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  1. can I limit the numbers in multiparm block inside edit parameter interface?
  2. Best approach for cloth ?

    Hi, So, It seems like I am in the exact same position with the similar issue, trying to contain a shape of geometry with very high stiffness and its not working even after giving a crazy high values to constraint iteration + substeps + stiffness , and after reading the above posts, I feel like its the same bend resistance attribute (that we dont have I assume), is there any way to control it? grain_stiffness_test.hip
  3. UV transfer on vdb

    Trying to create a uv on a vdb geometry that has been generated from curve points, attribute transfer works fine but there is a seam which I am trying to fix, anyone have any idea how to get rid of the seam. Or anyother way to get the UVs on a vdb surface. Thanks root_uv_prb.hip
  4. Ground cracks and fracture

    Hi guys, I am trying to find out a thread in which someone was discussing and doing ground fractures just like the one embassy guys did in battleship So if anyone remembers the thread please post it below. Thanks.
  5. Australian Edu & Industry

    Hello Everyone Just wanted to know any good university for Masters program which helps FX artist/TD in aus, there is no such university in aus offering any course contain houdini (in their MS program) like universities in UK according to my quick research. i have checked fuelfx, animal logic, rsp and few others, So what are the job & freelance opportunities in australia esp in melbourne & sydney, plus per hr wage of FX artist/TD, if anyone had some experience to share will be helpful and appreciated.
  6. FluidTank Collision with Maya Animation

    there is a check box of deforming objects in static node , hope it could help you plus you have to set collision properties of your animated objects accordingly make your collision properties visible and give it a slight offset distance with a reasonable resolution.
  7. yeah problem solved in 12.5 .. thanks edward
  8. changing the format to hd5f worked but there is no animation left :S
  9. geometry is completely there i ve exported huge ocean simulations before since i upgraded to 13 it gives me this error
  10. yes its 64 bit everything HDD is at NTFS :\
  11. as soon as it reaches 4gb it crashes
  12. i am trying to export my fluid mesh in alembic but getting this error ..... is it because i need to install windows 7 service pack one or i am doing something silly here..
  13. Color Map unable to load Frame range

    Problem solved by promoting parameter
  14. Hi , i want to load a seq of map to emit particles from a color channel , i tried it with vopsop but colormap node says "Cannot have channels which depend on time" is there any alternate way or i am doing something wrong here!!
  15. Flip initial state

    you are suppose to locate .sim file of that specific frame in the Autodopnetwork initial state tab, its working fine in my case