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  1. Modeler 2020

    Another way is to use the Orient Handle tool (; key) just after the creation of primitive
  2. Modeler 2020

    to create qprimitive or kitbash item in some place just select face(s) before the action
  3. Modeler 2020

    Modeler For Houdini Holiday Discount 50% OFF: https://gum.co/KYCgR/eodfns2
  4. Modeler 2020

    Curves will be improved after the 2021 release. Maybe in 2021.5. Curves should be revisited)
  5. Modeler 2020

    Select edges. Run the Duplicate tool (ctrl+D) to make open faces. Run the Hose tool
  6. Modeler 2020

    You are welcome!
  7. Modeler 2020

    Just update to version >= 18.5.410
  8. Modeler 2020

    By popular demand, I began to record video tutorials on the Modeler's official YouTube channel. Please subscribe to it: https://www.youtube.com/c/ModelersOfficialChannel
  9. Modeler 2020

  10. Modeler 2020

    It works in any version
  11. Transform handles alignment with python in viewport.

    it is not possible in Houdini
  12. Modeler 2020

    Modeler 2020.5 for Houdini is out. This release supports Houdini 18.0 and Houdini 18.5 (both Python2.7 and Python3.7 builds). Free for all customers. https://vimeo.com/473201614
  13. Modeler 2020

    Please wait 1-2 days for the FREE update which will work in H18.0 and H18.5 (both py2 and py3 builds)
  14. Modeler 2020

  15. Modeler 2020

    Hi guys! I need money, so maybe it is the best time to save your money. Modeler for Houdini 50% OFF https://gum.co/KYCgR/i7trzdz