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  1. Help Browser

    I seem to have this problem with the help browser.If I click a link I get this warning A script from"hdox://houdini" is requesting enhanced abilities that are unsafe.......: Read private data from any site or window. No matter what I try.. the damn thing pops up once more.Even when I select the remember this decision checkbox. The operating system is Windows Xp Home. houdini build 8.0.383. Any help would be welcome.
  2. Models In Houdini

    How exactly do i render out the model as a wireframe(wren??) or should I post screen grabs?
  3. Models In Houdini

    Hi Yes a tutorial would be really helpful..thanks.(those that I have seen show only the arm setup and so on. The animation is very good but the hair gets too blurred when its moving ... imho(could be the lower resolution of the video).
  4. Models In Houdini

    Hi I am 15 years old and here is my first go at a character and done in houdini apprentice and rendered in a friend's copy of max(man I wish houdini was as popular as max).After dabbling for a few months in houdini ,my first 3d app,I decided that the best way to learn something is to explore and here are the results.The renders are done in max as there is a limit on resolution in apprentice.(Just wanted big pictures.).When i finish this one will post pics rendered in houdini.Oh and as a second thought I will post some other models....A face and a space ship I modelled sometime ago... To Do: 1)Add some details and maybe come up with a head of some sort.... 2)Texture It procedurally..(I will have to take a look at the snail texturing tutorial .The ability to paint attributes to determine bumping etc seems exciting.) 3)Rig the character.(Are there any tuts on rigging an entire character?) 4)Learn Houdini ! Please tell me what You guys think about the models.Anything you like specifically,anything to improve and so on Thanks in advance Cheers Lanchka
  5. Making A Chain

    Thanks a lot Ill Go through that hip file...
  6. Making A Chain

    Hello all I have been busy modeling a character and have come to a point where I have to make some chains. I have modeled a chain which has 20 links Apart from my chain I also have a curve ready in houdini Now in max there is a path deform mod to bend this along a spline Is there some way of doing the same in houdini? Please help... Cheers Lanchka
  7. How do I install the foll. plugins... 1)the SSS shader by Mario 2)The polysymmetry sop by RangiS.( This has an extension of ".optype".Also does this sop work h7) Thanks in advance Lanchka
  8. Rendering To Avi

    I guess the topic says it all. What would be the fastest way to render a frame range to avi or any other video format? Cheers Lanchka
  9. Force Along Normal

    Hello all, I need to make a simulation where particles are birthed of a single primitive and the primitive is animated along a path. Now what I need is to have a linear force acting on the particles birthed at any instant along the normal of the primitive at that instant. Hope I have made this clear. I guess this is a simple thing to do...but I dont know how to set this up. Any help would be great. Cheers Lanchka
  10. Edge Cusp And Facet

    Thanks a lot. So if I wanted to get sharp edges on certain parts of a character , could I use edge cusp (with a suitable cusp angle), before I actually subdivide in real time, on those edges or edge loops that have to look creased (or instead the facet sop in a way somewhat similar to assigning smoothing groups before smoothing in max) Thanks for your reply Really thankful to this community Cheers Lanchka
  11. Edge Cusp And Facet

    What do the edge cusp and facet sops do? Could someone give me a practical example? Any help would be appreciated Cheers Lanchka
  12. Does anybody have any idea about how to change the color of the environment in a render? I have tried the parameters in the output level but found no such setting... Any help would be welcome. Cheers Lanchka
  13. Reference Images

    Could someone recommend a site or post some detailed pictures of the male human body (preferrably without nudity). Anything that can help get the musculature just right.... Thanks in advance Cheers Lanchka
  14. When you try to tumble in modo with space + left mouse. Would be so much less annoying if every 3d app had the same navigation controls.... Just wishful thinking I guess.
  15. Some Questions

    Also there doesnt seem to be any way of increasing the resolution of a vox primitive without polysplitting again and again Shouldnt sidefx do something about something so simple.........