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  1. Noise Along Velocity

    Thanks for reply and comment
  2. Hi, I try add noise to point along point velocity. How can I set with vop sop like fractal node ? Thanks Noise_Along_Velocity_v01.hipnc
  3. POP Replicate By Velocity/Magnitude

    Thanks Johner, useful example ! How can I fit range of velocity like mapping speed to emit attribute in POP VOP ? (or other node)
  4. Hi, I want to add noise for particle's velocity while maintaing particle animation. I set simple particle system, particles birth from grid object with variance. and then apply pop wrangle node, @v *= fit01(rand(@id), 1, 1.05); although it inherite velocity, but threshold is much big. How can I set threshold range with easy ? If there is other popVop setting, How can I do ? Thanks inheriteVel_AddNoise_v01.hipnc
  5. H13 dops Particles getting "parent" attribute

    @mawi : Thanks for example file If POP Replicated particles are inherited parent's velocity little more, like as x1.1, while maintaining linear following pattern, How can I do ? ‘Use inherited velocity’, ‘Add to inherited velocity’ break linear following pattern, and it make short line pattern Thanks