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  1. POP Collisions, hitnum and POP Color

    Hi, try to checking "Accumulate Hits" in popcollisiondetect and in the popgroup put "ingroup = i@hitnum>0;"
  2. Wires to Pull Cloth

    Hi, "Attach to Body" work for pull a cloth object. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2406&Itemid=132
  3. Z-depth pass

    Thanks for the reply guys!
  4. Z-depth pass

    my dirty solution is to create a black box as a background, but is so strange it does not work automatically. Pz in Houdini:
  5. Z-depth pass

    Thanks for the reply! yes, alpha in that area is zero. If I put the un-preumult before the defoucus and premult after, the background becomes (black color) like an alpha channel where the effect is not applied.
  6. Z-depth pass

    Hi folks, I'm rendering depth pass (Open EXR) from Houdini 13 to Nuke 8 the extra image planes Pz. My problem is that Nuke interprets the depth of field incorrectly: gives the red color to the background, while it should be blue. Do you have the same problem ? (in ZDefocus, I set Math parameter to depth)
  7. Unable to obtain stamp variable properly

    Hi Mike, Great! I spend some days to figure out the problem. Thank you
  8. Unable to obtain stamp variable properly

    Thanks for the sample file Siberian. Is possible create a random color, instead of a texture, for each object ?
  9. BulletSOP 2.0.7

  10. BulletSOP 2.0.7

    Hey Milan! Great work, also realizes a version for Mac?
  11. Houdini 13 Released!

    Wow this is great release. Thank you SideFX!
  12. how to install Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    1. in Xcode > preferences > Download > Components , check "Command Line Tools" and download. 2. in /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/12.5.427/Resources/toolkit/samples , changed all the permissions of the directories and sub-directories ("samples") to read-write. 3. in /Applications/HoudiniOTLs/hot-master/3rdparty , make a folder "osx" 4. use "Houdini Shell.terminal" with /Applications/HoudiniOTLs/hot-master/compile.sh" and then you can go make waves!
  13. Object rising from water

    try this: $T < 1 1 corresponds to 25 frame
  14. Napalm Explosion (PyroFX)

    Yes !!!!! share the hip file