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  1. Hi all. I have some data in CHOPs and I would like to offset the value only on the frames, not in the actual value direction. Attached is a example of what I am trying to do. How do I get from the start to the end? I want it to be a linear flow too as illustrated by the orange line. Obviously I have many more frames then the 5 shown. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Copying muiltible objects onto particles

    Thank you! Its always a great feeling when you learn something new in Houdini. IDK why, but learning Houdini is much more satisfying then any other program i've learned.
  3. Copying muiltible objects onto particles

    Hi Darren. I just finally got to use this file more and i noticed once I go out of the autodop network all the objects except one of each unique primitive disappears. Do you or anyone else know how I can get them not to disappears when i leave the autodop network? or is there a way to write out the geo from the autodop network? thanks
  4. Copying muiltible objects onto particles

    Thanks Darren! Perfect! I really appreciate the help.
  5. Copying muiltible objects onto particles

    Thanks Darren. This is great! The only thing I think I need now is how would I make the objects collide into each other? So they will stack up and make a pile?
  6. Copying muiltible objects onto particles

    Cool! thanks. I'll enjoy seeing the particle ones.
  7. Copying muiltible objects onto particles

    I havent even started. I want to make a big pile of rocks. so i want like 10 different rocks to randomly copy onto particles that will go into a RDB solver. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hey guys. Super basic question. I want to have for example a box, sphere, and other objects all be copied onto particles so i can use them as RDBs. how do i copy more then 1 objection onto the particles? Thanks, sorry for asking such a basic question I looked online for a while and I couldn't find anything. probably because I wasn't sure what to search.
  9. Learning VOPSOP

    Cool guys! I've been swamped with work, I'll try to catch up when I get some free time.
  10. Learning VOPSOP

    I'm going to be gone for a week, we should put this thread on hold if no other pro will pick this up. On hold until Marty is free. This thread is golden!
  11. Learning VOPSOP

    Oh, yeah your talking about the 2nd part, getting the geometry flat. Yeah I tried a bunch of things, but failed.
  12. Learning VOPSOP

    Your joking right? lol
  13. Learning VOPSOP

    Ok, day 4 challenge! Keep in mind, I'm a complete noob to VEX. I tried more complicated things but failed. This will have to do! Here's what needs to be done. Create a noise pattern and make any point in the "y" greater than .5 be colored any color you wish. I tried to make any point in the "y" that is in the top 80% be flat, I got close but there were always errors in it. I wanted it so when I adjusted the amplitude it would adjust with it. Marty how would you do this effect? I am attaching my file so you guys can see how I did it after you've done it. day4.hipnc
  14. Learning VOPSOP

    Ok cool. Interesting, thanks! What is the best way of bringing a group of points that you custom selected off of a custom model made by hand (poly model) into VOPs?
  15. Learning VOPSOP

    Question. Is there a way to click on a point in the 3d viewport and have it select the point in the details view?