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  1. Right, that Thomas setup is amazing, pure VEX, super fast!
  2. One more solution from Thomas Para:
  3. Animation Workflow

    I had a similar question recently, so maybe this link might be helpful as well: There are some more useful links including raw Python tools
  4. At some point (probably after Material Stylesheets creation) my TRAFFIC object stops to render. If I would delete Material Stylesheets on ENVIRONMENT node and turn off CROWDS it starts to render again. Also, to get crowd motion blur I need to unpack crowd sim, but that breaks material assignment with stylesheets for my agents. Copying Material Stylesheets data (and a fixing path to material nodes) to unpack node did not work. I have no idea why it happened, what relationship between CROWDS and TRAFFIC so they don't render together and would be glad for any suggestions! Here is the scene file: E010_S040_003.hipnc
  5. Here is the scene E010_S040_003.hipnc Also, I can't understand why my TRAFFIC part does not render (if I delete stylesheets it renders again), but I will make a separate thread for that issue. dancing_01.fbx
  6. Yes, that's it, but after Unpack node my material stylesheets stop working!
  7. I have it turned ON, no MB thought... I have a trail node after my crowds sim set to calculate MB, it works for other animated geo but not for the crowds (I use animated FBXs as agents) but velocity is still = 0.
  8. I can't find how can I turn ON motion blur for crowd_source node geometry, nothing like that in UI. How can I turn on MB for my crowd?
  9. Multiple material crowd simulation

    If you are using FBX you should be able to setup materials with stylesheets by geometry shape names (from FBX) if they are separate objects. You need to create such a hierarchy: target (primitive)/condition (Object Path, *), sub-target (Agent Shape)/sub-condition (geometry shape names, for me it works only if the name starts with *), Override (Set Material, <material name>) crowds_materialStylesheets_001.hipnc cheeringStayA_01.fbx
  10. Create Shaders tab on Geometry node

    # Create Material Stylesheet parameter interface # Select Geometry node, run script import hou # Get selected geometry node to create Stylesheet parameter OBJ = hou.selectedNodes()[0] # Define tags dataTags = {'script_action_icon':'DATATYPES_stylesheet', 'script_action_help':'Open in Material Style Sheet editor.', 'spare_category':'Shaders', 'script_action':"import toolutils\np = toolutils.dataTree('Material Style Sheets')\np.setCurrentPath(kwargs['node'].path() + '/Style Sheet Parameter')", 'editor':'1'} # Create parameter interface group = OBJ.parmTemplateGroup() folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate('folder', 'Shaders') folder.addParmTemplate(hou.StringParmTemplate('shop_materialstylesheet', 'Material Style Sheet', 1, tags = dataTags)) group.append(folder) OBJ.setParmTemplateGroup(group) Thanks to Houdini Tricks!
  11. Transfer HDA animation

    Stylesheets... Why if I define an agent shape exactly it does not work (EYE_L_OUT EYE_R_OUT), only with asterisks in front (*EYE_L_OUT *EYE_R_OUT)?
  12. How to create a Shaders tab on Geometry SOP with Python (to store material stylesheets)?
  13. Fatal error: Segmentation fault

    Switching to the latest build (16.5.536) seems solved the issue.
  14. When I run Houdini this morning I get a message: Indeed the system was updated this night. Now when I try to open scenes with one big asset they crash: Fatal error: Segmentation fault I do not really understand what should I do exactly in order to "contact SideFX about getting an upgrade to Houdini to address this issue". I suppose crashes are related to windows update.
  15. Transfer HDA animation

    Ok, that makes sense. I am far away from such stuff for now. I was thinking how to transfer cameras from animation to render. How its usually done, alembics, HDA, other?