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  1. I am working on a destruction scene and have hit a dead end.I am using packed primitives for a chopper scene crashing into a building.I have almost completed the prefracturing.However I am not able to get the sop level animation into dops.For normal rigid body dynamics it was as easy as checking on the ' use deforming geometry' tab.It seems there is a different approach for packed primitives.Could someone please provide a hip file to do the same.Thanks.
  2. Flip fluid sim fill problem

    Thanks for the info luke! I am doing the sim on a computer with only 6 GB ram so wat I am currently doing is cacheing the particle sim first with a high particle sepatration and radius scale and later reducing them in the particle fluid node and cacheing them as fluids again.Is this workflow fine ?Or do the particle separation and radius scale have to be same as the particles I cached?
  3. Flip fluid sim fill problem

    Wouldnt that make the sim really heavy?Anyway i worked it out using the surface of the river for emission.Thanks anyway!
  4. Flip fluid sim fill problem

    I was hoping someone could help me out with this project I am working on.It is basically a flip fluid simulation of a river.The terrain geometry was made in maya and exported into houdini.I am not able to fill up the terrain completely with the fluid particles.I tried increasing the particle separation and radius scale which works out but the fluid becomes too thick then. Could anyone please help me out with this?
  5. Project an image as a texture on an RBD Fracture

    At step 4 when i render out the image im getting artifacts.Is it something to do with the camera resolution?http://postimage.org/image/43jvqu9l3/