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  1. The Walking Cube

  2. Foot_dust_effect - Problem

    it looks like you have the basic set-up already all you need is to use a delete sop and delete the point by expression and use $CG > .9 . That will isolate the geometry thats red. now you can use that as a source for particles/smoke.
  3. water into ice

    thanks Luke how do sell the water and ice shaders better? I added a updated still frame to my post.
  4. water into ice

    hey im still learning houdini had would like some feed back on a WIP i wanted to create water freezing in mid air and shattering when it hit the ground. https://vimeo.com/56074517 waterShatter.hipnc
  5. VOPSOP viewing data

    how do you get the print vop to work in a material network
  6. crowd tutorial

    thanks!! great tutorial!! i tried downloading the display attributes otl but it doesnt seem to work on H12. any thoughts?
  7. Nutlet 2012 VFX Reel

    great work!!
  8. translate to a vopsop

    im trying to translate this into a vopsop not having any luck. any help would be appreciated. steerSeparation(string pccloudpath =""; float radius = 1.0; float forceScale = 1.0) { int hnd = pcopen ( pccloudpath, "P", P, radius, 99999 ); vector separation = {0,0,0}; int neighbours = 0; while(pciterate(hnd)) { neighbours++; vector otherP; pcimport(hnd, "P", otherP); separation = separation + normalize(P - otherP) / length(P - otherP); } separation /= neighbours; accel = separation * forceScale; }
  9. Houdini FLIP Fluids Cherry Drop

    Looks really good cant wait to see the final product
  10. H12 first explosion attempt WIP

    Thanks guys ill work on the fire and smoke transition.I also will add some steam once i get the explosion looking good.
  11. Hey guys im new to the forum and houdini. This is my first attempt at a pyro sim. What do you guys think? Any feedback is welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjhitQ0lLuE