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  1. Modeler 1.0

    Modeler 1.0 for Houdini 50% discount https://gum.co/xKBKM/discount
  2. Modeler 1.0

    Modeler 1.0 for Houdini released! Free for all the DM 2.* users. $70 for the DM 1.* users. https://gum.co/xKBKM What's new: 1. DM now renamed to Modeler 1.0 2. new feature: the DM menu (Z hotkey) has been replaced with a new alignment menu where you can use tools for fast and accurate transformation. The menu includes the whole set of tools for working with a compass, geometry centring, quick flattening with gestures and many other transformation tools. Use the hotkeys for the tools of the old DM menu. 3. new feature: Deform Menu (N hotkey) with lots of interactive deformation tools including a new Lattice tool 4. new feature: MODELER_PICK_STYLE environment variable allows to override Modeler startup selection pick style. Add it to the houdini.env file. Use "Box", "Lasso", "Brush" or "Laser" values, then restart Houdini. 5. new feature: the hard and soft boolean tools are now combined in a new menu called Boolean (J hotkey) 6. new feature: a Fix Curves tool helps get rid of broken lines in open polygons. This helps when beveling corners of open polygons. 7. new feature: a Select Curves tool helps to select open polygons (curves) in the model 8. improvement: now some tools can create curves and process them. For example, the Extrude tool can produce lines from selected points. The Collapse tool can flatten open polygons (curves). The Connect tool can be used to cut a segment between two selected points or connect two open faces. The Push tool now properly moves points in open faces. 9. improvement: the RMB menu of the Push tool has a new item Toggle Connectivity, which allows you to move points, capturing the points of other closed pieces 10. improvement: the Push tool now works slightly faster 11. improvement: the Push tool can now slide point with Ctrl+MMB 12. improvement: the mouse and keyboard shortcuts of the Push tool have been completely redone 13. improvement: if nothing is selected, the Hose tool searches for all the curves in the current geometry 14. improvement: a Group parm added to the Hose Tool. Can be used in conjunction with a result of the Duplicate tool 15. improvement: Hose now creates straight edges tube if the Resample Curve set to zero value 16. improvement: Geometry Library renamed to KitBash and works only as the python panel 17. improvement: KitBash replace feature now doesn't update the item icon 18. improvement: Tools Panel now has a new category KitBash with tools for working with the library items. Now you can create, save, overwrite and update icons faster, without actually working in the KitBash panel 19. improvement: volatile edge sliding now does not require explicit movement of the mouse pointer to the edges 20. improvement: volatile edge sliding now can be used to slide points and faces 21. improvement: Fix Overlaps can now use face groups 22. improvement: Duplicate applied to edges now creates a curve in the current geometry object 23. improvement: the Resymmetry tool now works slightly better. The Tollerance parameter is no longer saved between nodes (). This allows you to not change the position of the seam points. 24. improvement: mouse wheel manipulation in various tools has been improved 25. improvement: new simple box type has been added to the QPrimitive HDA 26. improvement: Tools Panel now has a more logical structure for faster access to popular tools 27. improvement: the Modeler shelf was fully revisited 28. improvement: the Walk History Up and Walk History Down tools (Up and Down hotkeys) now work more interactively when traveling through nodes with more than one input or output. 29. improvement: the Select By Shells tools was replaced with a new Convert To Shells tool (Ctrl+1) 30. improvement: double-clicking with LMB in the viewport is completely revisited. Now you can jump to objects level by double-clicking LMB in an empty space. Clicking on a geometry allows you to quickly switch between objects. If you are in a certain state, double-clicking activates the selection mode. All these improvements speed up the modeling process. 31. improvement: the deformation tools (Size, Ramp, View) now have the fixed blend feature. The transition between the deformable points and the undeformable part looks more correct. 32. fix: Hose now orients rings copies correctly 33. fix: Slice, Mirror and Cut tools now set correct geometry center on tool activation 34. fix: JumpUp and JumpDown tools does not work when Compass is active 35. fix: QLight now works properly if you run it from the orthographic viewport 36. fix: sometimes camera movement with Alt did not work after a mouse click 37. Lots of tools have changed hotkeys. Look at Tools Panel for more details. 38. Python code has been revisited 39. Documentation has become more detailed 40. Overall speed improvement 41. Other improvements Works only in Houdini 18. Use build >= 18.0.346
  3. Modeler 1.0

    1. the price was so constant 2. I working on video
  4. Modeler 1.0

    No, it works only in H18
  5. Modeler 1.0

    Free for all the DM 2.0 and 2.1 users. $70 for the DM 1.5 users
  6. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    1. Integrate Solids++ library 2. Improve viewport render - AA, AO, PBR, etc. 3. More polygon tools
  7. Direct Modeling HDA

    I'm glad to introduce my new asset for Houdini 16.0 / 16.5.
  8. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    1. NURBS 2. Curves 3. Slowly remove DOP context. Let us do all dynamic geometry actions in the "geometric" SOP context. Nice start in H18 with rbdsolver as SOP
  9. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    @LaidlawFX You have add more global wishes and this is normal. But then people started fantasizing about smaller things, not suspecting that maybe they were already added
  10. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Guys, why are you adding wishes without an actual release? This is not ethical
  11. Direct Modeling HDA

    The DM 2 production build has been updated to 2.1 Full list of changes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DT7LgJQq6_7nkynaAWuk_A3aZtqBDp5q&fbclid=IwAR3zdMOUJa3Rca4i9ifPMv2Db9TAmcyom9bpcPcH5QFwFzOQ882Tc49hvgo
  12. Scene View Message

    scene_viewer = hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer) scene_viewer.setPromptMessage('')
  13. Direct Modeling HDA

    7 days discount! https://gum.co/xKBKM/dm2_7days_discount
  14. Direct Modeling HDA

    > thank you Alexey. I was confused at first. Any chance of tutorials on this? I am still somewhat new to Houdini. Anyway it is my fault Currently working on a few new simple features for 2.0. Next step is adding new videos
  15. Direct Modeling HDA

    bobc4d, exactly. It was fully revamped and was not a simple update. Yes, I know it is confusion, but I'm not a swindler. Given the time I spend on developing the DM, I’m practically not earning anything with Gumroad and work on enthusiasm. Really, after talking with some people who do not understand the essence of the problem, I generally want to close the sale on Gumroad. Then I will not have to prove anything to anyone. PS People, who work in DM, do not bother at all, but only enjoy using it...
  16. Direct Modeling HDA

    Just try to compare 1.0 and 1.5
  17. Direct Modeling HDA

    The problem is that DM 1.5 was that great relase A HUGE UPDATE (former DM 2.0). It has a new Modeler paradigm. So, why you so cruel?
  18. Direct Modeling HDA

    I wrote, for example, "DM 1.5 is coming" on FB Houdini for Artists group more then 6 months ago
  19. Direct Modeling HDA

    Given the HUGE amount of work done and many unslept nights, it’s foolish to blame me for not having business skills I'm going to say this one last time: Once, while working on 2.0, I decided to test how DM 1.0 works in Houdini 17.0. It worked with lots of bugs in the latest updates. Therefore, I decided to post the new version faster. Just at that time, it was announced about the release of Houdini 17.5. So I decided to rename future 2.0 to 1.5
  20. Direct Modeling HDA

  21. Direct Modeling HDA

    You sick
  22. Direct Modeling HDA

    So, now you know that you don't right. Maybe you have to delete this anomal post
  23. Direct Modeling HDA

    DM 2 for Houdini released! Product link: https://gum.co/xKBKM What's new: General changes: 1. Soft Boolean 2.0: 1.1. Revamped core 1.2. Revamped UI 1.3. Better fillet build algorithm 1.4. Smart normals allows to get very nice models without tweaks 1.5. Faster then Soft Boolean 1.*, despite it always builds normals 1.6. Different analyzation modes 2. Insert Mesh 2.0 now uses smart normals, which leads to much cleaner results 3. Geometry Library 2.0 allows to save models with materials 4. Lots of DM HDAs fixes Modeler 2.0: 1. Edge Flow can be used to set flow for selected edges or using, previously inserted, multiply edge loops 2. Push tool now highlights edge under the mouse pointer, which leads to much stable use of RMB menu tools 3. Push tool can set flow for highlighted edge or loop 4. Flatten menu (Alt+F) now uses gestures. It is a very fast way to flatten components by left, right, top or bottom directions 5. You can now convert selected edges to loops with A+RMB hotkey 6. Align view is now works like in 3dCoat or ZBrush. Press Shift while rotating the viewport camera 7. ToolsPanel (Spacebar key) has now a "Custom" section - a place where you can use custom scripts or stock Houdini tools 8. "Relax Selection" tool, applied to edges, now uses a new Smooth Edges HDA. It allows to smooth selected edges as separate curves 9. More uses of mouse wheel in some modeling states 10. Extrude tool can now extrude edges in screen space or using Shift and Ctrl to move by the best axis 11. Selector is a powerful fast way to select geometry by features like, component normal or vertex count etc 12. "Pick Duplicate Material" tool can be used to quickly select material from face and assign it's copy 13. Extrude and MoveExtrude tools are now combined 14. Inset tool removed, use Extrude instead 15. Modeler menu now has more tools 16. Some hotkeys changes Modeler Topo: 1. New tools category "Topo" 2. Can be used to quickly create retopology of high-poly models 3. Use any of modeling tool and finish edits with a Project tool 4. Special red cursor indicates that you are in Topo mode 5. Native retopology tools are now better integrated into Modeler and Modeler menu 6. F1-F6 keys can be used to switch between TopoBuild SOP modes without actual state activation 7. Special TopoStripe tool can speedup retopology stage with drawing ribbons and circles Modeler UVs: 1. New tools category "UV" 2. "UV Auto Flatten" HDA automatically creates UV map. Can be used in combination with Unwrap and UV Layout tool 3. Unwrap HDA 3.0 is now integrated to the Modeler mode. Use Ctrl+RMB or Connect tool (V) to pick edges without needs for pressing buttons in the Parameters pane 4. Connect tool (V), called in UV viewport, sew edges interactively 5. MMB, Shift+MMB, Ctrl+MMB can be used to transform UVs quickly 6. Flatten menu (Alt+F) can be used to flatten UVs by left, right, top or bottom directions
  24. Direct Modeling HDA

    Set Flow SOP preview: 1. https://vimeo.com/347248950 2. https://vimeo.com/347476024
  25. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Ability to highlight geometry components in SOP HDAs without using extra groups