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  1. position and size of current viewport

    Why your example does not work for me? import inlinecpp mymodule = inlinecpp.createLibrary( name='test', includes="#include <RE/RE_window.h>", function_sources=[ ''' int windowCount() { auto list = r->getWindowList(); auto count = list->getNumWindows(); return count; } ''']) print mymodule.windowCount()[/CODE] what is [b]r[/b] object? And also forum formatting changed [b]RE/RE_window.h[/b] to [b]RE/RE_window.h[/b]
  2. position and size of current viewport

    I work on maya<>houdini pipeline tool and want to snap maya viewport on top of houdini viewport from python script So, when maya get focus i want to update its widget geometry
  3. Linux h13.0.238 - maya plugin works well.
  4. Valid groups rename

    My node have 2 input geometries with groups: #1: group1, group2 #2: group1 I need to auto rename groups from #2 geometry with valid index. So in this example i need: #1: group1, group2 #2: group3 Numbers in names of all groups (#1, #2) have to be considered.
  5. Houdini 13 Released!

    At now, linux version crash when you press "Tab" in any tiling window manager. I tried wmfs,i3,dwm. In fluxbox work fine . Version
  6. Houdini 13 Released!

    What happened with orbolt? Its not workin more than one day.
  7. Houdini 13 Released!

    Quick alembic playback test. h12.5 vs h13. Very good release! http://youtu.be/KOuEdw33y18
  8. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    it is subconscious thirst of an hq-viewport in houdini http://youtu.be/LGHGQVAFb2M
  9. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    + normal components highlighting + fast modification of selected components + paint-like selection + some tweak(drag) like tool + not_constrained_to_manipulator transform (like mmb transform in maya) + ...
  10. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    But houdini is a big program. We need some improvements. For me - in modeling. I dont want to use Maya|Modo with Houdini. But I love their interactions with viewport and ofcourse customization in this sence. Maybe its only unrealizable dreams. Maybe sometime. Still hoping ) Personally me transition to Qt interests first of all, because after that we can add everything self, imho...
  11. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    5. Remove default contexts (/obj, /shop etc...) - just root '/' - but its only theoretical imaginations PS. About Qt. AD moved maya to Qt interface. houdini has more simple ui paradigm - its not so difficult, imho...
  12. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    1. Move to Qt framework 2. python 2.7 3. More python integration 4. More powerfull viewport
  13. I want to store files in my asset to access them via opdef: For textures(pictures) it work well? but not for models (obj, abc, ...) How to solve this. I simple want to store my models in asset
  14. Is it possible to export materials from maya to houdini with alembic via custom attributes. In my maya-script i have: 1. List of materials - ['blinn1', 'lambert1'] 2. List off materials ID for each face - [0,0,1,0,1,1] With this script i can split any mesh in maya. But I need to have in houdini geometry from alembic and two prim groups (for this simple example) --> 'blinn1' = 0, 1, 3; 'lambert1' = 2, 4, 5 At now i can add custom attr to shape setAttr "pCubeShape1.matID" -type "Int32Array" 0 0 1 0 1 1[/CODE] and replicate groups in houdini. But maybe it is other methods to normal export materials facesets from maya to houdini
  15. Alembic ROP problem

    1. I had 3 animated fractured objects. If export all objects with Alembic ROP it works well. 2. But i need export ObjectMerge SOP where this objects are stored. In this situation export fails and Alembic ROP give me warning: What i need to do for export ObjectMerge SOP? scene - http://dl.dropbox.co...ured_export.hip
  16. AlembicSOP bug

    It is problem with AlembicSOP. I think it is bug. 1. All meshes with hard edges exported from Maya = in AlembicSOP have valid normals 2. All meshes with soft edges exported from Maya = in AlembicSOP have valid normals 3. Meshes with hard edges + soft meshes exported from Maya = in AlembicSOP soft meshes have not normal attributes, but hard are OK In other words If i export multiply meshes from maya where it is hard and soft meshes at once - in houdini soft meshes have not normal attributes If all meshes are hard or all meshes are soft - normals valid How to fix, if it possible ? Sory for bad english
  17. Hi, guys. I have serious problem with alembic. 1. It is AlembicArchive object node with heavy geometry 2. If I press button "Build or Update Hierarchy" it updates very fast 3. But if I want update in my python code - it is very slow It behaves equally if I call function, for example: node=hou.node('/obj/alembicarchive1'); node.hdaModule().BuildHierarchyRoot(node)[/CODE] or press button in my code: [CODE]hou.node('/obj/alembicarchive1').parm('buildHierarchy').pressButton()[/CODE] It updates very slowly. I think it is problem with hom implementation or _alembic_hom_extension module that AlembicArchive used. How do you think???
  18. AlembicArchive very slow update from python code

    Guys, can any one replicate same problem? I wand to send bugreport. My conf: gentoo linux ~amd64, houdini-12.1.230 x64 gcc-4.4
  19. AlembicArchive very slow update from python code

    Yes. with hscript it works well, but not from python. And its not only from Python shell, but also from scripts. As i understand, any function in hdaModule called outside from asset, works slow. Sometimes i need call python functions of asset from different places - pythonShell \ functions in other sub assets etc.
  20. AlembicArchive very slow update from python code

    Simple example. This is my asset: If i press butoon Test - it works well. But if I write something like: hou.node('/obj/myasset').parm('Test').pressButton() - it works very slow. Why ? What I`m doing wrong?
  21. AlembicArchive very slow update from python code

    All functions called out from node.hdaModule() \ nodebuttons work ~10 times slower (
  22. AlembicArchive very slow update from python code

    Im doing something wrong, because its not only with AlembicArtchive. All functions manually pressed works very faster than calls in code Pleaze help me.
  23. pane geometry

    Is it possible to get pane geometry - x,y,width,height ?