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  1. Fractured object to RBD Point

    In the inquiry, I saw how you can combine POP and RBD. But I can not understand how to copy the destroyed object into particles. I want to apply a custom speed to objects. It's best to set it in VOP but do not know how to do it. As a result, I have 2 questions: 1. How to set up RBD point so that would correct pieces together and look like the original object. 2. How can I adjust the speed of RBD objects that can be configured via the VOP. PopToRBD.hip
  2. In temperature tab. They do not have a description, and help us not words. Tell me please what they are accountable
  3. Volume Rendering

    I want to know how create and rendering volumes. I wanted to know in what programming language it is written, is it worth it to learn and if there is then I start. There is an opinion that renderman faster. I can not find a better way to learn Houdini. Read the help is not very productive, and the video tuts is generally considered the basics. By the way thanks for the video =)
  4. Hello. Found an interesting site http://magnuswrenninge.com/productionvolumerendering There's two parts of the volume rendering. It shows an example Field3d, i'm find this thing in houdini but no clue which way to approach this and what to do. Tell me where do I start or I'm reading the wrong information. How can logically conclude I am looking for information about the volume rendering. Thanks in advance =)
  5. Hello. I have created in CHOPS animation.Boxes have to move from 0 to its value. In CHOPS all locks good. But then i transfer attribute to copy node , animation is played as it is wrong. Tell me how to fix it please. chopsproblems.hip
  6. repeat this video in Houdini

    I do not know where to start, if you take for example the break in the form of bricks. I want to know what the node can still be useful, except Voronoi fracture
  7. repeat this video in Houdini

    Thanks for the video. And you can see the source file?
  8. repeat this video in Houdini

    Can you show how to do it? Some examples. I am particularly interested in how to break the bricks. 1 : 09 And Voronoi tesselation 1:19 because in Houdini The pieces are generally related to one of the sides of the surface of the original object.
  9. repeat this video in Houdini

    0:01 - 1:22 Do the same
  10. repeat this video in Houdini

    I was most interested in how to break the geometry. Not for the Voronoi Fracture.
  11. Hello. Interests me is how geometry can crush only through Voronoi fracture? or there are other ways ?
  12. Why compare doesn't work ?

    Thank you, you are right my savior