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  1. Ah, Python node... I don't know why it happened and I don't have a solution for this case. From the other side, this code is working and you will get correct images in your ROP. And why are you doing it with Python node when you can do the same in ROP directly?
  2. about entry level jobs

    You can do your personal project to put something in a reel, for example. Sure, there is no one correct answer for the raised question and a lot will depend on particular cases. I just made a concussion based on my personal experience working on "industry" positions. If you keen to be FX artist you might consider to start from lighter, pipeline dev, rigger etc. That's more or less close (you need to realize that you may be stuck with this position for years, it very often happens in such cases). But Render Wrangler is almost the same industry position as a receptionist. It's not totally useless only in short term time frame. If you think strategically and build your resume carefully getting such experience will not bring a lot of value. And a lot depends on the country, of course. In the USA, if a company looking for a lighter for the feature film about mammals animals they will consider artist with a lot of shots with mammals animals in the reel and reject if you have tons of perfect lighten reptiles (while in other places you may be hired if you can turn on the computer). Once again, this is only my personal painful experience of working on the same-same-but-different roles. And I 'm pretty sure I was totally wrong taking those jobs that's why I am sharing it with such confidence. In addition, I have tons of friends in the industry and analyzing their desitions and results prove my concept.
  3. Can you post the file with code in Python Source editor reproducing the issue? In node.parm('$F').rawValue(), parm('...') should contain string parameter name, which you take value from.
  4. Do you mean translated in UI? Cos it's wired. It could be translated when getting this parameter with node.parm('name').eval() , so you need to use node.parm('name').rawValue() instead.
  5. Hi, guys I need to exchange camera animation between scenes and I guess that Alembic is a good option for this. I can import the alembic camera: OBJ = hou.node('/obj/') CAM = OBJ.createNode('alembicarchive', 'CAM') CAM.parm('fileName').set('C:/temp/cam.abc') CAM.parm('buildHierarchy').pressButton() Now I need to figure out how can I export the camera from my scene... I can export camera with Alembic ROP but maybe there is a more elegant solution? sceneRoot = hou.node('/obj/') # Get camera object camera = hou.node('obj/{}'.format(cameraName)) # Get Camera parent nodes listCameraNodes = '{}'.format(camera.name()) for i in camera.inputAncestors(): listCameraNodes += ' {}'.format(i.name()) # Create ROP network ROP = sceneRoot.createNode('ropnet') ABC = ROP.createNode('alembic') ABC.parm('trange').set(1) ABC.parm('filename').set('C:/temp/camera_001.abc') ABC.parm('objects').set(listCameraNodes) ABC.parm('execute').pressButton() ROP.destroy() cameraExportImportABC_001.hiplc
  6. about entry level jobs

    If you want to be an FX artist you should look only for the FX artist positions. Otherwise, you just lose time working in other roles and it would not make much difference in getting the desired position in future cos you will not get relevant experience. And relevant experience usually called "fit" it is a thing number one which recruiter (or robot) looks for in your resume.
  7. Material Assignment best practices

    Thanks, David! Is it a good practice to insert material name in object name in a case with alembics? Or better to use custom string attributes on geometry (if it's possible to get them in a wrangle)?
  8. Material Assignment best practices

    What are the common options for alembic material assignment (if one abc file contains a lot of different geometry)?
  9. Redshift crowds

    Hit the wall trying to render 3K agents... Currently, I am exporting crowd sim to RS Proxies and it takes around 20 min per frame to save and the frame size is around 1GB. Are there any better options or tricks aside from inventing the new setup for crowd sim? Despite I love Mantra, I don`t want to go back! Here is what I have in 10 min with Mantra, while Redshift gives almost final quality...
  10. Some sort of solution... scatterDensity_004.hipnc
  11. I remember I start from using area but it gives even worth result if the mesh is not so uniform.
  12. It works... but not as good as with Texture placement. So the question is still opened... scatterDensity_003.hipnc
  13. Saving and loading texture would not give interactivity... And removing points does not process mid tones... Sorry for such picky requirements I feel there should be a simple and elegant solution!
  14. But then I will break the solution for the initial problem: keep the same density on different size meshes! I tried to multiply the Density Scale parameter of the Scatter node by @density attribute, but it did not work...
  15. How can I modify scatter density by point attribute (@density = @Cd in this case)? scatterDensity_002_UVs.hipnc