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  1. setCurrent and setSelected ?

  2. Remove reference with Python

    Hm... I tried deleteAllKeyframes but it also disconnects parms from selectors in sops
  3. How to get mouse coordinates in the viewport?

    Good offer
  4. How to get mouse coordinates in the viewport?

    Yes. Why? Maybe because it doesn`t selecting when you clicking - it is only for dragging
  5. Geometry Point under the mouse

    I can find primitive under the mouse with MouseCHOP. Now i wat to find closest point at this primitive. The problem is that nearpoint expression function return near point to viewport plane. As the result I can find valid point number in flat grid and via one of ortho views. How to properly find closest point ? I have to consider direction (in my code) returned by mapToWorld. But How ? import hou, toolutils cur_viewport = toolutils.sceneViewer().curViewport() # CURRENT VIEWPORT mx, my = hou.evalParmTuple("/obj/geo1/dm1/core/mouse") # THIS IS PATH TO MOUSE-CHOP vx, vy = v.mapFromMouseChop(mx,my) # GET VIEWPORT COORDINATES direction, position =v.mapToWorld(vx,vy) # CONVERT VIEWPORT TO WORLD COORDINATES node = cur_viewport.queryNodeAtPixel(vx, vy) # NODE AT WORLD COORDINATES if node is not None: prim = v.queryPrimAtPixel( node, vx, vy ) # PRIM AT WORLD COORDINATES hou.hscriptExpression( 'nearpoint("{}",{},{},{})'.format(node.path(), position[0], position[1], position[2]) ) # POINT NUMBER
  6. Geometry Point under the mouse

    Thanx, i`ll try it
  7. How to get mouse coordinates in the viewport?

    Dmitry Shurov look at this simple example:http://youtu.be/L7i0AaezN-4
  8. How to get mouse coordinates in the viewport?

    When your tool is active, you can temporary create CHOP subnet with MouseCHOP inside and work with mapFromMouseChop. Also you can hide subnet node when tool is active.
  9. External Editors for editing python scripts

    And you are right. reloading module is a fastest way
  10. External Editors for editing python scripts

    what about 5-10 lines of python expression. i need to create file with module for this?
  11. External Editors for editing python scripts

    Not so difficult. for me it is: 1. focus code field 2. alt+e twice 3. edit code 4. ctrl+w+enter 5. click on accept button in internal editor strages It doesn`t work with sublime 3, but it works with sublime 2
  12. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    it seems to me that it is impossible with python
  13. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    No one:) But maya has better class\members description
  14. Houdini 14 Wishlist

  15. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    Hscript expressions a bit faster than python expressions. But Python more powerful
  16. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    Working in one context to modify geometry, like animation with expressions, VEX, etc in SOP context. Just modify geometry shape with time in one place (all nodes on a look). For this purpose it isn't obligatory to move dynamic operations to separate container, especially for not very large sims.
  17. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    Tweak-like state with preselection highlighting of components would be good. eXSI users i think you need it
  18. I have 2 HDK questions: 1. how to get primitive\vertex\point\edge under the mouse pointer? 2. how to highlight this component with opengl? I can only get primitive under the pointer with hou.GeometryViewport.queryPrimAtPixel and hou.GeometryViewport.mapFromMouseChop. But i need hdk solutions. There are very low info for this . I see DM_VPortAgent.singlePickObject method, but i dont understand how to work with render hooks
  19. highlight geometry component under the mouse

  20. Autodesk kills off Softimage

    What kind of optimisations we need to modeling like this ? I think we simply need custom state(s) in Houdini. IMO the speed of viewport is good for this kind of operations.
  21. highlight geometry component under the mouse

    Whether someone can build MSS_CustomBrushState HDK example in Linux ? I tried gcc-4.8.2 and gcc-4.6.4. All examples builds normally and work, except several custom state examples. I so much need to deal with it Thanx...
  22. highlight geometry component under the mouse

    Help me please http://youtu.be/fMBiz-APzHQ What im doing wrong ?
  23. highlight geometry component under the mouse

    Flatten sop example works well
  24. highlight geometry component under the mouse

    11003: Fatal error: Segmentation fault (sent by pid 0) Saving application data to /tmp/crash.untitled.alexey_11003.hip Crash log saved to /tmp/crash.untitled.alexey_11003_log.txt Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion it is with custom HOUDINI_UI_APP_PATH var. After i seted it error with ui file was gone
  25. highlight geometry component under the mouse

    At now id dont think that it is problem with ui file but it also crash with this log: Crash report from alexey; Houdini FX Version 13.0.338 [linux-x86_64-gcc4.6] Traceback from Sun Mar 2 20:10:43 2014 Caught signal 11 AP_Interface::coreDumpChaser(UTsignalHandlerArg) <libHoudiniUI.so> AP_Interface::si_CrashHandler::chaser(UTsignalHandlerArg) <libHoudiniUI.so> signalCallback(UTsignalHandlerArg) <libHoudiniUT.so> UT_Signal::UT_ComboSignalHandler::operator()(int, siginfo*, void*) const <libHoudiniUT.so> UT_Signal::processSignal(int, siginfo*, void*) <libHoudiniUT.so> killpg <libc.so.6> PI_ResourceManager::getBindingSelectors(OP_Operator*) const <libHoudiniPRM.so> MSS_SingleOpState::findNextParmWithSelector(int) const <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> MSS_SingleOpState::handleSelectorDone(UI_Event*) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> BM_SingleOpState::generate(BM_SimpleState::BM_EntryType, bool) <libHoudiniAPPS2.so> MSS_SingleOpState::generate(BM_SimpleState::BM_EntryType, bool) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> BM_OpStateControl::enterState(BM_State*, BM_OpStateEntry) <libHoudiniAPPS2.so> BM_OpStateControl::setCurrentState(char const*, int, BM_OpStateEntry, BM_SceneManager*) <libHoudiniAPPS2.so> HOMF_SceneViewer::setCurrentState(char const*, bool) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> _wrap_SceneViewer_setCurrentState <_hou.so> PyEval_EvalFrameEx <libpython2.7.so.1.0> PyEval_EvalCodeEx <libpython2.7.so.1.0> PyEval_EvalFrameEx <libpython2.7.so.1.0> PyEval_EvalCodeEx <libpython2.7.so.1.0> PyEval_EvalCode <libpython2.7.so.1.0> PY_CompiledCode::evaluateUsingDicts(PY_Result::Type, void*, void*, PY_Result&) const <libHoudiniUT.so> SHLF_Tool::execute(SHLF_ExecContext const&) <libHoudiniAPPS2.so> OPUI_ToolHandler::handleToolEvent(UI_Event*) <libHoudiniAPPS2.so> UI_Queue::processNextEvent() <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Queue::drain() <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Queue::eventLoop() <libHoudiniUI.so> main <libHoudiniUI.so> __libc_start_main <libc.so.6> [0x1bd7] <houdinifx-bin>