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  1. how to resolve a custom file location

    hey could little bit explain me how to do that
  2. Hi Normally we provide a NFS file path in houdini is there any way i can give a custom file path a like
  3. Am trying to render fur with a procedural shader and this has worked for me before, but now i opened the file after some time i get this error when it render mantra: Cannot allocate procedural 'fur' on object /obj/geo1
  4. Hi I have a liquid sim or rather a lava sim which i did using FLIP and now i need to have some texture to that to have some more details How do i do the UV projection for this sim. I tried using the UV projection method and that doesn't work so well as the mesh keep generating every frame. Am pretty sure someone would have gone throught this earlier... am really stuck
  5. Hi Is it possible to get a fall off and attenuation for the area light like spotlight and point light do i need to make a light shader if yes how would i go about it, i have never worked on a light shader thanks
  6. Hi I am trying to do a scene lighting wr i want the character to be lit by a area light and i want to use another spot light to cast shadow, only shadow the spot light should not influence the light intensity of the scene... any suggestions how do i go about it, i tried just to have a spot light with a intensity value 0 but then it didn't cast any shadow only..
  7. blending two meshes with different noise

    i tried using the ray sop in geometry level but the result was not that great can some explain little bit more on how to use levelsets
  8. Hi I have 2 meshes with different topology and different frequency of noise on it I also have some deformation on both the mesh Is it possible to project and blend the details of 1 mesh on to the other
  9. scatter points based on image

    Sorry i am really new to Houdini can you explain it little more
  10. scatter points based on image

    Hi i would like to scatter points on a surface based on a greyscale image basically i need to control the density of points based image. can anyone help me out.. thanks Arjun