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  1. Non Procedural Modeling

    some quick test http://s30.postimg.org/5byzsnuwf/2014_08_03_040006_1600x900_scrot.png all done without nodes
  2. Non Procedural Modeling

  3. Call HDA Tool from script

    I can add tools for my HDA in Type Properties/Tools section. After than i can use it in shelf anf TAB-menus. But how to explicitly call this script from my custom python functions?
  4. Call HDA Tool from script

    This soptoolutils.genericTool({}, 'walls') \ soptoolutils.genericTool({'toolname', 'sop_walls'}, 'walls') runs tool in generic manner and script doesn`t execute. what the way?
  5. Selector behaviour

    My HDA add selector in PreFirstCreate callback like this: omsbind -t sop walls:group points "Components for walls" "Select points" 0 1 poly nurbcurve 0 "" 0 Works good. But if i don`t select any point in viewer (and press Enter) it raise error, because nothing was selected. Is it possible to tell selector that nothing_selected=all_selected and bypass selection error ?
  6. There is dihedral vex and hscriptExpression functions to calculate rotations. How to rotate for example from (0,-1,0) to (0,1,0), when angle between vectors is 180°. I can parse vangle hscriptExpression function result with if statement, but what is correct decision ?
  7. Rotate from (0,1,0) to (0,-1,0) with dihedral

    Thank you very much!
  8. Build spline with wrangle

    Hi. I have 4 knot point (red line in picture) and i want to build catmull-rom spline between them (green line) with wrangle sop. There are many vex functions like spline, kspline etc and i can`t find really useful example. So what the best way to build this spline in loop? Also i want to use subdivision samples in code to produce equal distances between points in green line. http://s23.postimg.org/5b3zgx8nt/2014_07_16_141836_1600x900_scrot.png
  9. PyQt Single Instance

    There are many ways to do that. So, give me open.ui file for testing it
  10. PyQt Single Instance

    1. I this case there is no difference between PySide and PyQt4. 2. For linux there is some situations where you need to setup your window manager for WindowStaysOnTopHint. 3. I never used uic and Designer for build ui - just manually layouting controls. It is my firm position 4. This solution works well for me and my linux desktop. But you can also try this http://paulwinex.blogspot.com/2014/06/pyside-helper-for-houdini.html
  11. PyQt Single Instance

    And this is example: http://youtu.be/WEW95Yu_Ijs
  12. PyQt Single Instance

    import hou from PySide import QtCore as qtc from PySide import QtGui as qtg #---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- try: app = qtg.QApplication(['houdini']) except: app = qtg.QApplication.instance() event_loop = qtc.QEventLoop() #---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- def qt_callback(): if not ctl.isVisible(): try: hou.ui.removeEventLoopCallback( qt_callback ) except: pass event_loop.processEvents() app.sendPostedEvents(None, 0) #---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ctl = None def show( ctl_ ): global ctl ctl = ctl_ ctl.show() hou.ui.addEventLoopCallback( qt_callback ) #---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- button_widget = qtg.QPushButton('Hello World !!!') button_widget.clicked.connect( button_widget.hide ) button_widget.setWindowFlags( qtc.Qt.FramelessWindowHint | qtc.Qt.WindowStaysOnTopHint ) show(button_widget) 1. This simple one-widget solution use one QApplication instance. 2. You can connect clicked button signal to hide widget. Hide widget with no parents leads to finish script
  13. MAYA VS Houdini

    I used it near 14 years. Thanx to AD she is DEAD (Hello XSI users)
  14. MAYA VS Houdini

    Maya is dead
  15. Non Procedural Modeling

    Thanx ) snapping by 2 points: http://youtu.be/-rrfE_2DyGg
  16. PointWrangle Runtime

    I use PointWrangleSOP to place my geo on the floor via selected polygon. Code is: vector center() { float xx[]; float yy[]; float zz[]; for (int i = 0; i < primvertexcount(geoself(), PRIM_NUMBER); i++) { int pt = vertexpoint( geoself(), vertexindex(geoself(),PRIM_NUMBER, i) ); vector pt_pos = point(geoself(), "P", pt); xx[i] = pt_pos.x; yy[i] = pt_pos.y; zz[i] = pt_pos.z; } return set( avg(xx), avg(yy), avg(zz) ); } vector prim_normal = prim_normal(geoself(), PRIM_NUMBER, 0, 0); vector to_vector = { 0, -1, 0 }; matrix3 mat = dihedral(prim_normal, to_vector); vector pos = @P - center(); @P = pos * mat; Is it good to place user function that get static polygon center at runtime ? Whether function will be defined on each iteration (through each point) or once ? Or maybe i need to add this center via expression to spare parm ?
  17. Non Procedural Modeling

    some weld tools and use wranglers (point\attrib) as main blocks for new tools. http://youtu.be/d3uBe1dUe1s
  18. PointWrangle Runtime

    while I decided to use AttrbibWrangleSOP with details class to run calculation just once.
  19. Non Procedural Modeling

    A bit of alignment and some tools like bridgeedges... http://youtu.be/IcE356UkYyc
  20. PointWrangle Runtime

    thanx. Where did you find info about "once per 1024 points" ?
  21. Non Procedural Modeling

  22. Non Procedural Modeling

  23. Setup Manipulators With Python

    Is it possible to set some options for standard manipulators. For example, manipulator orientation (Scree, Global, etc..) for Move Tool ?
  24. Remove reference with Python

    I have two connected parameters. Expression with reference on to other. What is python equivalent to 'Delete Channels' in RMB menu ? How to remove reference from parm ?
  25. setCurrent and setSelected ?

    what is differences between sop setCurrent and setSelected methods ?