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  1. Unable to Set Windows Env Variables - USER_PREF_DIR

    user pref dir must includ __HVER__ to work - this gives it somewhere to shove the houdini major version for example: HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR= U:/houdini__HVER__ which resolves to u:/houdini17.0 cheers, chrisg
  2. for posterity: http://www.chris-g.net/2017/04/19/houdini-pushing-overrides/ cheers, chrisg
  3. Hi Tom, i made a python script to "push" take values back to the root take. I find it rather handy - if you have an override you want to make global, right click and send it back to the main take. You'll need to save this into a "PARMmenu.xml" file somewhere on your houdini path (eg C:\Users\cgardner\Documents\houdini15.5\PARMmenu.xml). When you restart houdini, you *should* get a "push override" item in the parameter right-click menu when you're in a take. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <menuDocument> <menu> <scriptItem id="pushOveride"> <label>Push Override</label> <context> <expression>hou.takes.currentTake() != hou.takes.rootTake()</expression> </context> <insertAfter>take_activate</insertAfter> <scriptCode><![CDATA[ parms = kwargs['parms'] if parms: parm = parms[0] pt = parm.tuple() ctake = hou.takes.currentTake() for p in ctake.parmTuples(): if p == pt: keyframes = {} for parm in p: if parm.keyframes(): keyframes[parm.path()] = parm.keyframes() else: if parm.parmTemplate().type().name() == 'String': if parm.unexpandedString(): keyframes[parm.path()] = parm.unexpandedString() else: keyframes[parm.path()] = parm.eval() else: keyframes[parm.path()] = parm.eval() rootTake = hou.takes.rootTake() updateMode = hou.updateModeSetting() hou.setUpdateMode(hou.updateMode.Manual) hou.takes.setCurrentTake(rootTake) for k in keyframes: hou.parm(k).deleteAllKeyframes() if type(keyframes[k]) is tuple: for key in keyframes[k]: hou.parm(k).setKeyframe(key) else: hou.parm(k).set(keyframes[k]) hou.takes.setCurrentTake(ctake) ctake.removeParmTuple(p) hou.setUpdateMode(updateMode) ]]></scriptCode> </scriptItem> </menu> </menuDocument> cheers, chrisg
  4. hey all, just wondering if there was a way to extract, per point, the height of an extrude op - ie, am i a point at 10% height of the extrude, 60% or whatever... obviously this is only relevant to the side faces. the ultimate purpose of this info is to arrange these side faces properly in UV space. i'm extruding a bunch of faces arranged in a hemispherical manner, but they're pretty uneven... any help appreciated... chris g