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  1. Hello evryone, I am looking for a hython command in order to list all the Operators Type Libraries as "Current HIP File", "FallBack hda definitions" or "Scanned Asset Library Directories" ... Thanks for your attention. Best regards Mathieu
  2. Vellum cloth and frequency

    Hello, You have 3 defferents ways to do this: - adding 3 pops winds, one large freq, one middle and one small. (not a good solution to me, I don't like the pop wind not beautifull enough) - inside a pop vop, adding 3 differents noise (Curlnoise can be nicer), with always the same rules of big, medium and small frequence noise - You can simulate a wind using smoke solver (or pyro), and advecting you cloth with the vel grid. Animation looks more natural, with wind shadows ... You can mix those three possibilities as well. Hope it's help. Mathieu Negrel
  3. Check on the houdini environnements variables list, might have something, not sure https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/env.html
  4. CHOPs + Compile Blocks

    Hello, Assuming you are in H18.5 with the new variant attribut. for me chop is not a good option in your case. It's gonna be a real nightmare to you if you want to add variation in your bend ... What you can do is to bend your geometries right after the copy with a curl deformer much more faster. After that you just need to add chop effect on attributs. It's much more effective to me. Hope it's help. Mathieu Negrel. copy_index.hip copy_index.hip
  5. displacement is not working in hqueue

    Can you attach an outpulog, because is current error in Hqueue, it can't apply the remap variable fron local server letters to unc path for the render nodes. Hope it's help Mathieu

    Hello dear Computer grahics friends, I wish you all the best for this year, full of RBD destructions, magicals effects, cloth sims ... I start this year with a very boring subject as rendering octane render images using with PDG and HQUEUE on windows 10 My jobs are running successly even if at the end I don't have any output images. Log erros: *** OCTANE API MSG: Could not load 'Q:\RESSOURCES\TEXTURES\EnvMap\substance\sequence\substanceHDR.001.exr:rgba'. [Octane] 12:46:00 INFOR: [save image] -------- Saving the EXR "Q:/PROJECT/dev/04_3D/assets/Exterior/render_farm/MDL/work/houdini/scenes/Model/render/render_farm_Model_withOctaneNode_v001.Octane_ROP1.0001.exr" file *** OCTANE API MSG: OpenEXR: Cannot open image file "Q:\PROJECT\dev\04_3D\assets\Exterior\render_farm\MDL\work\houdini\scenes\Model\render\render_farm_Model_withOctaneNode_v001.Octane_ROP1.0001.exr". No such file or directory. Work around: If i switch manually all my paths from the server letter to the UNC path, evrything work fine. View with the sideFX support, I had HOUDINI_PATHMAP = {'Q:/': '//***.***.*.*/folder','Q:\\': '//**.***.*.**/folder'}. This additional variable fixed this issue to my "houdini nodes" but not for "octane render nodes" If somebody have any idea to fix this issue ? Best regards, Mathieu Negrel
  7. Hqueue submit with Rez

    for the houdini support, env var: exemple: HOUDINI_PATHMAP = { "c:/temp": "/tmp", "/mnt/render": "//storage/share/render" } HOUDINI_PATHMAP = { "old": "new" } Looks like it's work. I am currently doing some test.
  8. Hqueue submit with Rez

    Hello Evryone, Context: I am currently building a VFX pipeline based on "Rez" system for dynamic environnement resolution on Windows 10. My question is about the job submition on hqueue. Evrything work fine, except when my job is calculating, houdini can not find my textures or writing any bgeo on server, due to the windows server letter mapping. log error exemple: *** OCTANE API MSG: Could not load 'Q:\RESSOURCES\TEXTURES\EnvMap\substance\sequence\substanceHDR.011.exr:rgba'. if I change the map path to a UNC path, evrything work fine like this: '\\***.***.*.*\tutu\RESSOURCES\TEXTURES\EnvMap\substance\sequence\ where "\\***.***.*.*\tutu\" = "Q:" Work around: To fix this issue it looks like I have 2 solutions : Making a script who switch the windows letter path to a UNC path before sending the job -> brute force and not a very elegant way Using the default hqueue hda's and adding my custom variables -> look more natural way to me but I have no idea how it's work, i try to add a PYTHONPATH env, nothing changes, I try to changes the HQCOMMANDS, nothing changed ... Questions: Does anyone have experencing custom environement in hqueue or custom batch command using the default rop nodes, 'simulation' and 'render'? If somebody have any idea to fix the fact that hqueue can't read a path using letters (the hqserver.ini is configurated well I think) Thanks for you time. I really hope you have a solution, except to switch to linux :-) Best Regards Mathieu Rez: https://github.com/nerdvegas/rez
  9. fbx and CHOPS

    I found Interpolate node. works perfect
  10. fbx and CHOPS

    Hello, I am currently trying to blend 2 fbx in chopnet context using the fbx reader. The general idea is to create automatic preroll blending restPose to Animation. My problem is when I blend the fbx (from rest to animation) whithout same numbers of channels the "simpleblend" node doesn`t work. I would like to kwon if it's possible to compare to clip in order to delete the unused channels. Thanks for your time. Mathieu N. best regards
  11. hq sim and otls

    Hello evryone, I started using hq sim and hq render. I am wondering if I can rendering a rop geometrie inside a HDA? I don`t think I can`t because It seems logical that my rop geometrie are lock. The other question is when you use a geometrie node inside a ropnet and you connect it to a hq sim and it s doesn`t seem to work as well. this is the log: The Houdini environment has been initialized. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/prod/prod2/Projets/2000/hqueue/shared/houdini_distros/hfs.linux-x86_64/houdini/scripts/hqueue/hq_run_sim_without_slices.py", line 4, in <module> hqlib.callFunctionWithHQParms(hqlib.runSimulationWithoutSlices) File "/prod/softprod/apps/houdini/", line 1864, in callFunctionWithHQParms return function(**kwargs) File "/prod/softprod/apps/houdini/", line 1575, in runSimulationWithoutSlices alf_prog_parm = rop.parm("alfprogress") AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'parm' looks strage to me. thanks anyway. mathieu N
  12. Hi Evryone, I am currently building a Houdini pipeline in order to link it to shotgun. Everything work well and pretty easily. but there is a but. I am setting the env var JOB with the command set or setenv it`s the same. Each time I re-open the hip file my job env is not set correctly. Houdini keep the older JOB variables. And if I do the same manip into the UI in the aliases and variables it`s work well. I do not understand why. Many there is a logic. If anyone know please tell me. thanks mathieu
  13. crowd simulation

    Hi evryone, I start working on a rat crowd sequence. Evrything works well. My only problem is when I build my rat agent I have this difference between my fbx in hello and the baked agent. If somebody have an answer. I try changing the deform skin parameters. cheers. mathieu N
  14. are you working in python for the dictionary?
  15. Foreach, multiple outputs

    voui voila je gambade
  16. Foreach, multiple outputs

    try the new for each loop. look working fine. You can duplicate the output just a thought
  17. JOB variables problem with setenv

    Thanks dennis, The value change when you execute the syntax, but when you re-open your scene the value is reinitialize. thanks a lot mathieu
  18. JOB variables problem with setenv

    Thanks for you reply. But it s still doesn`t work for me. Just to be clear, I want to change the $JOB inside my scene with using the 123.py and 456.py. With this method I can change the context of any shots with reloading houdini. And just to be clear, I need $JOB for HQUEUE server because without a $HIP or $JOB it doesn`t work. I gonna continue to find a good solution for this problem. thanks again for your reply.
  19. Connectivity SOP appears to not work properly

    the connectivity SOP look ok for me. Your sims do not look right because you have to switch on the "create convex hull per set of Connected prims" . And it s work fine for me. thanks. mathieu
  20. Hello. Not sure you can store a global var just for an hda. Maybe what you can do is to set a var with the command set or setenv: setenv -l MYVAR = tutu or setenv -l MYVAR = tutu python: hou.hscript("setenv MYVAR = tutut") ... you can create this var every time you create you node and destroy it when you delete the node. I dont know if it s a good answer. tel me.
  21. volumetric points

    Hi everyone. I am looking for rendering points as volumetric using pscale attributes. I want to apply a volumetric shop with hyperture, falloff .... on it. If you have any idea you are welcome. I did a small scene to show you. thanks. mathieu volumetricPts.hip
  22. volumetric points

    thank for this advice. I gonna check that right now thank.