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  1. normal flow visualization

    lot to read, study and understand... great :-)
  2. normal flow visualization

    @Librarian: also not bad ;-) thank you
  3. normal flow visualization

    hehe, as always great and thank you
  4. a small problem: an object, i.e. a sphere, normals wich are pointing downwards and following the surface. So far so good. I want to animate flowing waterdrops and so I need meandered vectors for vel. the problem is the volume vop where I want to realice the flow with a curlnoise. As far as I activate the volvop the vel get straight again. I dont find the mistake. Also the visualizer dont work. Please have a look at the attached file n_flow.hip
  5. yep You was wright. Had a zoom on it ... Jesus...grin
  6. How could I activate the visibility of a node if I am not in the main take?
  7. dont know what the answer was but for a fast inspection just pin the thumbtack in top of your scenview before you dive into the DOP
  8. in the attached basic scene I dont get the aliasing artefacts away. Tried so much things... no problem in RM. Would someone mind to check the file and give me some hints for the rendersettings? thanks in advance. nested_dielectrics_finish.hip
  9. networkview over sceneview

    Hi Sir, yep know yours, that was the reason I asked here cause I think I saw it in your pragmatic-vex.. ;-) Would you share how to do that?
  10. Static Object BBox

    Hmmh.. maybe it could help if you pack your boat?
  11. density based particlesshader

    @librarian: the hint wit Jakub Spacek helped me a lot. Great. Thank you.
  12. using fbx rop in a hda

    Not sure, maybe Give the path a variable wich you declare before or via the GUI of your HDA.
  13. Distance Field in POPS ?

    For what you are want to use it for? Maybe you could use a SDF... also a point approximation with VEX is possible. Could you post your hip with some explanations what you wan to do?
  14. density based particlesshader

    ok here: 2D_fluid_Logo_01.6.7.hip
  15. I have a particlesim where the pointcolor is driven by the volumedensity from a smokesim via an attribfromvolume node ramp. Now I want to get the driven color on a particlefluidsurface. How I have to built the shader for it respectively wich eventual works ahead in the DOP/VOP land are necessary? 2D_fluid_Logo_01.6.5.hip