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  1. @wateryfield, I've actually already watched that masterclass and while I found it very helpful I'm still not clear on how to get the effect I'm going for with a constraint network. @exel, I'll take a look at those example files when I get a chance. Hopefully that will give me the key I need to be able to start experimenting and figure things out. Thanks for the responses guys
  2. Thanks, ioness. Still not sure how to get a nice hinge or pin behavior but a very high strength on a spring constraint seems to be working for me for the moment.
  3. Hi guys, I decided it was time for me to learn how to properly use constraint networks and I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers. Specifically, how to get constraints in a constraint network to behave like hinge constraints or some other type of constraint other than simple glue. I am using H13 and would like to be able to make constraint networks for RBD packed objects. Thanks
  4. SSS Beginner

    It's for translucent stone, although I'm really hoping to get a good understanding of SSS in general so that I could use it for other things as well.
  5. SSS Beginner

    Hey guys, I'm just trying my hand at rendering with SSS in Houdini 13 and was wondering if anyone knows any good (and current) tutorials/example materials for me to look at. All the searches I did came up with old stuff that seems to have changed. I'm relatively new to shaders in general but do have pretty good knowledge of vops in other contexts. Thanks! hcs
  6. I'd totally forgotten the AttribVop even existed, if I ever knew. Thanks the example, mantragora. I really needed to export a detail attribute from vops and this did the trick.
  7. Thanks for the clear explanations anim and old school. Makes more sense now. That'll make sharing HDAs a lot easier.
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to using digital assets and would like to create one with an embedded image file to use in the shader but have not been able to figure out how to do so. I have seen people mention using opdef, and the documentation suggested it, but I am not clear on exactly how the syntax works. If someone could please give me a pointer to somewhere with a detailed description of how to reference embedded textures, that would be great. Particularly, when the documentation discusses the section, what does that mean? In case it matters I am trying to embed a .png file. Thanks
  9. I am working on modeling DNA and am using the copy sop to create the repeating spiraling shape of the strands. I am making different shapes for the different pairs, and would like to somehow use copy stamping (or anything really) to have the pairs appear in a specific pattern in the chain. I can easily randomize the pairs, or go through the same ones in order repeatedly, but I cannot think of a way to be able to create a pattern I choose. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have attached a very basic test, showing only two possible pairs as different colors and picking which to use randomly. Thanks! DNA_Test.hipnc
  10. Mushroom Cloud Pyro sim problems

    Hey, Juri. I finally got a chance to try following your advice but I'm not sure what you mean by "bouncy" (sorry, new to pyro) and I didn't have much luck getting a nice "waterfall" effect :/. I was able to get more of the general shape I wanted by finessing the basic pyro sim I had before though. Only problem is, I'm not sure how to get the downward churning effect on the outer edges like the reference video has. Is there a way to do this with the shaping tools in the pyrosolver or would I be wasting my time to keep trying? What would people suggest as the best way to get that look? Thanks! mushroomCloud02.hipnc
  11. Mushroom Cloud Pyro sim problems

    Thanks for the quick reply, Juri. Yes, I am trying to make an explosion that holds its shape better. This is the reference I was given to work with, although it doesn't have to be exactly the same.I'm gonna be away from my good computer for a few days but I'll definitely try your suggestion of using an animated emitter as soon as I can and post again when I see how it goes.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm working on a pyro sim of a mushroom cloud and having trouble getting the kind of control over the shape that I'm looking for. The sim works well for about a second, making a nice mushroom cloud that rises, but then it starts to stretch in strange ways. I've tried adjusting the gas released, cooling rate etc. to try and get a better result but I think I'm missing something here. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions? I'm pretty new to pyro and am not sure what I'm missing here. Thanks mushroomCloud.hipnc
  13. Problem with Pops in Sop Solver

    Thanks again. The Solver SOP would work at this stage of my project, but I think it would become cumbersome before too long and I need to learn to use dops better anyway.
  14. Problem with Pops in Sop Solver

    Thanks for the thorough explanation, bloomendale. The multisolver solution works great. Just to clarify, when you have some solver in the second input of a multiple solver, can that solver then access any data piped into the first input of the multisolver? Also, what does the "rendering parameters volatile" node do? I've never seen it used before. Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, I'm working on a particle sim where the particles are attracted to a surface and change the shape of the surface when they hit it. It seems like using a sopsolver for this is a good way to go, but for some reason the attractor in the POP sim doesn't update when its shape changes. I can see the geometry change shape, but the particles are only attracted to its initial shape. I've attached a simple file so you can see what I'm talking about. Any idea what I'm missing here? I'm pretty new to DOPs so any feedback on my setup is also welcome. Thanks! pops_in_dops.hipnc