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  1. Was messing around with something and got stuck trying to figure out a way to proceduraly animate the visibility of an object, by animating the visibility of each face or maybe deleting faces in reverse. So ideally you would see one face of the object on the first frame and the rest would be revealed over say 200 frames. I used a sort node to arrange the faces in the order I would like to see them revealed but cant figure out a way to do this, Im sure there is an easy way to do it and I cant figure it out, any suggestions would be gratefully accepted
  2. Procedural way to animate visibility per face of an object

    Thanks 3dome, trying this now but its crashing Houdini
  3. Procedural way to animate visibility per face of an object

    Excellent, works a treat, so simple, thank you
  4. Overscan in Wren

    Having a minor issue with a wireframe output using Wren, it doesnt seem to be able to work with the Screen Window Size camera parameter and my main render uses this for overscan so my wireframe wont line up with it. Maybe there are other ways of doing wireframe renders or might there be a workaround for Wren for this? Any suggestions welcome (I am using Houdini 15)
  5. I have a splash tank set up with some collision geo and the water around the collision geo has a blobby/lumpy look to it, see video here: https://vimeo.com/189853378/db0edca909 Splashtank has a Particle separation of .015 and particle radius scale of 1.2 Flipsolver has 2 max substeps and collision supersampling enabled with 2 sample per axis Splashtank sim has 2 substeps The collision geo looks accurate to me enabling the collision guide and viewing as wireframe Do any of the smart people on here know what might cause this kind of "blobbyness". Will be doing some kind of wedge tests to try and figure it out but any pointers would be very welcomed
  6. Lumpy/blobby surface around collisions with splash tank

    Thanks Merlino, I tried it out before and might take another look, this is a just a little personal project I've been at for a while now. Appreciate your help
  7. Lumpy/blobby surface around collisions with splash tank

    I had resized the tank, I was wondering if there was a way to change the default depth of the particles that fill it. At work at the moment so don't have the file but will test out everything you have mentioned
  8. Lumpy/blobby surface around collisions with splash tank

    This is a good point, I was looking at doing this just last night but couldnt figure out how to, where can I make the depth of the particles thinner?
  9. Lumpy/blobby surface around collisions with splash tank

    Thanks for your reply Merlino, the collision geo was a mesh from Photoscan that I remeshed in ZBrush, I used some kind of polycap function in zbrush (it was quite a while ago and I cant recall the functions name) its a statue so quite a complicated bit of geometry so posting the complete file is difficult? You can see the main collision geo settings here and a wireframe view of it with collision guide enabled. I will try polycapping it for sure
  10. Just wondering if there are any issues opening old Houdini files in the latest version of Houdini? Do things generally still work as expected?
  11. tips for Splash tank

    I've been working on a shot with a splash tank for a while, I have it working with some collision objects and i'm wondering if anyone has any pointers/tips to get help get it a production finished level? The shot has been lit with an environment light and sun. I have been trawling this and the side fx forum for anything and haven't found too much. Is decreasing the particle separation the main way to get a realistic looking sim? How important is increasing the Resolution Exponent? I have struggled to even slow the speed of the water. Any tips would be great, I'll keep testing, am currently using an old, under-powered laptop but about to buy a new workstation which will make it easier.
  12. command line rendering

    Thanks goldleaf, Ill try it out
  13. command line rendering

    Ryew, I was trying Stew's sample and ran ito the problem, I was using something like this on Linux last year but don't remember having to type mantra. I have tried a few different things now and still getting basically the same error: "couldnt find renderer mantra"
  14. command line rendering

    Using latest Houdini Apprentice HD on Mac OS 10.6.8, get as far as "Entered non-commercial session mode" and then "Can't fine node /out/mantra1" Anyone any ideas what is going wrong here?
  15. motion vectors buffer?

    Thanks for ye're help and time Anim, Sifis and Jkunz07, I will try again tomorrow!
  16. motion vectors buffer?

    What does minmax min do?
  17. motion vectors buffer?

    By multiply with vector do you mean multiply constant by 1920,1080,0? Cant figure out how to multiply by 1920,1080,0
  18. motion vectors buffer?

    I just keep getting odd results in Nuke, when I isolate the Vector Motion pass I can see its incorrect, the middle of the object appears to have a very bright line and in Nuke these values are huge The shader setup is here and seems correct: The parameter set seems correct too: I am enabling motion blur for the render but disabling image motion blur here: And my image plane for the motion vector is here: Any further pointers greatly appreciated
  19. motion vectors buffer?

    Trying to use this setup with the Vector Blur node in Nuke and having some problems, the pass looks ok but, for example, for horizontal movement, all values except red are negative and it does not work correctly in Nuke, anyone here have any ideas why this may be happening? Using H12 and Nuke 6.3
  20. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to set up a motion vector pass which takes camera movement into account? Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated
  21. Hi, I'm trying to create a model which will move on a path at object level and the wheels, which will be inside the object, will procedurally roll based on the distance travelled. I'm not that sure where to begin with this so was hoping for a few pointers if anyone has done this before? Thanks
  22. Procedural rolling wheels

    Thanks ehsan, Il check that out!
  23. Procedural rolling wheels

    Just found this post on the Sidefx forum, seems quite promising http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=22623&highlight=wheel+rolling
  24. RBD Collision Guide Geometry - corners?

    First time posting here and I have what seems like it should a be simple problem but I've been testing various things over the last few days and have had no joy The problem I keep coming up against is to do with collision guide geometry rounding off corners within a simple frame shape - a large cube with a small cube cut out of it, see attached. Im using Houdini 11 Ray Intersect and even with the collision guide geometry divisions turned up to very large numbers eg 400 400 400 the corners are still rounded and the file becomes slow to work with... Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  25. RBD Collision Guide Geometry - corners?

    Thanks again Edward, it helps a bit but doesn't fix the problem unfortunately. I can just glue a few implicit boxes together for what I want to do which works well but was just wondering if there was a better solution