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  1. Skin Sliding

    I am not an expert, but it can be solved with lattice and ray sop combination.
  2. procedural texturing

    Thanks for replies guys. First of all - for now I am not interested in VEX and VOPs, I will care about it in near future, but not now. I will try to explain it with some example: lets say I want to use Mantra Surface [it seems to be really general shader - for me it is enough for now]. I want to use let say some ramp which is going from pure white to noise green and red color. How to achive that? I see I have to learn VOPs/VEX to be able to do this, yep?
  3. Hello I know maya pretty well. I am big fan of procedural textures also. In maya, I usually create layered textures and put them some noises, ramps etc. You all know that is really simple and powerful tool. I am lookin' easy way to make such a "simple" procedural textures in houdini. Do you know how? Do I need to make shaders and controlers for them to achive procedural textures?
  4. Hello In production, VOPs or VEX is more popular? Or it is just depented of the situation? Can you tell me which studio is using mantra mainly to render? Sorry for such a newbie questions, but I really want to know.