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  1. Hi, how do you setup a scene for caching with a lot of sims to render. It should cache and render all the sims at once. I am interested in both ways, the TOP and the "normal" way.
  2. Need help for a smooth POP emission

    Lot of tuts online. I.e:. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjj-LXCo5j3AhWYRPEDHYJ8CesQtwJ6BAgGEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dw0eGwlGyTjE&usg=AOvVaw2Mb6kBuuYNbW8BSCJjfmGZ https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/how-to-fix-particle-stepping-in-houdini?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=how-to-fix-particle-stepping-in-houdini https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjj-LXCo5j3AhWYRPEDHYJ8CesQtwJ6BAgQEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DriUx1ILoedc&usg=AOvVaw1kdearygh3nJWPunWjhFHX Was just the first three after a google for "Houdini particle stepping". I am sure you will find a lot more online. Also try to change your popsetup before changing the subseps.
  3. hi the scene in the attachement give me 2 different renderresults:
  4. Ground Impact

    in wich direction should the particle tend to direct with its normals? If it should be completeley random use an attrib noise. Or a wranglenode, i.e. like so: @N = rand(@Ptnum)); Also go further to dev this rand function. Have a look into the Web for further usage and/or examples.
  5. little late, sorry. Was ill. So thanks Librarian
  6. yeah again: one more question about the hodini.env I try to implement the FeElib (FeLib on GitHub) into my setup. Had read the toadstorm infos for the json files (Toadstorm: "doing away with houdini.env)" and also the sidefx hints. Unfortunately it wont work. Here is the felib.json wich I try to integrate in my setup: FeLib.json. The FeLib itself is located in "E:/github/FeELib-for-Houdini" on my workstation. the once part I've changed was the "path": [ { "value" : "$LibPath/FeELib-for-Houdini", "method" : "prepend", }, ], into "path": [ { "LibPath" : "e:/github", "value" : "$LibPath/FeELib-for-Houdini", "method" : "prepend", }, ], here is the complete FeLib.json: { "load_package_once": true, "path": [ { "LibPath": "E:/GITHUB", "value" : "$LibPath/FeELib-for-Houdini", "method" : "prepend", }, ], "env": [ { "FeELib": "$LibPath/FeELib-for-Houdini" }, { "HOUDINI_SCRIPT_PATH": { "method": "prepend", "value": [ "$FeELib/scripts", ] } }, { "HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH": { "method": "append", "value": [ "$FeELib/otls/examples", "$FeELib/otls/2D", "$FeELib/otls/Advect", "$FeELib/otls/Animate", "$FeELib/otls/Attribute", "$FeELib/otls/Convert", "$FeELib/otls/Data", "$FeELib/otls/Deform", "$FeELib/otls/Deprecated", "$FeELib/otls/Edit", "$FeELib/otls/Export", "$FeELib/otls/Filter", "$FeELib/otls/Fluid", "$FeELib/otls/Fracture", "$FeELib/otls/Generator", "$FeELib/otls/Geo", "$FeELib/otls/Group", "$FeELib/otls/Growth", "$FeELib/otls/HeightField", "$FeELib/otls/Image 2D", "$FeELib/otls/Import", "$FeELib/otls/IO", "$FeELib/otls/Match", "$FeELib/otls/Morph", "$FeELib/otls/Operation", "$FeELib/otls/Poly Edit", "$FeELib/otls/POP", "$FeELib/otls/Script", "$FeELib/otls/Solver", "$FeELib/otls/Topo", "$FeELib/otls/Transform", "$FeELib/otls/UV", "$FeELib/otls/Visualize", "$FeELib/otls/Animate/Loop", "$FeELib/otls/Attribute/String", "$FeELib/otls/Attribute/Vector", "$FeELib/otls/Convert/Pack", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Capture", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Cluster", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Connectivity", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Enumerate", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Graph", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Hull", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Intersection", "$FeELib/otls/Data/NDC", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Orient", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Property", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Shading", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Similar", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Space", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Time", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Topology", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Transfer", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Transform", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Volume", "$FeELib/otls/Data/Weight", "$FeELib/otls/Detect/Bounding", "$FeELib/otls/Detect/Similar", "$FeELib/otls/File", "$FeELib/otls/File/Game", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Animation", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Bake", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Boolean", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Constraint", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Constraint/Kinematics", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Curve", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Deform", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Deform/Bend", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Deform/Bone", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Deform/Capture", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Deform/Curve", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Deform/Morph", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Deform/NDC", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Enumerate", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Fracture", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Generator", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Geo", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Interpolate", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Match", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Noise", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Project", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Ref", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Rewrite", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Smooth", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Space", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Struct", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Topo", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Topo/Artificial Line", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Topo/LOD", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Topo/Optimize", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Topo/Subdivid", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Transfer", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Transform", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Volume", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Volume/Analysis", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Volume/Rebuild", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Volume/VDB", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Volume/Analysis", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Volume/Rebuild", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Volume/VDB", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Generator/Data", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Generator/FX", "$FeELib/otls/Filter/Generator/Modeling", "$FeELib/otls/Fracture/Boolean", "$FeELib/otls/Fracture/Clip", "$FeELib/otls/Fracture/Collision", "$FeELib/otls/Fracture/Constraint", "$FeELib/otls/Fracture/Shatter", "$FeELib/otls/Fracture/Voronoi", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Copy", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Curve", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Curve to Poly", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Fractal", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/FX", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Graph", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Layout", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Outline", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Point", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Poly Expand", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Primitive", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Sample", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Stylize", "$FeELib/otls/Generator/Volume", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Ball", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Biome", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Box", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Building", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Building/Stone", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Building/Wood", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Building/Decoration", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/City/Block", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Curve", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Fractal", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Fractal 2D", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Hard Surface", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Hedra", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Industry", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Installation", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Layout", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Machine", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Mirror Symmetry", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Motion Design", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Nature", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Organic", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Pattern 2D", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Pattern 2D/Font", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Primitive", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Primitive/2D", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Primitive/Curve", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Primitive/Helix Spiral", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Primitive/Knot", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Primitive/Polyhedron", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Primitive/Surface", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Radial Symmetry", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Radial Symmetry/Cup", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Road", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Script", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Sphere", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Terrain", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Test Geometry", "$FeELib/otls/Geo/Tube", "$FeELib/otls/Group/Bound", "$FeELib/otls/Growth/Cluster", "$FeELib/otls/Growth/Fractal", "$FeELib/otls/Growth/Grain", "$FeELib/otls/Growth/Search", "$FeELib/otls/Growth/Tesselation", "$FeELib/otls/Layout", "$FeELib/otls/Morph/Time", "$FeELib/otls/Operation/Blast", "$FeELib/otls/Operation/Cache", "$FeELib/otls/Operation/Delete", "$FeELib/otls/Operation/Filter", "$FeELib/otls/Operation/Merge", "$FeELib/otls/Operation/Update", "$FeELib/otls/POP/Trail", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Artificial", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Blast", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Culling", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Optimize", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Primitive", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Recreate", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Repair", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Resolve", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Sample", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Standard", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Stylize", "$FeELib/otls/Topo/Subdivid", ] } }, { "HOUDINI_VEX_PATH": { "method": "append", "value": [ "$FeELib/vex/^", "$FeELib/vex/include", "$FeELib/vex/include/child", "$FeELib/vex/include/child/element", "$FeELib/vex/include/child/element/basic", "$FeELib/vex/include/child/element/basic/deep", ] } }, { "HOUDINI_OCL_PATH": { "method": "append", "value": [ "$FeELib/ocl", ] } }, ], } The Felib isnt recognized at all with this configuration. And no, I dont want to copy the whole FeLib folder into my home directory. Thanks in advance and Healthyness and Peace.
  7. How could I change resitant the base color (i.e. for coloring, forloop node) of HDA's?
  8. if I use a resample node, the points are evenly distributed. After a noisevop node the distribution isnt even aymore. How could I distribute the points again evenly? Another resample will change the pointcount wich is important for further developing. Is there a node for an evenly distribution of points. A VEX solution is welcome
  9. did you installed the Ryzen Master tools? (AMD Ryzen Master Application). Here you will have a playground for tuning. And the correct driver wil also be installed, I think.
  10. how could I manage that i.e. inner, not visible particles i.e. from an thick spray, not to be rendered/calculated. Are they calculated?
  11. how could I manage that that the vellum solver "unfolds" the overlapping cones? Growing few frames from a stadium where no overlapping occur at all wont help cause the cones become to tiny for the vellumsolver, do they?. Whats the secret to handle such a situation? animated_restblend.hip
  12. primintinsic access in dops

    one solution is using a SOPGEO, in some cases a sopsolver also would help.
  13. Deform along curve

    BTW: the most elegant way of course is using vellum. Give it a try... and if you are not satisfied with the onPath solution use yout own Velocity field with 2 vectors: one for the path direction, one for pushing it inward to the path. i.e. Tim van Helsdingen: Better curve force As vellum is point based solver you are able to use all the fine POP nodes for artdirecting your path movement...
  14. If I want to start Hou sessions in paralell, the second one isnt able to move the cache: Access denied (of course, cause its occpupied from the first session). Cache, GPU cache and Shader cache:(Zugriff verweigert = Access denied) ;-) How do you handle this problem? Stay healthy and be smart.
  15. flip vol. collider issue

    hm.... better doing like so... lol
  16. flip vol. collider issue

    Howdie, my volume colider in a flip sim doesnt behave as expected. Would you mind to hava a look at it? Thanks in advance. paint_smear.hip
  17. for my better understanding: if I set an initial velocity with x=2 and a variance of 0.2 its spreading the same way as with variance -0.2. How is this handled internaly? In some cases the ability to set the variance to a negative value, hence i.e. bypassing the neccessary "self made force based vel-suction" toward the center of the travel directon, would be more than great... (iE handmade pop curve force). Any ideas or suggestions?
  18. Hi, what I am doing wrong?: i.e. a simple popnet with an pop force node. If I open my attribute spreadsheet / geometry the force will appear but the values are all 0. Did I missunderstood the general beviour of the spreadsheet or whats it? Thank you in advance, merry Xmas, stay healthy and a lot of Fun.
  19. Does anyone know a file / tutorial where flip, vellum and rbd have work together and into each other, more or less side by side to realize the final result? I dont mean each seperate and compose it finally rather a close intermehing for the final result? That would be fantastic.
  20. The breaking threshold in a vellum stitch constraint (and/or in a vellumconstraint property inside the vellum solver) is in the same "range" as in prior versions, is it? I do an older tutorial (v.17.5) in v.19 and i.e. in there the breaking threshold is set to 1 while in my version I have to pump it up to 150. The dimensions of the objects are the same in the tutorial and in my file. Does anyone knows if SFX has changed the "scaling" in some Attributes accordingly to prior versions? Or something similar... And in some vellum contstraints the @stress in the geoetrySpreadsheet is much higher than the breaking threshold and they still dont break (same in the vellum constraint sop -> break and (see above) in a constraint property inside the vellum solver). Why is that? Any suggestions? v.19.0383
  21. as the title said I want to rebuild the matchsize node with vex. Could someone help me please? Also a link, tutorial or everything else would be fine. Thanks in advance, cheers and stay healthy.
  22. isnt there an easy way to hold the current scene without saving it on the normal way? I think there was one with an older qlib version.... Any suggestion for an addition somewhere?
  23. a simple attribute vop noise layer: P -> noise -> add with P -> output in P and CD. the whole model becomes green and not black and white Independent wich kind of noise... - never saw that before. no materialpath attribute in it. Any Ideas? Ah: Hou 18.5.596 and GPU drivers are ok.
  24. Shift+F broken

    did you also tried it in an other desktop`?
  25. whats that? never saw that before: on my diyplay option toolbar is a big red dot with the message: ERROR: (material/GL32/beauty_primvertnorm_lit.prog) GLSL Shader failed to compile. and nothing is displayed in the scene view. Already reinstalled HOU 18.5.496 but nothing... Any Ideas? And of course I have to finish a job today.... :-( edit: installed the newest nvidia driver (496.13) before and I think thats the problem. reinstalled an older version (471.68) of the driver and it work again... wired... Despite this would be a hint great...