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  1. Color in FLIP sims - milk pour into tea

    please can I get a hip for this
  2. well you can get the value in attribute VOP or there can be many other ways in attribute VOP frame => compare (Equal==250) => twoway switch =>add attribute (call it whatever name e.g. test) age connect to input1 of twoway switch and then stamp the attribute test
  3. Locked node stores the alembic data into the file, but note that it creates a larger file size
  4. smoke for comet

    You can also use "Drag Force" to control the spread
  5. Smiluation Cache?

    when you create a default fluid simulation network, along with the network you get a default particle fluid network node, you just need to dive into that node and if at all you need to play with the vdb settings to get the desired mesh look kindly do so, then after that, there's a node called surface cache, you can cache through this node, geometry file is for you to state the path for cache to be dumped, give the start and end frame, and after you have dump the cache please unable load from disk
  6. I guess you can do channel reference and control the values
  7. point wrangle

    this link is very helpful it will answer all your questions https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2512&Itemid=132
  8. The "convert" node helps to convert any type of object be it nurbs or polygonal meshes
  9. volume collision and sticky particles

    Since your shape is spherical by default in Collisions tap in Bullet data its set to Convex Hull, you will need to change it to Concave to not make it look like box type.
  10. Bottom of Sim Pops

    its nothing to do with your render, its the sim that causing it, you may have to up your over sample a bit.
  11. PSCALE over lifetime

    you can do at sop level itself popnet -> vopsop ----> inside vopsop the structure should be age -> compare (<=0.5) -> two way switch (input1 Promote Parameter set value to 1) -> add attrib (name the attribute from Cd to pscale)
  12. Smoke and Debris from RBD

    you may need to dump the debris in bgeo format, but before that if its a pack primitive you will need to unpack them & then dump them as bgeos, after that you can use them as source in your pyro container