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  1. Is there a bug in the Assemble SOP?

    Excellent! Thanks for the help Tomas!
  2. I'm not sure if my workflow is incorrect but I have found something a little odd with transferring groups with the Assemble SOP. I was doing a sim and needed to use the rbdconfigure to set the active area. After that node however, some of my primitive groups I use to texture were either empty or had the wrong amount of primitives in them. I googled around and found that most solutions were to make sure the Assemble SOP was transferring the groups. However the only thing that got it to work was to make sure the Transfer Groups field was completely empty... I had to unlock the rbdconfigure HDA and clear the fields. Now I have all my groups and everything is working fine... As I said, not sure if I did something wrong further up the chain but maybe this is a bit of a PSA for anyone finding a similar issue.
  3. Is there a bug in the Assemble SOP?

    Aha, good spot. That's a tidier solution than mine, I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  4. I think I understand what you're trying to achieve, does this help? Chris multiply_force_attribute.hip
  5. Hi all, I've been playing around with fluids and have been learning about driving viscosity based on a point attributes. But I've hit a mind wall. Could anyone help me understand how I would go about creating a liquid that has viscosity based on the distance from the surface? Or to be more specific, as it "cools" it becomes more viscous, but it does this from the surface into the middle. So if I were to pierce a hole in the outer skin, liquid would pour out. Basically, gooey middle. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thats great, thank you! I've managed to get some results using this (although I've barely touched microsolvers before, so it's a bit daunting). I feel this is going to take me a wee while to crack!
  7. Hello there I'm working between Houdini education at Uni and Apprentice HD at home. Went to render out a .sim from the dynamics output driver on my home system and there is no node there.... Non existent in the tab menu and I get a python error when trying to add a new one from the shelf. I found one very old post that suggested that it is disabled in the apprentice version, which not only is a bit of a pain, but seems a little naughty as I thought the only difference was the commercial / non-commercial side of things. I'm aware that I can just use a rop-output driver in the dopnet, or a file node. But I'm planning on outputting a lot of data for some pyro sims and it would've been great to do it via command line hrender. If anyone has any more info or suggestions it'd be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!
  8. Is there a command line/ shell mode

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Graham, much appreciated. I had considered that as the reason. But couldn't really get my head around it as I could run the sim from within the gui and export it from there via a "File" or "Rop_Dop" . Not having the Dynamics ROP wouldn't stop anyone taking that approach? All I want to do is run some sims from terminal. Ah well, thanks for the reply
  9. Is there a command line/ shell mode

    Hi there, I'm trying to do a similar thing right now. You should be able to create a "Dynamics Output Driver" much like a mantra output node, and render that using hrender as suggested above. You have to specify the dopnet in the settings and it will look for the display/render flag in the dopnet (so I suggest sticking a null at the end of the chain for tidiness reasons ) However, my version of apprentice HD doesnt seem to have the dynamics output node and I'm looking into why. But I did use this feature yesterday on my Uni's education edition and it works wonders
  10. Strange RBD problem

    Hi everyone, I posted this over at the Houdini Forums but was hoping y'all could help me shed some light on the issue too. I'm working on some RBD effects for a final year Uni course and have run into some problems that I was hoping you all could help with? Basically I am trying to create a wall panel with a spherical cut out that will have a magnet force applied to it in order to make it look as if the panel is exploding outwards. I have the magnet force working in my scenes but the problems lie with the behavior of the object once it becomes active. Basically, when using the bullet solver, the spherical cut out wants to "pop" out of the wall on its activation frame before it begins to shatter. Sometimes it only pops out by a unit or two that isn't noticeable when played at real-time. But other times it does a full on 45 degree rotation which is very noticeable. It seems that this problem doesn't exist with the RBD solver, just with bullet. But I'm fairly certain problem exists between keyboard and chair, not Houdini . Ive uploaded a quick scene with it doing its usual thing, I have noticed in other scenes, if I were to copy my SOP Geo and translate it either in geometry level, scene level or with a null, the degree in which it all goes horribly horribly wrong changes. (The exact same wall panel translated +10 in the x will behave differently?) This boggles my mind. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance S fracture_problem.hip