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  1. Script to resume crashed render

    I have a Render Farm script which takes a list of hip files as an input and renders them in the desired order. If the frame is crashed, it re-runs the render. Some sort of super basic Deadline. I guess it`s not that hard to change it for use in standalone mode (outside of Eve pipeline) if you have some basic coding skills.
  2. Mantra transparency

    Is there a way to do - shadow on SOP level?
  3. Ok, so PBR is my choice then, simple answer
  4. True, with Raytrace Render Engine I got the same look as with Progressive! That raises a new question: which rendering engine should I use in case of a scene with a lot of geometry, instances, volumes, lights, hairs, SSS, MB, DOF, GI at once? While I will go through Understanding mantra rendering I thought there might be a simple answer for this.
  5. When using "Preview" option in Render controls toolbar after some short amount of time I get an image with a very small SSS grain size: If I turn off this option and render the final image I get huge grain: Render settings: I try to increase SSS Quality but I just get more SSS samples with the same size. How can I achieve this Progressive SSS look with render settings and what is going on in this mode in general?
  6. Handeling cache chain

    Thanks, Tomas, it's working! Now I understand what Andrii meant
  7. Handeling cache chain

    Thanks, Tomas! But I could not download the file.... Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S328/1
  8. how to export material stylesheet

    You can copy-paste text from the "Shaders" tab, its a stylesheets JSON data. # Select Geometry node with a stylesheet and run the script import hou import json geo = hou.selectedNodes()[0] stylesheet_data = geo.parm('shop_materialstylesheet').eval() dataFile = 'C:/temp/stylesheet.json' json.dump(stylesheet_data, open(dataFile, 'w'), indent = 4)
  9. Handeling cache chain

    @tamagochy Did not become more clear at all Can you post a hip?
  10. Mantra transparency

    How can I disable all shadow casting and indirect lighting contributions on Geometry level? Or it should be done in the shader (I have no idea how to do it as well)?
  11. Handeling cache chain

    @anim Hi, Tomas! Can`t get it working, I press Render on "fetch2" node in "asset_bake" ropnet but I don`t get my caches... What I am doing wrong? cache_chain_001.hiplc
  12. Mantra transparency

    I am using "glass" material for the outer shape of my eye. I am losing lighting and color (left pic is without outer shape) inside the glass object. Is it should be like this or I need to set up something else (like in Arnold you need to explicitly set object property to handle transparency)?
  13. My lovely client Denys Shchukin allow sharing some Redshift tools I create for him! Here is Vray to Redshift material converter for Houdini. It is quite raw for now and the goal is to improve it based on users feedback. So, take it, use it, complain if it’s not working for you. Usage Currently, it’s just a piece of Python code which you can copy-paste to the Python Source Editor window (or create a shelf tool). Assuming you have a SHOP network with VRAY materials subnetworks inside (such structure is required, materials in the root of SHOP are not supported). Select source VRAY shop network, hit Apply button in Python Source Editor window. The script will create new SHOP network in the root of obj context with converted RS materials. Check the Houdini Console window for execution or error reports. Example Open example hip with Vray material. Dive into “imported_FBX” node, select “materials” node and run the script. The “materials_RS” network with converted RS material would be created in obj root context. Cheers!
  14. Animation workflow

    Hi, Clear, can you, please, advise any particular if I am interested in creating simple character rigs of humans, probably with the autorigging system?
  15. Thit topic has several solutions: Resulting hip: pathAnimation.hipl Thomas setup is much much faster but I ended up using my (can't recall the reason).