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  1. Hey guys Did a test sim with Houdini 15 flip, total particles amount reached about 36,000,000 under few hours sim time locally on a old I7 2600K, and no swap ( This is even without using the Houdini 15 distributed multi-container approach ) One hundred million particles sim <- It's NOT A PROBLEM at local with this method . if use distributed multi-container sim together, i believe artist can get several hundred million particles from houdini for sure. meshing in H15 is very faster as well! great job Sidefx! love it just show a still frame here with a very close camera And if you want to see the final render, please go to
  2. Hey guys Just have a vdb question here, is possible to produce vdb by partition? ya, well, i know, houdini should be able to do it, but any idea how to do it? for example i have a box, and i want to convert that into vdb, but, i don't want to do that by vdbfrompolygons, to get vdb in one go, instead, i want to produce that box vdb in 4 or 5 section(partition). and after that, merge them together. Anybody has idea how to do it? any answer would be much appreciate! thanks in advance __________________________________________ find a way to do it, thnaks
  3. water man Effects

    very easy to control the shape in houdini!
  4. water man Effects

    use you geo to emit your flip,
  5. oh~ ~ thanks very much man! works!
  6. try to use gas surface tension in flip, but looks like it's not working if i plug the gas surface tension dop directly into flip solver. any idea why?
  7. Hey, guys A question here, anybody know how to convert the flip surface field to a surface SDF in flip? i know the sopsolver can do it but is there any way to do by using microsolver in dop? There is Gas geometry to SDF node, can i use this? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hot as a force

    Is there any way if we don't use vel as force in Houdini???? if use vel from HOT surface, 1, the flip surface is not going to match with HOT exactly, 2, in order to match with HOT, we need to have very detailed "vel resolusion" from HOT surface, than can be very slooooooooow in flip sim and hard to control, (at the top of wave,some flip will fly away from the surface) "clip the initial state particles", are you talking about to subtract the particles which goes outside the SDF geo, so that we can manually maintain the flip particles to have the same shape as the HOT? ummm...this might be a good idea....
  9. seaplane landing

    Thanks,,,should make this better!!
  10. HOT on github / H12

    got successfully compiled under Ubuntu 11.04, H12.0.683, works great! thanks eloop!!
  11. HOT on github / H12

    Thanks your reply, looks like i only got half way through it, g++ -shared SOP_Ocean.o -L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -L/usr/X11R6/lib -I. -I./3rdparty/include -I./3rdparty/linux/include -L./3rdparty/linux/lib -lfftw3f -lblitz -lGLU -lGL -lX11 -lXext -lXi -ldl -o /USERS/KC300/houdini12.0/dso/SOP_Ocean.so /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lblitz collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Link failed "cannot find -lblitz" what's this file is? and where i can get this guy in my ld? Can i go ahead to install Blitz++ to fix this? SORRY for this, i have found out "2. Compiling programs All Blitz++ header files are referred to with a prefix of "blitz/". For example, to use the Array<T,N> class, one needs to include <blitz/array.h> instead of just <array.h>. To make this work, the main Blitz++ directory must be in your include path. For example, if Blitz++ was installed in /software/Blitz++, you will need to compile with -I/software/Blitz++ and -L/software/Blitz++/lib -lblitz To summarize, a typical command line is: g++ foo.cpp -o foo -I/software/Blitz++ -L/software/Blitz++/lib -lblitz To avoid the -I and -L options, you can set up symbolic links -- see INSTALL for details. Thanks~~~~~
  12. HOT on github / H12

    hi guys, IS anyone know where is my HDK?? root@nKC320-desktop:/opt/hfs12.0.581/HOT_for_H12# ./compile.sh We can't see the HDK, exiting. how can i make compile.sh know where is the HDK located? Thanks in advance
  13. Missile_attack(H12&pyro2.0)

    hi Joooooe!!! long time no see, yes~ i'm still in Toronto for a local company^_^ how are you?