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  1. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    At the moment hou.SceneViewer.enterCurrentNodeState() kill undo queue. It would be good to fix this behavior
  2. Random link of interest

  3. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    1. Fix PolyBridge multi selection issue from sneak peek 2. Event system. Please give us any solution to catch 'tool changed' or 'something selected' and others 3. Get viewport as QtGui.QWidget
  4. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    1. Wireframe visibility when subdivide mode activated ('+' / '-'). This is good for look up a model better https://youtu.be/lO4PnJdbE-w?t=5m25s 2. Auto Symmetry object parameter with selection axis.
  5. Random link of interest

    I will release it after H15 release.
  6. Random link of interest

  7. Random link of interest

  8. Random link of interest

  9. morient in python

    Hi. I`m looking for a python equivalent to morient expression function
  10. morient in python

  11. morient in python

    Thanx ! I have 3 perpendicular vectors and I want to get rotation to that "axis system". The most simple form to get it is using hou.hscriptVectorExpression to get 3 angles from morient expr. So I just want to see most elegant (python) way ) EDIT: x, y, z = hou.hscriptVectorExpression(''' { matrix mat=morient(vector3(%f, %f, %f), vector3(%f, %f, %f)); return vector3(explodematrix( mat, "SRT", "XYZ", "RX" ), explodematrix( mat, "SRT", "XYZ", "RY" ), explodematrix( mat, "SRT", "XYZ", "RZ" )); }''' % (dir_y[0], dir_y[1], dir_y[2], dir_z[0],dir_z[1],dir_z[2]) )
  12. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    In sneak peek I see primitives items in Edit SOP stil ignore soft radius. It is bad for new multiselection tweaking with Edit SOP.
  13. Random link of interest

  14. Houdini 15 Sneak Peek

    oslo, nice question for SIGGRAPH
  15. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    1. Soft moving of primitives in Edit SOP 2. Event system ('selectionChanged', 'toolChanged', etc) 3. More poly tools
  16. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    1. symmetry selection 2. action center for modeling operations 3. improved sculpting 4. good splines
  17. Poly slice like in Modo

  18. Poly slice like in Modo

    You can select paralel edges with 'A' key as well as a consecutive edges. This is universal hotkey for selecting loops and rings.
  19. Convert shape to square

    Hi. I need to convert this shape to perfect square with same orientation. Any ideas?.. http://i.imgur.com/ZRSZ366.png to_square.hipnc
  20. Convert shape to square

    This is very subjective 'Fix Rotation' will need for some irregular selections. What is faster? Select destination point or toggle checkbox to automatically rotate shape a bit... I have to think!
  21. Convert shape to square

    Override divisions already in my TODO list At least I dont want to correct rotation manually like in Mode. Just "Fix Rotation" checkbox in some cases. I think this tool more accurate. Also it will be controled via Qt events in the viewport to speedup some things...
  22. Convert shape to square

  23. Convert shape to square

  24. Which Linux for Maya and Houdini?

    You can try Linux Mint. It is very user friendly, especially for ex-windows users. It is Ubuntu based, but many peoples think that Mint more accurate and stable.
  25. Convert shape to square

    1. https://youtu.be/DQQZVS_X2Jw 2. https://youtu.be/IEXoxkTnEY8