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  1. Deprecated modeling node

    Hi. I once heard that old versions of houdini has some node for destructive modeling, that was hidden in next releases. Is it possible to try it in H14? Or where i can get some info about that? I`ll try ophide command, but it doesn`t show any useful SOP.
  2. Convert shape to square

    Yes . It almost finished.
  3. Convert shape to square

    I still would like to see your solution in the form of a scene. It is very interesting
  4. Convert shape to square

    I don`t need square any more. But any way thanx!!! SOLVED
  5. Convert shape to square

    This is my solution for circle: circle.hip
  6. Convert shape to square

    It is very funny I need this square to get perfect circle in next stage, and you offered me to get circle first So another question: How to get perfect circle from any 4-corner polygon? Unfortunatelly Convert SOP can create non-proportional circle...
  7. Convert shape to square

    Also source shape can be not so flat. In this situation bound SOP with orientation give me oriented not flat box, that not so good...
  8. Convert shape to square

    I need square, but not rectangle . For example with same perimeter
  9. User Driven Input for Generating Curves

    Any chance to promote Paint SOP for example?
  10. Fix points positions like in example

    Hi. I need to fix point positions procedurally like in this image: http://i.imgur.com/BJGvReX.png Any ideas? fix_pts.hipnc
  11. Fix points positions like in example

    Thanx. In your example result point is aproximation between neighbour0 and neighbour3. I need some sliding from neighbour N1 to N2, like in image: http://i.imgur.com/WpcUQi4.png I know how to build correct normals. But I dont understand how to calculate valid distance to move point.
  12. Skin with smooth transition

    Hi. i want to produse acurate procedural skin (sweep, bridge). I want to get smooth trasition between two faces. Like in this image http://i.imgur.com/Z37FK9d.png I tried skin, sweep, bridge, loft, copy SOPs and it combinations, but the result is not acurate as I need. All I get is good smooth curve between faces. But how to connect faces with the same topologies but with different shapes. Any ideas?.. test scene: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75376916/sweep.hipnc
  13. Skin with smooth transition

    Thanx any way!!!
  14. Skin with smooth transition

    Please try to rotate one of two poly islands. You can see invalid orientation...
  15. Skin with smooth transition

    Also i think in your example we can use simple blendshape (centered) connected to copy node. This blendshape will give blend factor from stamping (copy node). We don`t need trail, timeshift, attribcreate, attribpromote and delete SOPs. Am I right?
  16. Skin with smooth transition

    Skybar, nice solution. I also used blendshape for copy profile. But look at this http://i.imgur.com/MzSvppm.png I think in this situation we need to rotate profile on curve. But I dont undestand how to mix blended shape with rotation on curve (after polyframe for example)
  17. Skin with smooth transition

  18. Random link of interest

  19. Random link of interest

  20. Random link of interest

  21. Random link of interest

  22. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    Floating Panel: resize to fit contents HOM function
  23. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    Qt widget node parameter type with ability to edit code
  24. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    Move to python 3.x