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  1. How To press a button through python

    dusty memory.... how do you press a button in hscript?
  2. Path Deform HDK Plugin

    where would I find the "vcvarsx86_amd64 bat file" ?
  3. Car rig in dop

    did anybody ever find a fix for this issue?
  4. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v5

    I was tinkering with the car rig, and it's just a passive cart; might it be possible to have a solver that handles rolling wheels that drive a car?
  5. simple RBD question

    Basicly, a table with the legs swinging back n forth. When I run it, it stays in place with the legs sliding back and forth accross the ground. I would expect that the feet would stay put, and the tabletop would swing back n forth.... I've attached an opscript dump of a simple setup. scenescript.txt
  6. GA_BlobRef confusion

    got a working response: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=26029
  7. using a string prim attrib, I can get a blob of the strings used. I can count them, but, I cannot figure out how to actually read them.... (see code snippett below, the commented out lines do not work...) any advice/tips/pointers? dict = &gdp->primitiveAttribs(); atr = dict->findByFullName ("shop_materialpath"); const GA_AIFBlob *myblob = atr->getAIFBlob(); int shadercount = myblob->getBlobCount(atr); UT_String shadername; cout<<"this object has this number of shaders applied: "<<shadercount<<endl; for(i=0;i<=shadercount;i++){ cout<< myblob->getBlob(atr,i)<<endl; //shadername = myblob->getBlob(atr,i); //cout<<shadername<<endl; }
  8. soho read prender extra

    there are 6 options for how Mantra renders particles (spheres, disks, lines, tubes, etc...) these are written into a .geo file as an "extra" named "prender". I cannot find any way to access this data in python, either with Soho or Hou. anybody have a method to get this data? (btw, I'll cross-post this on the sidefx forum too....)
  9. python parm type

    Edward, too!
  10. python parm type

    thank you, yet again, Georg!
  11. python parm type

    right, so, >>> mytuple.parmTemplate().look() parmLook.ColorSquare and for my toggle, >>> myothertuple.parmTemplate().type() parmTemplateType.Toggle yay!
  12. python parm type

    also, being able to tell if an int parm is a toggle in the UI would be helpful, too.....
  13. python parm type

    is there any way to determine if a three dimansional tuple is a point or a color? i.e: >>>mytuple = hou.node("shop/mythingy").parmTuples()[10] >>>mytuple.name() 'foo' >>>len(mytuple) 3 great. now, is the UI for mytuple a "point" or is it a "color"? is it possible to determine this?
  14. after much headache, I got windows compiling, and sops compile and run fine. i compiled your code, and it compiled fine. However, Mantra under windoze cannot seem to find the .dll for some reason...
  15. dunno what I'm doint wrong, but I cannot get Mantra to find my VRAY procedurals. I tried using the DemoBox example, and that failed too. I figured maybe I'd set up the OTL wrong, so, I dug around and found Peter Claes brand spankin' new instancer, complete with a H11 tested OTL and everything, no dice. I get this: mantra: Cannot allocate procedural 'instancePc' on object /obj/instancer (insert "I hate windows" rant here)