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  1. organizing of examples / tutorials

    Thanks for the good answer. I do it in a similiar way but its not as satisfying as I hoped and so I looking furhter for the definitive guide for it. Its also a big ting to organize it in a way that you really find what you want. Just organizing your collection is one side, finding on juwel in it the other. But the way you described above and wich I use at well in a similiar way seems to be the best for me.
  2. over time the examples and tutorials become more and more. And you know, the amount of them become huge.I look forward to organize them in a practical way. But didnt found a way till now. Oraganizing with categories as DOP, SOP, etc., or via the author. Collect them without sorting (terrible)? I dont find a way to organice them in a satisfying manner. How do you organize your collections of it? Thanks in advance
  3. constraints with facet and prim sop

    thank you
  4. reading / writing pointattr

    thank you
  5. reading / writing pointattr

    2 Wrangles: 1. setpointattrib(0, "pointatr", 2, 11); @getatr = @pointatr; 2. @getatr = @pointatr; so why istnt the @getatr not affected (spreadsheet is still 0)? Only if I put the @getatr=@pointatr in a following wranglenode its working. Whats the background for that? Wranglenodes work of all points in parallel. But also the included instructions? Not first the setpointattrib for all points and then the a=b?
  6. sorry

  7. Is it still neccessary to put a facet sop with unique points followed by a prim sop with scale set to 0, after the constraint sop? Or isnt that urgent since H18? https://forums.odforce.net/topic/28679-cone-twist-constraint-relationship/?do=findComment&comment=162968
  8. promote via wrangle

    how could I promote a point attribute via wrangle into a primattribute?
  9. Houdini 18.0.357 can anybody give me a hint how to solve the viewport shadow problem? As you see in the file, the standard viewport has big problems while on the right side, the stage "setup", works perfectly. Do I missed something? untitled.hip
  10. Errormessge

    each time I start Houdini 18.0.357 I get the following error in the console: [3336:740:0213/150538.288:ERROR:backend_impl.cc(1065)] Critical error found -8 [3336:740:0213/150538.288:ERROR:entry_impl.cc(1065)] No file for a1010d62 any suggestions?
  11. Scatter Points in Volume

  12. constraint type change

    How could iI change the constraint type (i.e. glue) from the standard center of mass to surfacepoints or faces like in the new Rbd Convert Constraint SOP? I want to use it with the "old" voronoi sop so....
  13. node color choice dependent

    hm, so what would be a better way to realice it?
  14. Hi, is there a way to change the node color depending on my choice in an attribute wrangle? I.e: an attribut wrangle with the possibility to set an object to active/inactive (i@active=chi(active");). Depending on the choice from the slider (1/0), the node should change the color, i.e. red/green.
  15. enlarge size of pointnumber

    thank you. Today I found by myself