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     Advanced issue found
    1 minute ago, Neil78 said:

    Thanks Alexey

    im using 18.0.460 on centos 7.8

    Thank you 

    Can you record a short video? If so, please open Python Shell before

  2. 17 minutes ago, Neil78 said:

    Hi Alex  

    Thanks for the modeler tool-set - its fantastic

    latest build .12 giving me errors - version .11 works fine

    When i hit a radial menu I can launch it successfully. However if I hit a radial menu again from scratch it doesn't respond, (unless I rotate the scene view slightly..)

    Means quick radial use becomes impossible - for example F1 suddenly loads help browser......

    Getting these messages - ( although i get these in .11 also and don't have the problems )

    Qt Warn: Case insensitive sorting unsupported in the posix collation implementation
    Qt Warn: Numeric mode unsupported in the posix collation implementation



    Thank you! What Houdini version and OS?

  3. On 30.05.2020 at 3:13 AM, sidbore said:

    Plugin worked only after I copied it to C:\Users\username\Documents\houdini18.0

    Insert Mesh to work if click alt + 2 clicks of the left mouse button on the picture

    I took this free kitbash https://gumroad.com/d/82ff256324d8d4816154051c3f02ce8b And adapted for correct work in the plugin. Maybe someone will come in handy.


    Sorry for english (google translate)


    Great job! You can give me all the models, I will adopt it for insert mesh in the next major update. Also, I want to add an ability to use closed meshes as Insert Mesh source

  4. Product link: https://gum.co/KYCgR

    What's new:

    1. The Modeler core has been completely rewritten. Performance, stability and UX are improved.

    2. A hotkey system has been created. Hotkeys are now configured in a separate editor (Hotkeys shelf tool). The editor allows you to quickly configure keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Unlike other modeling programs, you can now associate any tool with any combination of keys or mouse actions. In a similar way, the mouse and keyboard are configured in Nevercenter Silo, but unlike Silo, there are no restrictions here. That is, you can assign absolutely any tool to the mouse. On the other hand, mouse tools such as interactive selection can also be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. Also, unlike the standard Houdini behavior in Modeler, you can use the additional two mouse keys X1 and X2 (Ctrl+X1, Shift+Ctrl+X2 etc).
    The Hotkeys editor has two default mouse layouts:

    1. Standard - that works just like DM and the previous Modeler version - LMB to select items and MMB to drag them

    2. Pro - which allows us to select geometry components with RMB and drag with LMB. MMB used to select invisible items too.

    3. The interactive state system (add-on for Python States) has been rewritten from scratch. Many tools have become more interactive and have the ability to customize the node in the viewport. In addition, you can quickly create custom interactive python tools for your own HDAs. The mouse wheel now works more universally. In many nodes, the wheel allows you to change the Uniform Scale parameter. List of nodes that now use state tools: Soft Boolean, Insert Mesh, QPrimitive, Array, Hose, Bevel, Extrude, Bridge, Set Flow, Smooth Points, Thickness, View Deform.

    4. Retopology tools (Topo category) have been redesigned. TopoDraw tool (Alt+A) allows you to quickly draw poly patches on the reference geometry. It has an ability to snap to existing geometry. Topo mode (Alt+T) now packs the reference model. This speeds up the entire process of retopology with millions of faces. The Push tool now works in the Topo mode, which allows you to get the desired result even faster. In addition, the Push tool has improved performance and stability.

    5. The Insert Mesh SOP was redone from scratch. It has interactive tuning, better performance, and more accurate results thanks to improved normals.

    6. The Deform menu was merged with the Align menu and renamed to Transform Menu (Z).

    7. The Relax tool renamed to Smooth. The tool is completely redesigned and takes advantage of Python States. Using the Smooth tool, you can smooth points or polygons in a standard way. On the other hand, the edges are smoothed as separate curves. Combined with interactive enhancements, the tool allows you to quickly fix messy areas.

    8. Tools that create modeling nodes were removed from the Modeler shelf.
    Only general tools are now on the shelf. Direct modeling tools are now called from the Modeler mode.
    Added shelf tools: Delete Node, Merge Nodes, Stash History, Pack History, Clean History  и Delete Attribs

    9. Added a new tool Repeat Node Parms that allows you to apply settings from previously created nodes of the current tree

    10. ToolsPanel (spacebar) renamed to Launcher. Launcher tools have been re-sorted and have a new Mouse section for interactive tools like selection or dragging

    11. For Bevel, Bridge, Extrude and Smooth tools separate nodes were created

    12. Bevel, Extrude, Inset, Smooth, Thickness hotkeys can work as sticky keys. That is, the call of a hotkey, for example, of the Extrude tool, leads to an instant change of the extrusion value before releasing the key.

    13. Added Inset tool that uses Extrude SOP. In contrast to the Extrude tool, the first time you start Inset, you can change the inset with LMB.

    14. The Lattice tool removed. It is now replaced by improved View 4 and View 9 (View Deform) from the Transform menu (Z)

    15. Tools for a quick preview of the subdivided geometry were created: Preview Subdivide (Alt+1) и Preview Subdivide Wire (Alt+2). Standard viewport subdivision and instance subdivision (Symmetrize Tool) ar assigned to Alt+3 и Alt+4 respectivelly.

    16. Select By Normals mode (6) allows you to select components based on normals

    17. Local transformation tools have been added to the Transform menu: Local Move, Local Rotate и Local Scale

    18. An Extend (Y) tool. This add-on to the Extrude tool allows you to quickly extrude edges and polygons using handles.

    19. The Bridge Connected tool returned from the DM package

    20. Slice, Clip and Mirror tools have the ability to set the initial origin based on points selection center

    21. On the next call, the Delete tool changes the node so that it deletes unselected geometry.

    22. The KitBash tool now offers to automatically create a KitBash panel if it is not created

    23. Shift+Double Click can now replace the geometry of the current Insert Mesh SOP with the geometry from the KitBash panel

    24. Combine and Boolean now offer to select nodes at the object level if the tool was launched inside the SOP container

    25. Set Flow creates more accurate geometry in unusual situations.

    26. Added a Point Weld tool (Alt+W) for interactive point stitching

    27. The Soft Boolean SOP can be configured interactively. It also has a slightly improved performance.

    28. Collapse History (Left) renamed to Pack History

    29. Many tools are assigned to new hotkeys. The ToggleCompass tool is now called with the Backspace key.

    30. The Edit Mesh shelf tool now renamed to Modeler

    31. Modeler now moved to the package Houdini system instead of using houdini.env

  5. 7 hours ago, Isleofgough said:

    It looks like any upgrade from DM2 still costs $100. Too bad. I guess that was why there was an asterix next to "free for DM2 owners".

    you are wrong. update from DM1.0 and DM 1.5 to Modeler 1.0 costs $70. But now, during quarantine, it costs $30

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  6. Modeler 1.0 for Houdini released!

    Free for all the DM 2.* users. $70 for the DM 1.* users.



    What's new:

    1. DM now renamed to Modeler 1.0
    2. new feature: the DM menu (Z hotkey) has been replaced with a new alignment menu where you can use tools for fast and accurate transformation.
    The menu includes the whole set of tools for working with a compass, geometry centring, quick flattening with gestures
    and many other transformation tools. Use the hotkeys for the tools of the old DM menu.
    3. new feature: Deform Menu (N hotkey) with lots of interactive deformation tools including a new Lattice tool
    4. new feature: MODELER_PICK_STYLE environment variable allows to override Modeler startup selection pick style.
    Add it to the houdini.env file. Use "Box", "Lasso", "Brush" or "Laser" values, then restart Houdini.
    5. new feature: the hard and soft boolean tools are now combined in a new menu called Boolean (J hotkey)
    6. new feature: a Fix Curves tool helps get rid of broken lines in open polygons. This helps when beveling corners of open polygons.
    7. new feature: a Select Curves tool helps to select open polygons (curves) in the model
    8. improvement: now some tools can create curves and process them. For example, the Extrude tool can produce lines from selected points.
    The Collapse tool can flatten open polygons (curves). The Connect tool can be used to cut a segment between two selected points or connect two open faces.
    The Push tool now properly moves points in open faces.
    9. improvement: the RMB menu of the Push tool has a new item Toggle Connectivity, which allows you to move points, capturing the points of other closed pieces
    10. improvement: the Push tool now works slightly faster
    11. improvement: the Push tool can now slide point with Ctrl+MMB
    12. improvement: the mouse and keyboard shortcuts of the Push tool have been completely redone
    13. improvement: if nothing is selected, the Hose tool searches for all the curves in the current geometry
    14. improvement: a Group parm added to the Hose Tool. Can be used in conjunction with a result of the Duplicate tool
    15. improvement: Hose now creates straight edges tube if the Resample Curve set to zero value
    16. improvement: Geometry Library renamed to KitBash and works only as the python panel
    17. improvement: KitBash replace feature now doesn't update the item icon
    18. improvement: Tools Panel now has a new category KitBash with tools for working with the library items.
    Now you can create, save, overwrite and update icons faster, without actually working in the KitBash panel
    19. improvement: volatile edge sliding now does not require explicit movement of the mouse pointer to the edges
    20. improvement: volatile edge sliding now can be used to slide points and faces
    21. improvement: Fix Overlaps can now use face groups
    22. improvement: Duplicate applied to edges now creates a curve in the current geometry object
    23. improvement: the Resymmetry tool now works slightly better. The Tollerance parameter is no longer saved between nodes ().
    This allows you to not change the position of the seam points.
    24. improvement: mouse wheel manipulation in various tools has been improved
    25. improvement: new simple box type has been added to the QPrimitive HDA
    26. improvement: Tools Panel now has a more logical structure for faster access to popular tools
    27. improvement: the Modeler shelf was fully revisited
    28. improvement: the Walk History Up and Walk History Down tools (Up and Down hotkeys) now work more
    interactively when traveling through nodes with more than one input or output.
    29. improvement: the Select By Shells tools was replaced with a new Convert To Shells tool (Ctrl+1)
    30. improvement: double-clicking with LMB in the viewport is completely revisited.
    Now you can jump to objects level by double-clicking LMB in an empty space.
    Clicking on a geometry allows you to quickly switch between objects.
    If you are in a certain state, double-clicking activates the selection mode.
    All these improvements speed up the modeling process.
    31. improvement: the deformation tools (Size, Ramp, View) now have the fixed blend feature. The transition between the deformable
    points and the undeformable part looks more correct.
    32. fix: Hose now orients rings copies correctly
    33. fix: Slice, Mirror and Cut tools now set correct geometry center on tool activation
    34. fix: JumpUp and JumpDown tools does not work when Compass is active
    35. fix: QLight now works properly if you run it from the orthographic viewport
    36. fix: sometimes camera movement with Alt did not work after a mouse click
    37. Lots of tools have changed hotkeys. Look at Tools Panel for more details.
    38. Python code has been revisited
    39. Documentation has become more detailed
    40. Overall speed improvement
    41. Other improvements

    Works only in Houdini 18. Use build >= 18.0.346



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  7. thank you Alexey.  I was confused at first.  Any chance of tutorials on this?  I am still somewhat new to Houdini. 

    Anyway it is my fault :(
    Currently working on a few new simple features for 2.0. Next step is adding new videos

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  8. bobc4d, exactly.  It was fully revamped and was not a simple update. Yes, I know it is confusion, but I'm not a swindler. Given the time I spend on developing the DM, I’m practically not earning anything with Gumroad and work on enthusiasm. Really, after talking with some people who do not understand the essence of the problem, I generally want to close the sale on Gumroad. Then I will not have to prove anything to anyone.

    PS People, who work in DM, do not bother at all, but only enjoy using it...

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