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  1. Houdini 18, new license server I want to delete all Houdini licenses cause about a trouble with the apprentice license. Neither in the /windows/keys nor anyway are still licenses available (already deleted them cause returning wasnt working for me). Anyway. There are no active licenses in the folder keys. The licenses administrator still shows them up. Also Houdini starts. Is there an other place for them execpt windows/keys? Are they as well in the registry with the new license server? naaa... got it. Just forgot to restart the license server.
  2. delete please....
  3. parameter update

    Hi Luca, nope, this was the first adress I was looking for ;-)
  4. if I change elsewhere a numeric parameter it wont update unless I finished the adjusting. Oddly enough it happens not everywhere... Any suggestions?
  5. Parameter Interface Toggle

    thanks a lot. I see, I should start with Python... but where to start outgoing from Houdini? Sorry for the late reply, was busy. Uhm, how I should integrate that? if I place a button on the control panel an paste the script (with parrmTuple changed to COPAN_CO_MAT (nodes name)) following error appear: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> AttributeError: 'ObjNode' object has no attribute 'PANEL_CO_MAT' any idea?
  6. Parameter Interface Toggle

    I have a control object for assigning colors/materials to each object: now I want to include an on/off toggle for (de)activating all materials/colors via the interface dialog at once. Whats the procedere for it? Even a hint for a button wouldnt help cause I'm not able to program the neccesary callbackscript. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  7. Is it possible to disable a node via a wranglenode?
  8. Wrangle library

    Hi, how can I add/delete, edit the librarys in a wrangle node (downarrow button, right side of the wranglenode)?
  9. Sometimes I have the same behaviour in gluenetworks. The once solution I found ist to recreate the gluenodes. Would be interesting to know whats going on...
  10. Houdini 4D

    found a great video on vimeo what a freak.... ;-)
  11. animated RBD sim

    @admin: please delete this post. Thanks in advance and sorry.
  12. query inputs

    How could I query a node input if something is connected?
  13. Everything worked fine as always and after a new session my console said: font.map: Unknown font 'Source Sans Pro' Can't load the default font specification. resources.std is either missing or specifies an unknown font for the DefaultFont. also the resources.std is in place... Everything is too big and the icons are tiny, so?
  14. Hi, found a, for me, wired thing. Translating an object with a transform sop in object space via a reference scene data for an other bbox of an object, here world space, it dont work. See my attachement for better understanding. So I think its the krux between world and local space. But how to convert the world into the local space and viceversa. Especially in this file example. How it would be done in an wrangler? Thank you in advance. REFERENCE BBOX TRANS.hip
  15. Spyrogif