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  1. Copy UVs to other faces

    Hello all! I have a series of blocks that I am projecting a texture onto. In my animation the image breaks apart into individual blocks like pixels. The issue I run into is how can I carry the texture on the front face of the geom onto the rest of the sides? To create the blocks for the anim, I am generating a bunch of points and adding noise the the positions. The block models are being copied to the points, converted, then UVs projected. Any guidance would be a huge help!
  2. SOHO Structure

    Thanks Graham, Ill check it out.
  3. SOHO Structure

    These are the resouces I have located so far http://odforce.net/wiki/doku.php?id=soho http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/render/soho http://forums.odforce.net/topic/6405-using-soho-indigo-renderer-support/
  4. SOHO Structure

    Hello! I am begining an MFA thesis to add additional support for renderman within Houdini. This involves heading into some really unknown terrirory for me and I am having issues finding a "map" of how Scripted Output of Houdini Operators are structured. Are there any resources out on the web or any recommened reading to give me an overall understanding on how the system is stuctured? James S.
  5. I was able to solve my own problem! I used pop vop to grab the attribute and use it for velocity. Attached example in case anyone else has the same question in the future. If anyone has a better way of doing it let me know! James Particle_Flow.hipnc
  6. Hi all! So I am trying to get some particles in 13 to follow a curve. I know there is a tool but it gives the particles a distinctive cylinder shape. I tried to implement the example here with the new particle system with little success How would I implement the same edge force method in 13? James
  7. Mass assign shader to alembic geo

    Well I feel silly now! That did the trick. I would still like to see an example of that script for educational purposes if anyone has time. I am stuck on filtering the node types into a list.
  8. Hello, I have a imported alembic file with many objects that I would like to assign a shadow matte shader to. I do not want to have to drag that shader or assign it per object. Could anyone help me write a script to do this? I do not know the hou modal well. somthing like... myNodes = {GET ALL NODES AND CHILDREN IN ALIMBIC} for myNode in myNodes: if {myNode is a geo object} {assign shader}
  9. Hi, I have a mantra node set up to render the Cd attribute in UV space to use as a transparency mask in maya. The object I am trying to use through has multiple UV tiles. How can I render mutable UV tiles out?
  10. Creep in Houdini 13

    Hey all, I am trying to creep some particles along some geometry in Houdini 13. Any ideas how to do this without using the old creep node? I was thinking that getting the normal of the geometry and then rotating to control the direction of travel for the particle. Am I on the right track? If so how can I use pcfilter to get the normal? Thanks!
  11. Apply shader to all objects in an alimbic

    Was able to get it working! If anyone needs to mass assign a shader to all the children of a node..... def assignMat(node): for child in node.allSubChildren(): matAssign = child.parm('shop_materialpath') if matAssign: print "Parm found on Node......" matAssign.set('/shop/myshader') print "Parm on Node! %s" %(child) else: print "Parm not assigned to Node %s" %(child) assignMat(hou.node('/obj/mynode'))
  12. Apply shader to all objects in an alimbic

    I was able to get this output from this script: >>> def assignMat(node): ... for child in node.children(): ... childaccess = child ... try: ... matAssign = childaccess.parm('shop_materalpath') ... matAssign.set('/shop/BoatSteel') ... print "Parm on Node! %s" %(childaccess) ... except: ... print "No parm on Node %s" %(childaccess) ... >>> assignMat(hou.node('/obj/animation/animationExport/css_atlanta_v17_css_atlanta')) No parm on Node css_atlanta_v19_for_animation_css_atlanta No parm on Node boatBody No parm on Node boatBody1 No parm on Node Greats It seems to only be checking the top level on nodes. Any ideas on how I can go deeper?
  13. Apply shader to all objects in an alimbic

    So I got some python going but when I loop through it is unable to skip nodes that do that have the material path attribute. How do I add a conditional to only run the material assignment if it is a geo node? >>> def print_tree(node, indent=0): ... for child in node.children(): ... childaccess = child ... matAssign = childaccess.parm('shop_materalpath') ... matAssign.set('/shop/BoatSteel')
  14. Apply shader to all objects in an alimbic

    Thank you for the suggestion however it still wants be to attach per geo node.
  15. Hello, I do not normally post requests like this due to wanting to learn things for myself however I am under the gun. Can someone tell me how to loop through an alembic and assign a shader to all geometry nodes brought in? I have an alembic with 200+ objects on different levels of depth within the alembic and need to apply the same shader to all of them. I have tried just selecting and applying but it only works if I do the assigning one object at a time. Thanks! James S