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  1. cleaning traced letter line

    thread was splitted unfortunately: second corresponding thread: well, after trying to elaborate for hours again at least I dont get a solution. Of course I could dissolve the surplus edges and points ( in this case edges) but I realy look forward to find a complete procedural way. Also the last file from yours have double edge at the ends. And I have to look forward to get a exacter aproxiamtion to the center for the line. Nevertheless I really learned a lot from your tips and approach and still examine in this direction. But the annoying "S" is still bugy. If it would need only this single letter I would say well... Although my interest would not be satisfied. But in this case it becomes eventually a lot of letters from hundreds of different people so it has to be watertight. Any more suggestion and/or tips Librarian and/or other? I am at my wit's end. Thanks in advance single_lineFix1-5.hiplc
  2. sort node problem

    unfortunately this thread becomes 2 faces. Main thread is wil close it here and go further on the upper one.
  3. sort node problem

    ah, now it starts to understand the context a bit better. what remain is the exasperating problem with the number sequence. I'll study the new setup and maybe find a solution by myself. Otherwise I hopefully may ask again?!
  4. sort node problem

    great Tesan. Thanks a lot. now its time to study your wrangle...
  5. sort node problem

    in the attached files the sort node make me a lot of problems. Please could anyone check the file for it? Neither I'm able to sort it nor to connect them without artefacts. Thanks in advance. single_line.hip
  6. cleaning traced letter line

    ok, found a solution. But I want to try it on a conventional way. The solution in the file in the green Networkbox works for further purposes. But I am solid interested how to get that without the LAB Sop. In the red netwokbox the solution is not so far but here is now a problem with pointsorting. I let all the tried nodes in the file so you can see what I already tried to try. Hopefully there is an easy solution with the standard nodes as well. My Brain is working just to complicated today ;-) The Solution from librarian is for sure very professionel and I am also super interested in. But before I need a fast kick, wich I understand now, for furher development of the project. So thanky you in advance letter_single_line.hip
  7. cleaning traced letter line

    hm, spent the half night for using this approach. But this way is a new terrain for me and I dont find a good entrance. Its highly interesting. Unluckily precisly the min-max-average sop is without examples on the site. Would you mind to setup a small file with the approach you have described? That would help a lot. Definetely you waked up my interest with your reference from growth and form in this theme. Even if I'm a bit helpless with your file. Wich part of it is usable for my specific problem? Jesus, or thank god, learning with Houdini never stops, lol. Thank you in advanced. Olly
  8. cleaning traced letter line

    Librarian I'm a little confused. How and where should I use that?
  9. cleaning traced letter line

    interesting problem: traced a single letter. I want to convert it for further development in exactly ONE line. Sounds easy. Isnt it. Is it? Tried a lot of different ways as you can see in the attached file. Probably I dive into with the wrong Idea... We'll see. Would be nice if you could gime some hints. Llatest with a new resample sop the real problem appears... single_line.hip
  10. attribute from volume

    Hi, thanks again. Sorry, was my fault.
  11. attribute from volume

    Hi, sorry for the late reply, was pretty busy. Unforutantely there is no output in your file. Cached the volume, but nothing as the red character in the rendered pic.
  12. centerline of shape

    great thank you Jiri :-)
  13. is there a node for geting a centerline of a closed shape, i.e. a letter? Or do I have to import one?
  14. is there something similiar as the "attribute from volume-SOP" for builing materials? want to map the volume density into colors.
  15. centurys ago I had a small floating window in 3dsmax wich was used as a color clipboard. Is there such a thing? small handy, usefull? And no, I dont want to rearrange my windows in a specific manner. I want such a tool :-). Maybe its possible for somebody to program that in python? Or gimme a hint how to vex it?