doesn't happen every time. It's behaving itself today, but last night I wasted 2hrs trying to get rid of it. I had around 100 prim's to select, no other way than to pick them by hand. As soon as I get them all I'm gonna group 'em:) Could anyone using 7.0.231 pleas have a quick check when they're not too busy to see if they can replicate this phenomena.
  14. My Old boss had a problem with getting to grips with the fact RENDERS MAY TAKE A LONG TIME!! he had no concept of the idea, or how we created any of our 3d work for him.