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  1. Direct modeling HDA

    Thank you guys. I will add tutorials after DM 2.0 release. Video with DM 1.0 modeling session. You can slow down it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19mT_QHJxYWmCTVPnKxxR_P6mcFSTOyHj Let me know if you need other videos from vimeo
  2. Direct modeling HDA

  3. Direct modeling HDA

    I have important information about next Direct Modeling release: 1. DM 2.0 will cost $120 2. Update from 1.0 is free 3. You will save $20 if you buy it now
  4. Direct modeling HDA

    DM 2.0. What's new: 1. We have now a complex modeling tool for artists called "Modeler" 2. Polygonal tools menu has been removed. Replaced with Modeler tool 3. Added a simple desktop "Modeler" - for Modeler maximized viewport mode 4. "Soft Boolean" tools moved to a separate shelf. Revamped main shelf 5. Removed deprecated DM 1.0 code and HDAs 6. DM is now called "Direct Modeling". Not "Direct Modeling HDA" --- What is Modeler tool? It is a brend new tool that replace old DM 1.0 modeling paradigm. Modeler has subtools like move, rotate, extrude, bevel, bridge, fill quads etc. But you are always in "Push" mode. It means that you can drag geometry with soft radius at any stage and use it in combination with other transformation tools. Main parts of Modeler tool: a. Always available "Push" mode b. Quick splitting with Ctrl+LMB. No need for separate split tool c. Advanced point selection with RMB and other hotkeys. d. Transformation tools: move, rotate, scale, grab (Blender like), aligned grab, resize, lattice, ramp deform, align etc e. Destructive modeling tools: extrude, bevel, bridge, delete, collapse, fill quads, create polygon and others f. History tools: Walk through history, bake (delete) history, clean history, etc g. Navigation improvements: Align camera to the best view plane h. And much more. --- Currently DM 2.0 is in alpha stage
  5. Direct modeling HDA

  6. Direct modeling HDA

  7. Direct modeling HDA

  8. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    This is how Flatten works in the latest version flatten.mkv
  9. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    Flatten H and Flatten V combined to Flatten tool in last versions. Please, read viewport status messages for more info
  10. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    It is only OSX problem. I'll try to fix your problem in the next update. But it will be much easier if someone with osx will record video. I should see menu behavior in action. Thanks
  11. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    Isleofgough, I need video to analyze what is wrong.
  12. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    1. Old menu - 44 tools. Can have maximum 44 tools 2. New menu - 42 tools, 48 max So the new menu just optimized for six future DM tools and have another cells geometry (48 cells) Again. Last DM update should work well with not old Houdini 16.5 build.
  13. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Show wireframe on model subdivided with '+' shortcut: subdivision wireframe example
  14. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Lazy selection like in Modo or at least ability to change selection click box size (to select components in the air). It can speedup modeling a lot modo lazy selection example video
  15. Set parameters by clicking buttons

  16. Set parameters by clicking buttons

    hou.pwd().parm('scale').set(hou.pwd().evalParm('scale') / 100.0) Button python callback
  17. Direct Modeling HDA

    I'm glad to introduce my new asset for Houdini 16.0 / 16.5.
  18. Direct Modeling HDA

    what is your email address?
  19. Houdini Universal Unique ID (UUID)?

    1. hou.nodeBySessionId(ID) 2. hou.networkBoxBySessionId(ID) Jiceq want to get node by ID, so he should use hou.nodeBySessionId(ID)
  20. Houdini Universal Unique ID (UUID)?

    The node can be renamed by user. sessionID is not attached to the name(path)
  21. Houdini Universal Unique ID (UUID)?

    1. hou.Node.sessionId method: http://sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Node.html 2. hou.nodeBySessionId()
  22. Pink node is a current node which is available in parm editor. To get it with python use something like this: network_editor = hou.ui.curDesktop().paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.NetworkEditor) cur_node = network_editor.currentNode()
  23. Get point near the mouse cursor

    The problem is how to find the depth in the "air" . When the line (from ray and origin) intersects with the surface it is not a problem.
  24. Get point near the mouse cursor

    Hi. I want to find closest point to mouse pointer. It's not a problem when the mouse pointer intersects with a surface. But how to get the point if it is outside the surface? I have the pointer origin and direction https://s9.postimg.org/a8y8r58i7/image.png