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  1. whats the beat way to have dif. HOU versions AND dif. home directories? Is there a way to add something to the link or ow do you handle that? Thanks on advance. Stay healthy and keep going...
  2. lerp shows unexpected behaviour

    ok, thanks anyway. I already solved the problem by myself - foolishness... ;-) So its solved.
  3. doing a tutorial, the Railsystem. In the moment I stuck with a lerp function in a wrangle. It dont takes the, in this case spline, whole geo, just a part of it. Please have a look onto the hip to show my problem. I dont know whats wrong with it, I dont find it. Could you help me please? Railsystem_Chapter_2.1.hip
  4. want to setup a grain sim but my grains are not shaded correctly in the viewport: Dont find a solution to display the grain correctly. Have anyone some advice please? Never had that before...
  5. printing netwok view

    I'm sure, the question of how to print the network view, isnt really new. But I am not a python crack so my possibilities are limited... Does anyone know how to handle the printing of the newtwork view? Better would be a tool for displaying and printing also the whole dependencies together with the nodes.... Thanks for any suggestions
  6. assigning new constraints to solver

    the first problem in my setup is that the bendend object tend to go back to its initial state. I grabbed the initial constraint, copy the primintrinsic "packedfulltransform" - the transfomationmatrix from the packed pieces onto it. In my sugggestion the sopsolver should send it to the rbd solver for the next step. So it should bend more and more. Unfortunately it goes back into its original position. Like there wouldnt be a sosolver and/or the constraints are totally wired. Why the constraints are bending back to its original position instead to bend more and more. If the last state of the constraints is the maximium bend state and the new origin constraints are already bent (this one I changed with the copied transforms from the bended geo), from where the rbd solver get its information to use other constraint states instead of the new initial state? metal_bending_02.1.hip
  7. a little bit tricky to explain my point of needed help: building a system for bending metal. I'm not using softconstraints rather hard constraints. In the constraintnetwork sopsolver I pick the original constraints, copy the 4matrix from the geo and want assign the new constraint network back to the bulletsolver. First problem: How to solve the usage of the new constraints, seems like the rbddolver dont use them. I think there is a big mistake in my setup. At an other state I already posted in SFX Forums and get a plausible help from "Miccetro" (https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/79064/). But as I wrote I want to go with hardconstraints and change the constraints. So could anyone have a look at my hip and examine it for eventually furher help? ^^ Keep healthy. metal_bending_01.hip
  8. wired DOP beviour

    in a relative simple setup for metalbending my DOP make problems. Starting with not desired movement of the object. Would you mind to have a look to the hip, please, and give me some tips (advice)? I just overlooked something I think... Dont find it quite now. metal_bending.hip
  9. if I create an empty volume sop with i.e. dimensions 5*5*5, nothing is visible, nor the bounding box. In a tutorial wich I'm studying quiet now, there is at least a bounding box. Newest graphicdriver; Houdini ver 18.5.462 Any idea? volume_sop.hip
  10. vellum grains not shaded

    nope, the gamma wasnt it.
  11. vellum grains not shaded

    I look to reaply the default settings for the vellum grains. As you can see in the hip, they arent shaded at all... Any suggestions please? 01_Character.hip
  12. heightfield erode sim problem

    I built it in 18.5.462
  13. additional node infos

    yep, thats it. Thank you
  14. please, where was the toggle to display additional node infos i.e. version of the node, path, etc...
  15. my heightfield erode node dont want to work. Is it possible to get a hint? A nice day and keep healthy... Railsystem_Chapter2_Clip2.hip