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  1. At 1:14:45 of Houdini 18.5 Hive day 2 the instructor goes over how to do collisions with nanoVDB gpu solver. However, even if I follow his instructions I cannot get this to work. I create a sphere, convert it to a VDB with vdbFromPolygons node and then connect it to the pyro solver. In his own video at 1:16 it is unclear visually if its even working for him as well since the explosion is so large, though he claims it does. The only way I can get collisions to work is to uncheck pyroSolver Minimal OpenCL Solve and uncheck openCL. Then I can clearly see that the collision is indeed working. I am a very new user to houdini. How can I get the nanoVDB gpu solver to accept collisions like he claims is possible in the video or do I have to stick with the non-openCL, CPU solver ?
  2. Surface Uber Shader

    Good call.
  3. Surface Uber Shader

    Nice work.
  4. sss pt

  5. Vector Displacements revisited.

    I found the right settings for absolute tangent vector displacement maps from mudbox for UVs and ptex. R *-1 = R G = B B * -1 = B
  6. Vector Displacements revisited.

    mudbox settings below
  7. sss -solved

  8. sss -solved

  9. sss pt

  10. sss pt