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  1. Everything worked fine as always and after a new session my console said: font.map: Unknown font 'Source Sans Pro' Can't load the default font specification. resources.std is either missing or specifies an unknown font for the DefaultFont. also the resources.std is in place... Everything is too big and the icons are tiny, so?
  2. Hi, found a, for me, wired thing. Translating an object with a transform sop in object space via a reference scene data for an other bbox of an object, here world space, it dont work. See my attachement for better understanding. So I think its the krux between world and local space. But how to convert the world into the local space and viceversa. Especially in this file example. How it would be done in an wrangler? Thank you in advance. REFERENCE BBOX TRANS.hip
  3. Spyrogif

  4. wrangle sop jump to other node

    Thank you. I forgot that... more elegant would be a wrangler.... any idea?
  5. @admin: please could you delete the Post? recursive_voronoi.hiplc
  6. is there a opinion to jump to an other node in a wranglesop? I.e.: in an if choice depending on the ouput (0/1)? if(i@test == 1) goto node.....
  7. Cannot figure out how to decreases the fontsize in the helpbrowser. In the new sectio under preferences isnt a seperate entry for the helpbrowser. Also I know to do it manually with ctrl-/+. Is this the once way or anywhere else to fix it? Thanks in advance and a good day...
  8. Please, how is the best way to achieve the same result as in the file with a RBD SIM without particles? oddf.hipnc
  9. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    thx a lot
  10. particles will not displayed

    found it again: its neccessary to activate "show handle" on the left toolbox. Thats realy handy. oddf_1.hip
  11. particles will not displayed

    yep but shouldnt it be enough for displaying the particles? I.e. Steve Knipping, Applied Houdini, Particles 1, 00:44:23...
  12. sorry for that but I start to become grey hairs: The particles will not be displayed if I stay in SOP mode. What the hell?.... oddf.hip
  13. trying to setup the calssical "destruction of a wall" on a, for me, new way. With problems. Logo. How do I prevent the wall from collapsing without a hit from the sphere at the beginning. Active/passive wranglenode? How? How could I use a constgrained "Fixateur" like a cube on the side of the wall for preventing the wall from selfcollapsing in this kind of setup? (just interested in; prefering the other way what I've asked before) Does anyone know a good example with this kind of setup for destruction? Or similiar? Where could I use wranglers instead of sops/dops and, of course the code for them? whats the way for further destruct the clusters if thy hit i.e. the ground? Thought its time to go new ways, so thats the reason for all this stuff wall.hip
  14. following steve knippings boolean or not boolean, encountered a problem with the dop network. Building it on the fly by dropping a dop network, in there a rbdpackedobjeckt for the prefractured packed object, source first context geometry, into a rigidbodysolver, gravity, merge with a ground,blabla... The problem is that the imported, fractured object starts immediately to "explode". Not as recently as it is colliding with the floor. In the video it works... so where I have my mistake? Houdini 16.5 boolea_or_not_boolean.hip
  15. Boolean problems

    thats the deal, thank you