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  1. Get polygons in VEX

    I have some geometry with a few number of color polygon pieces. In VEX we can simply detect this polys by color attribute value. But I need to detect only single color piece (by poly number for example). So I want to see something like connectivity\partition but in VEX implementation. Any ideas?
  2. Get polygons in VEX

    petz, thanx! i will try it
  3. Get polygons in VEX

    Thanx pezetko, very useful example with good description. You are the best!
  4. Get polygons in VEX

    yeah, i know this simple brutforce way, but not sure if it's speed is good for me. yersteday i will try it in action
  5. Get polygons in VEX

    I doesn't generate any ids. i get polygon from selection in my script, it doesn`t matter. Than i need to create group with that red island. In other words I want to get color island from single polygon
  6. Get polygons in VEX

    mantragora, in this case partition SOP will create 3 groups: 1. white prims 2. red (2 islands) 3. blue So, red group still contain 2 islands. I need only one (from prim id=840 for example). How to separate this island?
  7. Get polygons in VEX

    Good example. But i need this: http://i.imgur.com/M8eRdDH.png As you can see prim with id=840 have a red color in red island. Also this geometry has other red piece. I need only prims in red island form prim with id=840. Sorry for bad topic description Still have a bad english
  8. Get polygons in VEX

    magneto any simple example of using findattribval?
  9. Get polygons in VEX

    Thanx for reply! Need some fast solution to detect color poly patches on geometry without deleting geometry (connectivity/partition). Of course we can add attribute with connectivity SOP, delete other pieces and detect what piece of this color we need. But it slow. I need fast solution for interactive tools.
  10. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    submited. Thanx!
  11. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    ayidi +1 or simplest form: QApplication.selectionChanged.connect( my_script )
  12. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    Houdini have a good HOM node event system. So, we must have global event system, like scriptJobs in Maya. With events enums like this: 1. SelectionChanged 2. Save\Open Scene and etc... 3. SnapPositionActivated. When you move mouse to snapped position (before move geo to it) 4. StateChanged 5. SelectionStateChanged. When selection state options (and change components type also) changed. 6. UndoPreformed 7. RedoPerformed 8. HighlightedChanged. When prehighlighted component (under cursor) changed 9. And others Personally I dont like AD innovations in Maya, but I like Alias|Wavefront Maya scriptJob feature. PS: I must be crazy, but it's very simple to implement this also in 14.0.* with Qt . For example you (guys from dev team) can emit Qt signal when this trivial simple events occurs. In my (user) scripts I can simply connect this signals with callbacks. IMO it is very simple and modern
  13. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    1. Save multi snapping state 2. Controlling multi snapping state from HOM 3. Multi component selection 4. Getting geometry (not world) position with viewport coordinates 5. Get pre-selection highligted comp from python 6. Slide points (edges) node\tool 7. Bridge tool 8. Inserting edge loops with flow (with smooth interpolation) 9. Getting main-widget and viewport as QtGui.QWidget with HOM 10. Optionally hide invisible (backface) components from snapping 11. Soft preview in Edit SOP like in SoftTransform\SoftPreak SOP 12. Remove rotate from indirect manipulation with MMB in multi-type (move, rotate, scale) transform nodes 13. Tweak tool
  14. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    No, thanx
  15. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    mantragora, widget that i showed in my video is not a marking menu. AD has patent for marking menus Anyway, this widget is for show command items near the mouse for faster interaction. It is more like this http://youtu.be/NSfyqDWOYG4?t=2m. It does not have any submenus (like in maya marking menus). And It`s just UI and of cource can be changed in future.
  16. Some Qt questions

    Hi, dear SESI team !!! Python Panel is very good addition to Houdini, but: 1. How to set main houdini widget as parent of my own widget? 2. I installed eventfilter to main widget for monitoring Qt ui behaviour. And i saw that not all events can catch. For example, Leave event (when we go to other top level widget). I dont understand why Leave event not generated in this case 3. As I understood, Qt draw Houdini old-style UI system, and we can`t add for example QPushButton to main window. Or maybe this can changed in future releases --- Also, I think that we need some identification method of main Houdini widget via PySide. For example, in Maya we can filter widget via objectName (QtGui.QWidget.objectName). In HDK I can get it with RE_QtWindow::mainQtWindow() Thanks for any details about Qt... --- PS Look at this level of PyQt\PySide intervention What do you think? Best regards...
  17. Some Qt questions

    Please delete this post, because it is already at sidefx.com
  18. What if...

    With HDK it is not possible to implement new handles
  19. What if...

    Maybe you just need to explain this example from start to end? It is very necessary for modelling tools http://vimeo.com/66022328
  20. What if...

    HDK tutorial
  21. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    If polycomponents preselection highlight exists in version 14, SESI, please give us simple way to get it from python. It would be cool for python tools
  22. Quick align viewport view

  23. After using, for example, PolyExtrude Tool we can select polyextrude node and it will highlight components (prims or edges) automatically. This is normal houdini sop-tool behaviour. But after creating polyextrude node manually in script and setting it group parm we cant show components. Is it possible to highlight them? At now, in my script tools, i can highlight components with temporary creating group node (after polyextrude) and work with it. But this is not good solution. Please help me.
  24. Highlighting components in script. Attempt number two )

    Thanx mantragora, but i need to highlight comps in existing standard houdini nodes (polyextrude, polybevel ...). Cant find any python solutions like mc.select('pCube1.f[0]') in Maya
  25. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    1. Drag by Screen X handle - simple change value by dragging, like Peak handle, but with screen X normal 2. Drag by Screen Y handle