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  1. Hi guys! Suppose I have a sphere filled with particles, and there is a growth map on it. I am activating the particles based on this growth map and a wind force blows the active particles away. I am only emitting on the first frame. copying the growth map attrbs via sop solver. If my wind force is too high it will cause gaps in between the particles as they are pulled away. Will dop/pop substeps work properly and fill the gaps when there is no emission happening? The growth map has in between frames, I've put a time blend sop to be sure. But I am having a tough time getting the substeps to work Would be great if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Hi kstrod. Did you manage to solve this problem? I have the same issue..would be great if you can share your solution!
  3. Hello everyone! I am a recent graduate from Bournemouth University (MA Digital Effects) currently in UK. Looking for a Houdini FX Artist/Generalist position. Heres my reel and the rest of the portfolio http://www.parijaiswal.com/portfolio Any suggestions/feedback most welcome