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  1. fore each loop question

    Can you post a hip file? I am not sure about ROP node, but if you will create fileCache SOP (file mode = Save to Disc) and set the path to Geometry file to something like this (should work) $JOB/geo/myGeo_`detail("../foreach_begin1_metadata1/","iteration", 0)`.$F.bgeo.sc
  2. If you decide to go with PyQt UI tutorial might be helpful for the beginning.
  3. Looking for FBX cycles with mesh for Agents

  4. Bounce trees with explosion

    I think in SpeedTree you can create such type of animation for your tree and then just clone (offesting timing) animated caches.
  5. Mantra rendering statistics

    Verbose to console flag in Command parameter did not change anything, Console Window did not appear...
  6. Mantra rendering statistics

    Hi, David, thanks! A bit confused here... I can`t find "output to console" option. I can`t find the Statistics tab in docs. And after submitting the render I close Houdini to save memory, shouldn`t console window close with Houdini as well in this case? Or maybe I render my shots in the wrong way?
  7. Can you post a hip file, reduced so it will be free from redundant nodes but still contains all necessary data (like 2-3 fbx nodes and corresponding materials)?
  8. I am rendering a scene in Houdini 17.0.459 with "Render to disk in Background" option and verbose level 5. Where I can find the log file on Windows?
  9. I have a moving shattered geometry linked by constraints so peases remains together. But with motion blur in Mantra enabled (second image) I can clearly see the prices before they start to fall apart. Is there a way to fix this? If not, I can link the solid model to any piece and switch model with sim only at the frame where it starts to fall apart. What is the best way to "rivet" model to another moving model (geometry cache)?
  10. Export (import) object to file issue

    How can I get the list of objects in the scene after I import something from a file? Get list before, get list after, subtract. Any better options?
  11. Determine if node gives an error

    Thanks, that's what I need! if len(hou.Node.errors()) > 0: print 'Node with errors'
  12. Second it! I am also keen to know how PDG would affect existing pipelines. Is it something super useful so any company working with Houdini will definitely utilize this tool?
  13. How to determine with python if the node gives an error?
  14. // Delete all prims with area bigger than a threshold if(primattrib(0, "area", @primnum, 0) >= chf('Threshold')){ removeprim(0, @primnum, 1);} This primitive wrangle will delete all primitives which have an area bigger than a certain number. Do you need to use BBOX volume instead of the area or this will work fine? deletePrimBySize_001.hiplc
  15. This point wrangle will create a "last_point" group with the highest number point: if (@ptnum = @numpt-1){ setpointgroup(0, 'last_point', @ptnum, 1, 'set'); } Transform the last_point group then. Could be even simpler in group expression.