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  1. Hi, I've problems with the shader (middle) with this custom VDB solver. Without the mat it renders fine but with it, blocky artefacts appearing. I'm not the big shaderguy so maybe someone could help me. Also maybe an adjustment on the VDB or on MANTRA directly? magicVolumes.v.01.1.hip
  2. how to merge one take into another? The helpfile says: If data is active in the current take, and you merge in a second take that also has the data active, Merge Take will use the current take’s data. Merge Take (with override)will override the current take’s data with the data from the second take. Wich data should be active? Where can I toggle it and also the override function. Couple of times I opened a similiar thread: but now on 18.5.462 the last post from "TLOEFFLER" also dont work anymore, do I use it wrong? ;-): I simple add the script into a python shell and.... could someone give me some advice please?
  3. Is there a way to retime compressed fluid

    maybe the idea behind that could help: https://vimeo.com/simonfiedler
  4. On Growth and Form

    Hi Librarian, oslshaderss.hiplc: Unfortunately the Tactic Shader has a problem witht the sem_moise PXROSL (explanation mark). So no rendering is possible. Houdini crashes without anything...
  5. playing arround with precise vdb vel for ie. fluids. 2 problems: - how to vicualize the vectors via the small visualization icon next to the sceneviewer? Dont work with this kind of vdb vectors? No prblem with the volumetrail sop. Thougt a vector is a vecor... (beside magnitude and direction...). See my attached file for better understanding. The asked vector vel is already set up. - and whats the right way to initialize the center vel, buit in the center vel volumevop, in a way that the influence for push them toward the line is adjustable? Thanks in advance. liquidflow_vel_volume.hip
  6. ok, you want to simulate different spheres driven by a particlesystem, right? And you want the glued fragments just on selected spheres? But want all spheres being fragmented? Like so?
  7. blue "i" on nodes

    Good morning, perfect. That was it, never beeing aware of it... Thank you
  8. vellum and FLIP feedback force (floating vellum)

    for combining different aspects of simulatios there is a really good tutorial side for it: https://www.youtube.com/c/DiffuseFX/videos Well, here pyro and flip, but in conjuction with the one above its going the wright way, tried it by myself.
  9. Does anyone know a file / tutorial where flip, vellum and rbd have work together and into each other, more or less side by side to realize the final result? I dont mean each seperate and compose it finally rather a close intermehing for the final result? That would be fantastic.
  10. sometimes my nodes have small blue i icon. If I click on the info it says that a node was or is copied. But canot reproduce it, in just copying a node. So whats going on here?
  11. resolve takes into main

    Phantastic, thx a lot ;-)
  12. Wrangle ch-slider standard value

    didnt thought about...UI and hip... well, maybe another cup of coffe could help ;-) haha, so easy.. i gues sometimes I think to complicated, jesus... Anyway, just missunderstood it. Thanks a lot for your"foolproof" manual.
  13. CleanUp Lines

    but what is going on if 2 red lines are next to each other? ;-)
  14. Wrangle ch-slider standard value

    Hi acey, dont know, but it dont work as you derscribed above? Would you mind to set it up and send a hip? Would be great :-)
  15. how can I set the displayflag of nodes in takes?