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  1. RGB to CMYK

    Thanks JO! :-) Well What I would like o do is to have a Procedural network that is driven from a database of RGB or RAW images that splits the colorplanes and writes them to disk automatically. So its a daily process where I will batch process images from a server that pipes them into Houdini and writes them to disk before print. I cant think of a better tool than Houdini for this sort of job. No need to apologize :-) all Ideas are good. I´ll see what I can get from the link you posted. Cheers!
  2. RGB to CMYK

    Hi Guys! Having thoughts about how to optimize ink usage and getting crystal clear images onto large format prints. Do you have any specific workflow that is within Houdini? Exporting to Photoshop is a nobrainer but I would like to create a nodeflow that gets data from customers RGB images that I can automatize and split into CMYK for screen-print in a procedural workflow. Any Ideas? Thanks! /Mikael
  3. H16 at Siggraph?

    I understand and I'm not even sure it is mentioned in the video. In Blender you can travel with the middlemouse scrollwheel which bone that is the current active root for transformation. That is a feature that makes it fast and interactive for traveling up or down in the hierarchy. Probably something that can be scripted in Houdini.
  4. H16 at Siggraph?

    Thanks Edward :-) I tried it out and it works. It behaves a bit different and could use a small improvement with inspiration from Blender but it works! It is a timesaver for fast animation without the need of a rig so thanks for pointing it out. I'd say thats personally the miss of the decade, haha I've used Houdini since version 5 and never used that feature.
  5. H16 at Siggraph?

    Ooh! Fresh! :-) Have a look at Blender Auto Ik/Fk switch while youre in the character overhaul, really fast solution for blocking out animation and it sure would be a great addition to the new autorig setup.
  6. Just curious, what does the "OD" in ODForce stand for?

    I always thought it was an abbreviation of "odd" and as a force / league of extraordinary artists with powers to create CG like no other. Sort of like underground superheroes of 3D.
  7. Houdini 15 Released

    Downloading now! Thanks Robert
  8. Houdini 15 Sneak Peek

    Oh snap! I read through the whole thing. Looking forwards to the new Modeling tools Fresh!
  9. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Man how opposite we feel. The gradient background is the nicest thing that struck me. I have experimented to find a good gradient for ages and SideFX pulled it off. Maya´s default gradient is damn ugly and dont deliver but Houdinis gradient is subtle and feels pleasant
  10. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Complements on the really subtle and pleasant looking background gradient I've seen. Feels good!
  11. H13 Splash Screen Contest Winners

    Nice to see the entries Congrats to the winners. My personal favorite is Kurt Kaminski´s, really love the color scheme and the wire outlines.
  12. Stippled / Cross hatching Toon shader ?

    Hi guys. I´m trying to figure out how to build a customizable Stippled toon shader in VEX. The goal is to have the option to choose between image textures or VEX patterns and/or colors at each point in the Color ramp so the shader will mimic real life drawing techniques. I´ve been staring and doodling around at the array outputs from the Ramp Parameter and trying to combine it with the Ramp filter and lots of other nodes but I´m a bit clueless here. Here are some real life drawing techniques that I´m aiming for. http://www.drawingho...s-hatching.html
  13. Open SubDiv to be in "Houdini 13 and beyond"

    Quick judging from the screenshot I hope that there will be Isoline display of the SubD´s and not Cage only. Meaning it sure is awesome with all the high-performance GPU-acceleration but it would also help having an easy and visually appealing way of editing points on a higher level that has the edges of the 'cage' conform to the shape of the subds. And preferably have Catmull Clark scheme for Quads/Ngons and Loop Scheme for Triangles.
  14. Houdini 12.5 Released with Ocean and Cloud FX Tools

    Thanks SESI! Now this is a looong awaited feature which is major to me. Procedural Edge Groups. Yay! edit.. oh wait in my head that was "edge primitive" still glad though I will have to look into how it works in practice.
  15. 1 year of SOP playing.

    Looks really good, inspiring!
  16. Here is another simple way. Create a torus with 4 rows. Go into the Detail tab and uncheck "V Wrap" and change the V angles to 45 and 405 then it will rotate accordingly to your picture. Then put a FuseSop after the Torus if you want smooth edges.
  17. Procedural Plagiarism

    That looks good and interesting rdg. fatcap revisited has a very jiggly/stopmotion character to it and it is almost as it is a living organism. thanks for sharing.
  18. Cookie result display problem

    Yeah I find the CookieSOP in Houdini really solid. A couple of years back I did a particle simulation where I created beerfoam, bubbles of carbon dioxide rising to the surface that where cookied to the beerglass. It was a pretty heavy scene and CookieSOP did god job
  19. What would be the end result of having the "Shell modifier" and will it solve every situation? I don't have Max and it would be interesting to see a couple of examples output.
  20. Weta & Houdini

    I think I remember reading a couple of years back Sean Lewkiw working at Weta using Houdini for some shots in LOTR. Just some random information I picked up back then when starting out using Houdini, I might be totally wrong about it.
  21. If I understand you correctly the downside of using extrude is that if the faces transforms along the normals the distance between two faces becomes either too small or big and they will eventually intersect? And what you want is to preserve the shape so even if the "shell" is inwards or outwards the shape remains intact? I think you can get by using ehsan parizi suggestion but instead of using the regular transform handle for offsetting the faces go in to the "Global" tab in the PolyExtrudeSOP and tweak the "Scale" parameter.
  22. Houdini 12 Wishlist

    It is not implemented as a primitive type the way a point and a polygon "primitive" is so edges can not be called procedurally in many operations. However you can import geometry with edge details for normal shading in Mantra and you can work with edges while modeling in the viewport. edit: it can be called for procedurally but not as easy as points/polys because they don't have unique numbering. An edge is defined with point numbers.
  23. 3D-Coat Applink

    Ok, Thanks jujoje. Yeah it seems that I´m not alone thinking about voxel exchange for 3DCoat and Houdini. I remember back when 3DCoat introduced voxel sculpting that my first thought was how nice it would be to just send the sculpt as is directly to Houdini and Mantra without polygon conversion. Of course obj format is also good and useful.
  24. 3D-Coat Applink

    Thanks! I haven't tried this yet but I´m curious about the workflow. Does 3DCoat convert to polygons before sending it to Houdini or is it in voxel format? My guess is polygons but it would be quite useful to be able to cache a simulation and sending frames to 3DCoat for sculpting and then back into Houdini in a voxel format that works in both applications.
  25. H12 goes beta!

    Ooh I´m excited Cant wait to get my hands on that Pre-selection highlighting, juicy! Also, nice Splash!