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  1. pane geometry

    Is it possible to get pane geometry - x,y,width,height ?
  2. Alembic ROP problem

    Yes, it really not correctly exports Mesh-type geometry with topology changed in time. But strangeness that at a normal method (not ObjectMerge SOP) everything is normal Any ideas?
  3. Alembic ROP problem

    Strange. If i set sphere type as PolygonMesh (not Mesh) it works well )
  4. Alembic ROP problem

    Also, as you can see, animation stoped when any object contact witth ground and fractured. In other words the first contact spoils an alembic. Edit: With 2 objects it is different situations when everything normally...
  5. Alembic ROP problem

    Do you mean ObjectMergeSOP? At now i tried, and it also fails out of subnetwork (/obj). Can you post your scene?
  6. AttribStringEdit

    I use AttrribStringEdit to change attribute value. I dont understand how to change my sting from: /foo/bar[/CODE] to [CODE]bar[/CODE]
  7. AttribStringEdit

    Very thanx! You saved my precious time.
  8. In windows after use file node(like alembic, file...) i cannot delete file, even if node deleted and file not in use. How to delete files? In other words - How to release file and delete it without reload houdini? My asset need to delete file after destroy itself. In linux works well, but not in windows
  9. Canntot delete files after use in nodes. Need restart houdini

    I'm sorry, I was wrong. In fact, it does not work only with alembiс. Why ?
  10. delete asset in on creation event

    How to delete asset from it self. For example, i want to delete it in On Creation event script of asset
  11. delete asset in on creation event

    Thanx - but i dont need button manually deletion. I need asset that auto delete it self when need
  12. delete asset in on creation event

    and i want this condition inside asset
  13. delete asset in on creation event

    i need to use a condition where it is possible to cancel asset creation
  14. Som HOM questions

    1. Simple piece of code: try: hou.node('/obj/').destroy() except: pass In Houdini and Hython it works well. But in remote functions ( from Maya and other python interpreters ) with hrpyc it does return error and exception dont work. 2. How to know that node is deletable? It is hou.Node.isLocked() method, but it works only for HDA. What about other non-deletable nodes?
  15. get node types with HOM

    How can we get available nodeTypes to create with HOM. Simple, i need get all available nodeTypes in Houdini.
  16. get node types with HOM

    is it possible to get icon of given nodeType ? Maybe it is approach to decompose svg_cache? Becourse i dont see any icons types in hfs...
  17. get node types with HOM