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  1. Freeze portion of RBD objects

    Works, but not as expected. If I understand correctly reversing group with "!" does not work. Try to invert active = 0, does not work as well... statueBreak_002.hipnc UPD. "* ^mygroup" is working.
  2. Freeze portion of RBD objects

    How to make the bottom row (or 5 cubes in right bottom corner, or any other user-defined portion of cubes) of RBD packed objects static (not falling but calculated in solver)? statueBreak_001.hipnc
  3. Organizing complex assets

    Yes, I ended up separating animated and static data and everything is working fine since. It makes setup a bit more complex, you have to carry two environments HDA instead of one but its still manageable. I think there should be a way to put everything in one HDA but for now, I will move forward with this solution.
  4. Organizing complex assets

    Here are the source vehicles (I have no idea how to use them cos they were copied to points and then baked to bgeo.sc which was unpack and stashed). I think even if you will get all the data to render it may not reproduce my problem... I wonder, if there are any tools to collect all data for Houdini scene so I can share the necessary part as is, without any baking and collapsing (cos during this stages we can loose the reason of issue). VEHICLES.zip
  5. Organizing complex assets

    Unpack before Stush. Add alembic archives just in case (but alembic itself should be fine... what could be wrong with Alembic...). So the issue could be with mixing alembic and Houdini geometry, not in mixing different attributes... ABC.zip E010_S040_0082.zip
  6. Organizing complex assets

    I extract nodes from asset and delete it. Even so, the issue still exists, rendering does not starts. If you turn OFF the "Geometry Velocity Blur" on ENVIRONMENT node it will work. E010_S040_0081.zip
  7. Organizing complex assets

    I don't need to store all animation range, one frame is fine to debug what's wrong with my render. Will Stash store one frame (its assets copied to points with Pack And Instance enabled)?
  8. Organizing complex assets

    Then, why Victor (@vicvvsh) can't see anything? That is the question
  9. > put in (adjusted) $F to get 1 iteration per frame and scrub timeline Nice option as well!
  10. Organizing complex assets

    I am not sure how this Stash node is working... I can see the TRAFFIC geo even if I delete FileCache node "BAKE_CARS" on my machine. What can I do to fix it?
  11. Organizing complex assets

    Merging animated and static data fails... Here is the file reproducing the problem. Try to render "cam" camera, after 'Generating scene..." nothing happened, rendering does not starts. E010_S040_008.zip
  12. Organizing complex assets

    Well, after I sort out all attributes (now they are all the same for all merge nodes) and split animated data into a separate asset the scene is rendering fine. Next, I will try to merge animation back to the main asset, see what will happen. In overall, the question was if its ok to merge branches with mismatched attributes...
  13. I need to examine a particular object processed in for-loop (with Single Pass turned ON), sliding the range is a way to find it. If you have more then 10 objects slider would not help...
  14. > create your own parameter, edit the range, then copy the relative reference to the other parameter? That`s my workaround, I was thinking there could be a more easy way...