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  1. Test points inside/outside object

    You can try using IntersectRay http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk12.5/class_g_u___detail.html#d46007916194b455497cd8673f1c1f66
  2. It looks cool. Maybe it is worth a try an implementation in Houdini.
  3. Learning microsolvers

    Yeah can you reupload the examples guys, Thanks alot
  4. Hello guys, I am trying to setup a renderman Implicit Field Plugin. It defines a volume sphere. I want to call it in the rib like this inside houdini. Volume "myplugin.dso" -args Is there anyway to use it like a dynamic load procedural in houdini. What would be the best approach. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am having difficulties with OP_Context &context inside inlinecpp. Inside a python sop. How can I pass the context to this function? Is it possible? function_sources=[""" void test(OP_Context &context) { fpreal t = context.getTime(); } """,
  6. Alfred and local render

    I have attached one of my thousand attempts to get the proper combination most of the time it just says servers busy. I just need to generate the ribs with something like immediate rib generation and after that alfred to render the frames it should be simple isnt it. test_alfred.hip
  7. Alfred and local render

    The problem it is calling the pixarNRM service I am trying to set it to local:PixarRender. And the changing the netrender to prman should work as a final option I will just edit the alfrerun.py . But still if someone get it to work so that It writes the ribs in alfred and then render them please share you knowledge thank you.
  8. Hello guys can someone help me to setup alfred and renderman with houdini. I am trying to make it work under localhost but whatever I do it invokes netrender I am trying to make it to use local prman and the service local:PixarRender. If someone has a setup example it would be great thanks in advance.
  9. Pyro stamping

    Cool good work
  10. Advecting particles which is faster

    It seems Accumulated doesn't work on my machine when I set it to Extrapolated in gastoparticlefield I can see the density very weird With extrapolated I cannot see any density to dissipate. For accumulated to work probably I need initial density ? At work I dont see it maybe it is a difference in the version but at home I can see it properly.
  11. Advecting particles which is faster

    I am not sure what is happening your settings work in my scene but when I open your scene I cannot see the density from gasparticletofield node.
  12. Advecting particles which is faster

    thank you very much guys In both examples there is very helpful info. I couldnt see any density in the Hazoc example. I made this test from the both files settings but still I cannot get the final density to dissipate. test_2.hipnc
  13. Advecting particles which is faster

    Sorry for the delay I just added a few things in your scene. I am trying to create new voxel around each advected particle or an average around the particles with higher resolution voxel grid. Also my biggest problem is to get proper dissipation and density values. Maybe I have to transfer attributes in sops I am not very into DOPS. test_1.hipnc
  14. Advecting particles which is faster

    I am having a little bit of problem of transfering attributes in DOPS I am trying to transfer some attributes from the nearest voxel like density heat and velocity. After the gas advect I am using gas particle to field to accumulate new density but the destination particles doesn't have density. I am not sure what is the correct way of creating new density from the old particles I would like to to be based on average position of the advected particle not from a new fluid simulation. Thanks in advance.
  15. Advecting particles which is faster

    Thanks I will post some results with this technic later