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  1. Demcon-Nymus3D creates high-end animations for clients such as Harvard, CERN, the Pasteur institute, Industrial Light and Magic, Pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes and businesses all over the world. We are looking forward to welcoming a new colleague who is: - Very much at home in Houdini, particularly lighting, shading and rendering in Mantra - Flexible and open to feedback - Interest – or background - in science is a big plus We offer: - A full-time position in Enschede, The Netherlands - A very open, informal environment among highly capable and motivated colleagues - Challenging, yet satisfying projects and clients - A workspace that encourages initiative and development of new techniques For additional information, please PM me, or contact Vincent Bos on +31 88 115 2000. To apply for the position, send your application and C.V. to recruitment@demcon.nl, to the attention of Marleen Blanckenborg, Recruiter
  2. Here's something interesting...I tried to rebuild a simple pbr compatible shader using generalfresnel, reflectedlight and refractedlight vops. The result is a lot cleaner than using pbrreflect. You can reconnect that to see the difference. I've attached the file so you can take a look in /mat/Top_Clips Weirdly, the direct light reflection from the light in the scene looks a lot more solid, however changing the quality setting on the light now has no effect whatsoever. So, if the result isn't quite as good as you need, you're out of luck and just have to increase pixel samples, again oversapling everything else in the shot. SESI_Render_Issues.hip
  3. Just returning to this after a while, as I was gain having significant issues involving render times for transparent objects and had a few observations of light quality sampling that was somewhat confusing. I have an item in my scene that is using the aluminium preset, so it's using PBR metallic. Each gif shows two frames each of the direct lighting. The first has a light quality setting of 1, the latter 10. There's practically no difference (apologies for the slightly differing sizes) Now, the thing is, when rendering a material that uses PBR Reflect, that's the complete opposite. Here's a render, again of the direct lighting, of the rim of an item, with a light quality setting of 1 And now, with the light quality of 10 So, I'm somewhat confused...does the light quality setting only have an effect on PBR Reflect, and not PBR Metallic? This poses several problems also...just to get this one specular hit on an object I have to massively oversample the light for everything else in the whole scene. I also attached the scene if anyone wants to take a look at that. SESI_Render_Issues.zip
  4. So, I suppose the question remains that should this be considered a bug? Is the transparency noise caused by errors in roughness calculations or are they inherent to PBR? I would naively expect similar behaviour of noise for both reflection and refraction.
  5. Hi Toby - did you get a final render in the end or was it taking too long?
  6. I'm taking a brief look now, but have limited time. This looks promising at best, and something I should know about anyway at worst
  7. This is certainly very interesting, albeit, yet another option to take into account. Having said that I wonder what the ray histogram would look like with more than one ray sample. It also seems to have artefacts at the bottom where you can see the top rim and liquid. I'll definitely take a look at some of these though. Also, we did used to do a significant amount of de-noising in post, but for some things that really messed up, so we're trying to get smooth renders out of the farm now. I was also watching a talk by Marcos Fajardo about Arnold and he said a very distinct 'no' to denoisers, though I can't recall his reasoning at the moment.
  8. They seem to be investing time into Mantra, so I'd guess it's not going anywhere. And like I said, in many areas it's really very capable...just this speed, gah. I'm curious what is actually killing the render time, considering the other renderer I was looking at was also using an implementation of the Principled Shader. And not all parts are slow...the new single lobe sss is super fast, so if SESI is listening, more speed hacks! AS for GPU rendering, hopefully SESI will be on that and give mantra that option, I don't think that's a crazy idea
  9. Indeed. Hopefully I'll know how to better tackle shots like this in the future. Because we do science viz, glass items are quite common, so maybe a Redshift license will be the way to go. As for Mantra, it can do things the other renderer just can not, and I love it for that...but most shots are not something out of the ordinary. I do wonder if mantra being so versatile is what makes it less speed competitive in certain aspects? But on the other hand the new single lobe sss is crazy fast, so...I have no clue.
  10. The annoying thing is that we have another renderer that we use, but were in the process of moving over to mantra, but the speed is a bit of an issue. Greater render times are acceptable generally because of all the other benefits, but this was insanely high compared to a clean (non-GPU) render from the other package. I guess I have to learn to circumvent things that cause these issues. Still I did ask SESI to turn my query into a RFE. I'm sure they must know about this already, but hey.
  11. Haha, I hadn't tried it yet and I guess I wont either Alas, the render times are about twice as fast, but alas the flicker is still present. The interpenetration of liquid and glass was intentional as the shader surface priority should take care of that now. For this particular scene, it looks like more pixel samples is the only way :/ The original...
  12. That is good to know. I need to look into Redshift it would seem :/ Although I'd still like to optimize the mantra version to see how low I can get the render times. If this kind of thing pops up again I should be somewhat prepared.
  13. That is quite fast I did get a reply from SideFX that was quite useful which I shall paste here: Marty, I see that your image doesn't have the offending area light highlight that was the problem in the original...but I'm guessing at 1m 40s it's not going to be much of an issue. I re-uploaded the hip file incase things were missing from the first one. I think redshift is worth looking into, even if just getting a single machine license to deal with these individual shots. Petri_Dish.7z
  14. No, I've not sent it in yet as I've been a bit buried...I'll do it now. Was your redshift render time 1m 30s or 1hr 30m? :/ I tried in 16.5 and it was still > 5 hrs.
  15. Sadly, that didn't really work. I may send the hip into sidefx....five hours is just too high to be usable.
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