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  1. You are right. Thank you very much~!
  2. Hi guys, I am studying Peter Quint classes 'DOPs Force 1,2,3' When I tested it after watching, I found Bullet and Packed object doesn't work correctly, I don't know why. Whenever I take small force to geometries by an Uniform Force DOP, some objects or whole objects don't move anymore after 50 frame. Interestingly, all them work fine to the 50 frame. I think this is a complicated problem because I can make them work correctly by using RBD or giving high value of force or setting low density of mass or not using Uniform Force DOP(Gravity DOP works correctly). I want to use Bullet and Packed geometries. What's the problem and how can I solve this? I attatched my Houdini file. Thanks! test.hip
  3. Hello, I am a Houdini FX artist in Korea and I'm looking for a FX Position overseas. As an FX Artist, I've been worked 3 feature films; 'Return to Base (2012)', 'Star Ship Troopers(2012)', 'Blue Salt(2011)' with using Houdini, Nuke, Maya, 3D Max. Demo reel : https://vimeo.com/61945377 A link to my Linked In profile Thank you for your watching. The profile and my demo reel will provide more information about my history to you.