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  1. Direct Modeling HDA

    DM 2.0 has: 1. 'Edit Mesh' menu which is not destructive and you can change values later 2. Modeler tool is fully Stash SOP based. Your geo container will die when you run Modeler tool DM 1.0 has only menu based non destructive modeling
  2. Polyextrude in a loop extrude distance by primitive attribute

    As noted above, it is better to use the local extrude feature. I just wanted to show how to do it in loop. Local extruding (without loop) has better performance.
  3. Polyextrude in a loop extrude distance by primitive attribute

  4. Houdini + ZBrush

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I'll contact you later
  5. Houdini + ZBrush

    Z 1.2 for Houdini with smarter tools: image
  6. Direct Modeling HDA

    Sure, QLight is a part of DM 2.0
  7. Houdini + ZBrush

    Additional features from v1.1: https://vimeo.com/307756474
  8. Direct Modeling HDA

    > Any idea when DM 2.0 is going to be released? Soon
  9. Direct Modeling HDA

    Maybe after the release of DM 2.0, I'll extract the menu to a separate HDA
  10. Direct Modeling HDA

    it is progress, not shame. The menu slows down the modeling, if you really want to model fast
  11. Direct Modeling HDA

    DM 2.0 destructive tool Modeler is hotkey based
  12. Direct Modeling HDA

    Sorry for the late answer. 1. Menu items have been removed for future tools 2. The size of the menu can not be changed 3. I would fix it all, but unfortunately the DM 1.0 functionality is frozen, since I focused on the second version 4. DM 2.0 does not have this menu at all. It has a completely revamped destructive modeling techniques.
  13. Houdini + ZBrush

    Sorry. Please try again
  14. Houdini + ZBrush

    ZBrush live link: https://vimeo.com/306682275
  15. Direct Modeling HDA

    A cheap version of DM 1.0: https://gumroad.com/products/mJKKJ/edit This version has no possibility of updating to the DM 2.0